Silver Fleet Places of Interest

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Silver Fleet Places of Interest

Galactic directions

Coreward - towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. "North" on most conventional Federation star charts.

Rimward - towards the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. "South" on most conventional Federation star charts.

Spinward - towards the direction of spin for of the Milky Way Galaxy. "West" on most conventional Federation star charts.

Trailing - opposite the direction of spin for the Milky Way Galaxy. "East" on most conventional Federation star charts.

A, B, C

Coalsack Nebula

See Lion's Mane Nebula.

D, E, F

G, H, I

Gibraltar II Wormhole

In 2410 a merchant freighter suffered a navigational error and strayed off the normal space lanes into the remote Gibraltar sector of GREEN Fleet. This chance mistake led to the discovery of the newly formed Gibraltar Wormhole. It was quickly determined that the wormhole was a stable portal deep into the BETA Quadrant and, ominously, had been artificially created. No sign was discovered as to who its creators were or why it had been created.

In 2411 a second wormhole completely identical to the original was discovered in SILVER Fleet space on the edge of the Cardassian border. The only difference found in the Gibraltar II wormhole was that although it also exited deep in the BETA Quadrant it did so tens of thousands of light years from its sibling.

Currently the Federation/Cardassian side of the wormhole has been fortified against the threat of attack from the other side. While no sign of such an attack has materialized neither government wants to take the chance. The mouth of the wormhole has many heavily mined and has seen the deployment of a network of fixed defences including phaser and torpedo batteries. Both Starfleet and the Cardassian Militia have a Task Force deployed there permanently.

Even with the potential threat that the sudden appearance of the wormhole brings both governments are not unmindful of the possibilities that exploration of the otherside of the wormhole can bring. Both Starfleet and Cardassia have sent several vessels through to the otherside and several promising first contacts have been made.

J, K, L

Lion's Mane Nebula

Also known as the 'Coalsack Nebula' or simply 'the 'Sack.'

M, N, O

New Genesis Colony

New Genesis was recently settled by a group of refugees from the Terran Eugenics Wars. Their cryogenics controls malfunctioned, and the colonists were not revived until found by Von Gruber, a disgraced Federation scientist. He used them for his experiments only thawing out a few at a time. They were then rescued by the USS Yorktown, and were helped to settle the new world by the USS Hunter Adams.

The group assured of their superiority through genetically controlled breeding, their arrogance was tempered when they found themselves hundreds of years and light years from their original destination. Mistrust caused by the experimentation and murders carried out by Von Gruber, was deepened by the presence of non-humans on board the Adams.

When they first arrived on the world, the colonists found the planet infested with bugs that were actually native life-forms inhabited by sentient energy beings forced to take corporeal forms because of injuries unknowingly caused by Federation and Cardassian explorers in the area. The Adams managed to negotiate a truce with the bugs that left the planet to the colonists.

Communication links with SB EPSILON have been left though to warn of a possible "bug" attack in the future. Now the colonists are struggling to come to terms with a new century and a new world. They expect to trade strongly on being the first colony established on the BETA side of the Gibraltar II Wormhole. This will enable them to resupply ships and offer space to scientific and economic groups.


Outpost Zinderneuf is the administrative home of Task Force Zinderneuf (TFZ), a part of SILVER Fleet. Located on the Core-ward edge of the Lion's Mane Nebula, it serves as a docking port for the ships of the task force, as well as a gateway to exploration of the 'Sack. Additionally, Zinderneuf is charged with a threefold mission to provide a Starfleet/Federation presence in the 'Sack region, stimulate growth and become the political, economic and cultural hub of the region, and promote and maintain the peace.

Zinderneuf was constructed by the Hamalki (Federation member - crystalline spider race). Construction was completed in 2408 (SD 80623). The base was towed to its present location by the USS ANDROMEDA and commissioned in 2409 on SD 90801. The outpost has a population of 25 000 sentients including Starfleet and Federation civil service personnel, their families, merchants and an eclectic mixture of foreign nationals.

P, Q, R

S, T, U

The 'Sack

See Lion's Mane Nebula.

Starbase EPSILON

Starbase EPSILON is the administrative home of SILVER Fleet and Taskforce Epsilon (TFE) and is located at the mouth of the Gibraltar II Wormhole and 5000km from the Cardassian border. While its initial mission was, and continues to be, to serve as a hub for economic and cultural development for the frontier regions as well as a standard Fleet base for SILVER Fleet the discovery of the Gibraltar II wormhole has led to an expanded role. With the unknown threat that the wormhole brings, the defence of SILVER Fleet Space and the nearby Cardassian systems. EPSILON has become the command centre of an integrated defence force of Starfleet and Cardassian Naval groups to defend this side of the wormhole from any aggression that may be launched from the other side.

SB EPSILON was originally a Husnock science base that was found abandoned in the Uriah system by USS FEYNMAN (Captain Zane, commanding). At the time (2409) SILVER Fleet was in the process of being evicted from its base which was in orbit of the planet Cait. Needing a new home, FEYNMAN was able to have the derelict base transported to a new location and SILVER HQ was quickly established. While Husnock technology is well beyond that of the Federation the sentient artificial intelligence that served as the base computer destroyed many systems that it feared would be abused by Starfleet leaving a facility that is comparable to other Fleet bases.

In 2411 the base AI decided to leave EPSILON to search out other Husnock AIs. Before departing the base AI upgraded an experimental AI that had been created by Lieutenant Phillip Cooper (ENG, USS VALIANT). The newly expanded BECKY now serves as the sentient base computer.

While the gigantic base could easily house 250,000 sentient beings it has a current population of 38,000. This includes Starfleet and Federation personnel along with their dependents, representatives of various SILVER systems and a large Cardassian contingent which, under treaty obligations, is based out of EPSILON until their own outpost is constructed on the edge of the nearby border. The two fleets are charged with the defense

V, W, X

Y, Z