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Attached Ships of Deep Space 13


Below are the various support craft permanently attached to Deep Space 13. There are currently 3 capital support vessels- USS Tigershark, USS Proton and USS Valley Forge- as well as several fighter shuttlecraft and a ship repair facility capable of handling all but the largest Zeus-class battleships.

These vessels are simply attachments to DS13 and therefore are considered NPC ships. As such, other than a Flight Operations team and a nominal Commanding Officer, no permanent crew of their own are assigned- their crews are pulled from DS13's own crew compliment. Flight Operations Officers for the three attached ships, as well as regular pilots for the fighter shuttlecraft, can be found on the station manifest.


USS Tigershark NCC-87035

Thunderbolt-Class Escort

A cousin to the Defiant class, the Thunderbolt class is the smallest starship in the Federation inventory to mount to offensive weapons of a destroyer. As such, the class has nearly unparalleled maneuverabilty for a ship of its rate. This is paid for by a lack of range, cramped crew compartments which do not even afford all personnel with their own bunks, and virtually non-existant scientic research equipment.

ship specifications | images | schematic | deckplans

USS Proton NCC-53079

Tsyklon-Class Surveyor

With its advanced AUGUR sensor system, the Tsyklon-Class vessels are more than capable of supporting Deep Space 13 on any reconnaissance, exploration, or patrol missions.

ship specifications | images | schematic


USS Valley Forge NCC-82633

Sentinel-Class Frigate

The Sentinel represents one of the largest frigates in service. In many ways, small destroyers, the vessels in the class are armed with the latest in technology, the Sentinel-class sets out to prove that small ships and small crews can match some of the larger cousins spacefarmes already at work in the field. She fields the latest in weaponary, tactical systems, point defense, EW drones, sensors, navigations, and computer networks.

ship specifications | images