Gold Fleet- Captain Samuel Carstairs, CO USS LEVIATHAN

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CAPT Samuel Carstairs              CO, USS LEVIATHAN
I. Personal Data
Full Name:                 Samuel Carstairs  [SES-448926-7588]
Surname:                   Carstairs
Given Name:                Samuel
Current Rank:              Captain (O-6)
Current Billet:            CO, USS LEVIATHAN
Species:                   Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:                Male/XY
Age:                       37 Terran Standard Years 
DOB:                       22 November, 2382
POB:                       Tycho City, Luna
Parents:                   Richard Carstairs (DOB: 2358)
	                   Angela Moore (DOB: 2356)
Siblings:                  Richard, Jr., UFPSFN, deceased (DOB: 2386)
Spouse:                    Christine Langford (DOB: 2385)
Children:                  None

Physical Description:
HT:                        6' 2"  
WT:                        195 lbs  
EY:                        Brown 
HR:                        Brown 
SK:                        Caucasian
Blood Type:                Bk+
Vision:                    O: +.05, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)
Religion:                  None
Citizenship:               Terran

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended:

   -- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *magna cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Science, Political Science)

B. Service Schools Attended:

   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications:
   -- Qual:  Tactical Officer
   -- Qual:  Navigation/Astrogation Officer
   -- Qual:  Junior/Senior Officer Bridge Tests
   -- Qual:  Security Officer's Tests
   -- Qual:  Command Officer's Tests

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Honors:                    *Magna Cum Laude* 
Final Cadre Rank:          Cadet Lieutenant
Academic Major:            History
Professional Major:        Small Unit Tactics
Class Rank:                53/275
Reprimands:                0
Commendations:             2 
Athletics:                 Terran Soccer
Activities:                Cadre 

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-17:   Lived with parents on Luna.  Received standard public 
	     education there.
18-22:  Attended Star Fleet Academy.
23-Present:  Active duty in Star Fleet.

B. Background Summary:

Sam is your typical run-of-the-mill officer, who is dependable, 
punctual and competent.  However, he possesses neither exceptional
skill nor a real drive to succeed.  In short, he does his job
in a competent though not exceptional manner, and seems quite
satisfied with that.

If Sam does indeed possess a gift, it would be in the academic side
of security- he can look at all the data on a situation, and, given
enough time, will come up with a solid plan that keeps loss of life
to a minimum.  However, when it comes time to implement said plan,
he is NOT naturally-gifted at this, and is not good at improvisation.

He is an adequate leader, neither inspiring unusual loyalty nor
driving people within his department to transfer.

This general malaise in his attiude shited somewhat after his assignments
on the BURKE and RAMSES after learning that sometimes the difference
between winning and losing- or, life and death, as the case may
be- can be found in the effort.  Space is dangerous, and only the
best efforts give one the best chance at surviving.  He has accepted
this, and is a much-improved officer because of it.

He, for the first time, tasted command in his last days aboard
the RAMSES, taking command when Captain Carmen Hasselbeck was killed
in the Battle of Tybiiran.  For the first time, Sam felt as though
made difference; the crew was defeated and down, and he gave them the
hope for victory.  This more than anything signalled his turn-around 
in attitude.  His tour as XO of the MARC ANTONY has been excellent,
resulting in a third solid pip on his collar and moving one
assignment away from command of his own.  There have even been rumors
that he was assigned to DS13 with the idea that he would eventually
replace Commander S'Tveck as station Commandant.  However, this would 
not be the case: he would instead go back to Advanced Tactical School
at Star Fleet Academy and eventually replace Corwyn O'Dwyer as CO of

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:

Star Date (23)980815 Entered Star Fleet Academy.  Appointed Cadet 
	Fourth Class.
Star Date (23)990815 Advanced to Cadet Third Class
Star Date (24)000815 Advanced to Cadet Second Class, Cadet Ensign.
Star Date (24)010815 Advanced to Cadet First Class, Cadet Lieutenant.
Star Date (24)020531 Graduated Star Fleet Academy; 
Star Date (24)020615 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
Star Date (24)061031 Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2).
Star Date (24)080715 Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3).
Star Date (24)111015 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
Star Date (24)120801 Promoted to Commander (O-5).
Star Date (24)171231 Promoted to Captain (O-6).

B. Service History:

Star Date (23)980815:   Accepted into Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco,
Star Date (24)020531:   Graduated Star Fleet Academy, 53rd in class of 275 
	                     Major: Small Unit Tactics	
Star Date (24)020615:   Promoted to Ensign (O-1)
	                     Assigned Assistant Chief Security Officer, 
                             USS KINGSTON 
Star Date (24)060922:   Tour of Duty as aCSO, USS KINGSTON ends.
Star Date (24)061031:   Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2); 
	                     Assigned CSO, USS SHI KAHR
Star Date (24)110618:   Tour of duty as CSO, USS SHI KAHR ends
Star Date (24)110714:   Assigned as Acting CSO, USS BURKE
Star Date (24)110815:   Breveted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4);
	                     Reassigned OPS, USS BURKE
Star Date (24)111015:   Brevet to Lieutenant Commander confirmed;
	                     Assigned XO, USS RAMSES
Star Date (24)120213:   Tour of duty as XO, USS RAMSES ends
Star Date (24)120215:   Assigned as XO, USS MARCUS ANTONIUS
Star Date (24)120730:   Tour of duty as XO, USS MARCUS ANTONIUS ends
Star Date (24)120801:   Promoted to Commander (O-5);
                             Assigned XO, DEEP SPACE 13
Star Date (24)130601:   Reassigned to Star Fleet Academy as an
                             instructor of Beginning Tactics
Star Date (24)161231:   Reassigned to Advanced Tactical School, Star
                             Fleet Academy
Star Date (24)171231:   Graduates Advanced Tactical School; Assigned
                             CO, USS LEVIATHAN

C.  Medals and Commendations

Star Date (24)120220:  Silver Star- recived for gallantry during the Battle
                             of Tybiiran
Star Date (24)120220:  Wounded Lion- received for inuries sustained during
                             the Battle of Tybiiran
Star Date (24)120220:  Tybiiran Campaign Ribbon- for role in the Battle of
Star Date (24)150101:  Meritorious Service Medal
Star Date (24)190715:  Bronze Star- for actions surrounding the rescue of
                             Star Fleet personnel in the Velse skirmish.

--------------End Bio chip-----------------------------------------

**NOTE- This character was created and played by Scott Lusby.**