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As we all know, a resource site like this is constantly in flux in order to keep up with new trends and resources. This is the reason for this page of the SFMED gives you the writer the additional sources for whatever thread you wish to pursue and maybe give you ideas for future threads. Remember the resources on this page may change to check back often.

- Staci Golladay

RADM Morigan Athyn (Bronson) Fawkes, MD



(contributed by Kim Huff)

The Infirmary

A very good site that includes pictures of the various pieces of medical equipment seen in the Star Trek series and movies

The Star Trek Continuum

All things Trek from Engineering to Medical to Navigation. Surf on in for stuff you've probably never thought of.

The Inner Body

A reasonably good 3-D site of the human body. The site seems to be based on the Body Works series. I have the 4.0 version and it's pretty good.

The Treasure Trove of Science

A site dedicated to Science. Links to Chemistry, mathematics, physics, and many others can be found here. There is even a Star Trek topic comparing the science of Star Trek to reality. Science it's not just for geeks anymore!


(contributed by Masako Goto)

American Psychological Association

The big one: everything you every wanted to know about psychology and how the human mind works. Includes a listing of classes one should have to earn a degree.

American Psychiatric Association

Similar to the other APA site, only dealing with the various treatments for psychiatric patients and the various disorders

Basic MI (Multiple Intelligences) Theory

No information available for this site looks to be one dealing with the different level of the conscious and the human psyche

Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page

One psychologists take on modern Psychology

Psychology Virtual Library

Another site dedicated to everything dealing the human mind

Clinical Capsules(tm) Terminology of Behavioral Health Care

A terminology page for the Behavioral Health Care specialist

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

A site dedicated to helping those who can't help themselves

Mental Health and Illness

Again yet another links page for terms and conditions