Task Group Herod

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Task Group Herod

Blue Fleet Insignia

Task Group Herod is based at Starbase Deep Space 12, a joint Federation-Romulan station situated in the center of the Neutral Zone. To the Romulans the station's name is sometimes literally translated as Ullho Aeleir 12, or "Dark Space 12," but the "Rihannsu name" is Maec Vautha, Space Keeper of the Tradition. While the base has seen its share of disputed, it has been a strong force for ensuring the stability of the Romulan Entente of 2409.

Command of the station rotated between Star Fleet and Imperial Navy officers. At present, the Imperial Navy is in command of the station. The commander, while a very competent military officer, is from a traditionalist family opposed to reforms of Romulan society. As such, he has been a stickler for every detail of the rule of law. This has frustrated his Star Fleet executive officer and many merchants on both sides of the border.

Despite the difficulties on the station, the key to the success of the operation has been the Herod wormhole which is situated above the ecliptic of the system near the orbit of Herod II. They wormhole connects to the Gamma Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, not far from the border of the Dominion. The Gamma Quadrant terminus of the stable wormhole is on the far side of the Dominion from th e Bajoran wormhole. The importance of the wormhole for both defense, trade, and exploration has forged close connections between many Federation and Romulan merchants and military officers alike.

The Federation-Romulan Joint Task Force (JTP) is, in a bid to keep large military forces outside the Neutral Zone, actually based at Starbase 10, on the Federation side of the border, and kaohht mne (Starbase 4) on the Romulan side of the border. The JTF is charged with the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. The present commander and deputy commander of the JTF actually maintain a congenial working relationship and this has eased relations between many crews.

There are six starships, three each from the Federation and Star Empire, on permanent station in Herod. None is larger than a light cruiser. These ships provide a mobile system defense. The wormhole terminus itself is secured by heavy fixed defenses, capable of decimating virtually any assault force to traverse the wormhole.

Dramatis Personae

Blue12.png Commodore Mariam Archer - Commander Federation-Romulan Joint Task Force, Commander Federation Task Group Herod, Human Female

Rse12.png Senior Commander Rhiana tr'Avitus - Deputy Commander Federation-Romulan Joint Task Force, Commander Romulan Task Group Herod, Romulan Male

Blue12.png Captain Hirek th'Shryss - Commanding Officer, USS Ganymede, Andorian Thaan

Rse12.png Commander S'Tran t'Haalis - Station Commander, Romulan Female

Blue12.png Commander Joshua Blake - Station Executive Officer, Human Male

Permanent Ships

Federation Task Group Herod
  • USS Ganymede - Europa-class light cruiser
  • destroyer to be named
  • destroyer to be named
Romulan Task Group Herod
  • light cruiser to be named
  • destroyer to be named
  • destroyer to be named

Additional Information