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LCDR Kipling Williams- First Officer, USS Republic

Lieutenant Commander (LCDR O-4)


I. Personal Data


Full Name: Kipling Brendon Williams Surname: Williams Known As: Kip Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander (O-4) Current Billet: FO, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371 Species: Homo sapiens (Terran Human) Gender/Sex: Male/XY Age: 35 Terran Years DOB: 30 July 2200 POB: Melbourne, VIC, Australia Parents: Adam J. Williams (2165- ) - Retired

    	 	Jemma A. Williams  	(2164- 	) - Retired

Siblings: Sophia K. Manzelli (2198- ) – CEO, Bolt Securities Spouse: (None) Children: (None) (None)

A. Physical Description

HT: 6'0" (180 cm) WT: 187 lbs (85 kg) EY: Sandy HR: Blue SK: Very weathered skin. Appears older than mid 30's due

                to an affiliation for the outdoors and especially sailing

Blood Type: A+ Vision: O: +.015, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)

B. Background Data

Religion: Atheist Citizenship: Earth, United Federation of Planets Languages: Terran Standard (native speaking)


II. Educational Background


A. Academic Institutions Attended

  -- Starfleet Academy {Graduated *suma cum laude*}
        (Bachelor of Physics)

B. Service Schools Attended

  -- Starfleet Navigation School
  -- Starfleet Piloting School
  -- Starfleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)

  -- MOC:  Navigation Officer
  -- MOC:  Helm Officer
  -- MOC:  Command Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

Honors: *Suma Cum Laude* Academic Major: Spatial Dynamics Professional Major: Navigation Class Rank: 3 / 115 Reprimands: 0 Commendations: 1 Athletics: Sailing Club Activities: Jazz Band


III. Biographical Notes


A. Chronology (tabular form)

0: Born in Melbourne, Australia 0-18: Lived with parents. Attended state schools. 18: Sailed around the world 19: Accepted into an America's Cup Team 19: Attended Starfleet Academy 22- Active service in Star Fleet

B. Background Summary

Kipling Brendon Williams was the youngest of two children born to Adam and Jemma Williams. His unusual name was courtesy of an Uncle who was a noted General of the Eugenics War but from early he has been known simply as Kip.

Kip was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where his father ran the Family Business (Bolt Securities) and his mother worked as a Speech Therapist at Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital. He had a very typical Australian childhood. His enduing memory is summer holidays at the family beach house where he became a keen sailor. He has sailed competitively (winning local and national titles) and after completing High School he took six months off to join a crew circumnavigating the globe in an ancient Mariners vessel (no modern technology allowed). After returning to Australia he was offered the opportunity to try out for an America's Cup syndicate but turned down the offer in order to take up a childhood dream of joining Star Fleet as a Navigator.

His record at Star Fleet Academy was exemplary and he was a very gifted Navigator. Kip has an uncanny ability of understanding three-dimensional space around him and while he posses the ability of running very quick calculations in his head –his decision is seldom different from the original path he would have chosen.

Upon graduation Kip was assigned to the Navigation Department of the USS MOSCOW. The MOSCOW'S primary mission was to map star charts of the rapidly increasing Federation Territory. Kip's sixth sense on stars was invaluable and a after a few years he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and promoted to Head Navigator of the NEPTUNE. The NEPTUE'S mission was very similar of that of the MOSCOW's but its base of operations was as an exploratory vessel. During one such mission the NEPTUNE came under fire from a Nausican Raider and Kip used his knowledge of gravitational eddies thrown up by a nearby Binary Star to help the ship evade capture. When the Nausican ship attempted to follow the NEPTUNE it became caught up in the gravimetric shear and was disabled. Kip's actions gained him the first of his two Commendations.

More importantly it bought Kip to the attention of Star Fleet Command who was actively looking into promoting Command Crews for the rapidly increasing Fleet and Kip was invited to attend Command Training.

Upon successful completion of Command School Kip was assigned to the USS DESTINY as her Second Officer in charge of Navigation. He served for further five years with distinction and was eventually promoted to First Officer when her original XO was promoted to Commanding Officer of a smaller ship.

Less than six months into his first tour as XO disaster be felled the DESTINY. A PVT line became jammed causing the mix of matter and anti-matter to become unbalanced and the core went critical. Though the Chief Engineer was able to dump the core, a series of explosions ripped through Engineering and threatened to destroy the ship. With the Chief Engineer dead Kip went into main Engineering and managed to halt the plasma flow long enough for most of the DESTINY's crew to escape the ship. Unfortunately Captain Mathewson was not one of the lucky ones –deciding to stay and operate the Transporters to allow as many crew as possible to get off the ship. The last man to beam off the ship was Kip Williams who was badly injured when an overhead gang plank gave way.

Kip's actions gained him a second Commendation but with the Captain dead and the DESTINY destroyed Kip doesn't exactly feel like a Hero. Star Fleet however had different plans for Kip and decided to promote him to First Officer of the USS REPUBLIC. As Admiral N'Tara put it, "It is time to see if he sinks or swims".


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


A. Promotion and Service History

2245.010: Accepted into Starfleet Academy, Rank Cadet (C-4) 2248.207: Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Rank Ensign (E-1) 2248.220: Assigned Navigation Officer, USS MOSCOW, NCC-0218 2251.159: Promoted to Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade (E-2) 2251.159: Assigned Navigation Officer, USS NEPTUE, NCC-1582 2254.090: Promoted to Rank Lieutenant (E-3) 2255.090: Assigned Navigation Officer/20, USS DESTINY, NCC-1652 2260.342: Completed Command Training, SF ACADEMY 2261.009: Promoted to Rank Lieutenant Commander (E-4) 2261.111: Assigned First Officer, USS DESTINY, NCC-1652 2261.215: Assigned First Officer, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371

B. Medals and Commendations

Starfleet Commendation Award x 2 Wounded Lion


V. Skills Profile


Kip is a very talented Navigator. He has uncanny sense of direction and will almost never get lost. Once he has been to a place he will usually be able to return to that exact point unprompted. He is a very driven individual and enjoys challenging himself.

He is immensely fit and expects nothing less than 100% from those around him - but he will always expect more from himself than anybody else.

Kip is a competent hand-to-hand fighter and is considered an excellent marksman.


VI. Recent Fitness Reports


Commander Williams was admitted two months ago with a severed cervical link between the V2 and V3 vertebrae and became the first patient to be fitted with an artificial plasma membrane. This should allow the cytoplasmic fluid to continue unimpeded along the damaged spinal column.

Initial results are encouraging and Commander Williams has now regained full mobility. He will need to be regularly monitored and will need six-monthly injections of the cytoplasmic fluid to maintain mobility.

Commander Williams also presented with Grade 3 and 4 plasma burns along the upper torso and face; as well as a fracture of the scaphoid bone in his wrist. He was given standard dermal treatment and has made a complete recovery.

Given the nature of his injuries Commander Williams remains in overall good health; helped in large measure by his overall fitness levels and he is released back into active service.

-- Dr. Amy Lee

  Medical Officer, Starfleet Medical, Earth


VII. Psychological Profile


I have been asked to evaluate Lieutenant Commander Kipling Williams fitness for duty following the destruction of the USS DESTINY.

Under the authority of this office I request the following information be sealed from Lieutenant Commander Williams.

Commander Williams displays behavior conclusive with Survivor Guilt Syndrome. Though the inquest has exonerated Commander Williams and his actions the candidate feels that has been 'let-off' somehow. Victims of such incidents are usually left feeling that must either make the most of every moment or that they must somehow live up to the expectations of those who did not make it. Both scenarios can cause ongoing issues to the mental health of such survivors so it would be my recommendation that Commander Williams be returned to active service as soon as possible.

-- LCDR Nate Jackson

  Staff Psychologist, Starfleet Headquarters

VIII. Current Recreational Interests


Kip enjoys sailing and keeps a P-52 Laser class yacht near his parents' home on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. He has a deep love of all things outdoors and enjoys almost any activity. He enjoys being fit and pushing himself to the limit so when not sailing he also enjoys skiing, tramping and kite sailing.

Kip does enjoy jazz music and plays the trombone -though with limited ability.