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LCDR Maximilian Von Hesse, Chief Operations Officer USS CIRCE NCC-27000

LCDR. Maximilian Von Hesse
Surname:  Von Hess
Given Name(s):  Maximilian
Current Rank: Lietuenant Commander
Current Billet: OPS, USS Circe
Species:  Human
Gender/Sex:  Male
Age:  63 (363) Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:  October 7, 1897
Place of Birth:  Schönhausen, Prussia, Earth (Alternate Universe)
Parents:  Count Karl Von Hess
Frau Gertrude Schleissen

Siblings:  None

Spouse:  Countess Mary Plantagenet, Deceased 1934
Children:  Son Gerhardt Von Hess, Born 1919, deceased 1943

Religion:  Buddhist, Former Catholic
HT:  6'1" m; 
WT:  190 lbs kg; 
Eyes:  Blue; 
Hr.:  Gray; 
Comp:  Fair


A.  Academic Institutional Background:
    -- Berlin Military Prep. School
    -- Prussian Institute of Military Science 1913
    -- Starfleet Academy 2416 (Exit Exam, Curriculum Completed on USS THUNDERCHILD 2415)

B.  Service Schools Attended:
    -- Formation Flying taught by Oswalde Boelcke, 1916
    -- Operations Branch Training, Trained on USS THUNDERCHILD 2415

C.  Qualifications (MOC's)
    -- Operations Officer, Helmsman

D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:

Academy Record:
Class Rank: N/A, Completed Academy Curriculum on board USS THUNDERCHILD
Academic Major:  Political Science;
Professional Major:  Operations
Qualifications:  Operations Officer;
Commendations:  4;
Reprimands:  0

Iron Cross, 2nd Class (February, 1916)
Iron Cross, 1st Class (October, 1916)
Orden Pour le Merite "The Blue Max" (October, 1917)




A.  Chronology (tabular form):
0-13:   Lived with parents.  Max's father was a nephew of the famed
German chancellor Otto Von Bismarck.

13-16:  Attended high school, a special school for aristocrats leading
to both military and political careers.

16-20:  Attended the Prussian Military Academy, commissioned as a
Lieutnant in the newly formed Luftwaffe.

27:     World War One.  Rank Hauptmann (Captain ? O-3) assigned to
Jagdstaffel 2 alongside other soon to be ace pilots Max Immelmann,
Oswald Boelcke, Werner Voss, Ernst Udet and Manfred Von Richtoven.

31:       Armistice.  Max held the rank of Oberst (Colonel ? O-6) and was
in command of Jagstaffel 4.  Ended the war with 48 confirmed kills,
ranked 13 in the world and 4th in Germany (Tied with Werner Voss).
Oberst Von Hess was feared and respected on both sides for his deadly
marksmanship and his unwavering chivalry.  Was once shot down in 1917
and returned to his side of the lines by British (Canadian) Ace Billy
Bishop, as thanks for letting allowing Bishop to withdraw when his guns
jammed some weeks earlier.

31:     Signing of the Treaty of Versailles.  Moved to England with his
wife, who as a cousin of the late Queen Victoria secured him a proper
position befitting his aristocratic ancestry.  Entered Oxford
University majoring in history and foreign policy (dual major).

36:     Moved to Boston and took a position teaching political science
and German history at Harvard University.

41:       Naturalized United States citizen.  Ran (unsuccessfully) for
congress.  Tenured at Harvard.

51:     In the top-secret military base known as Area 51, Max's
brother-in-law, a scientist working in cryogenics for the United States
Army had successfully frozen and reanimated three human test subjects.
When Max was found to have an inoperable tumor in his brain he became
the subject of a long-term test to be initiated with a twenty-year

351 (51):     The facility storing Max's cryo-chamber had long since
been forgotten with the excitement of manned space flight, the Vietnam
war, and the widespread fear of Communism.  Fortunately, the facility
where that chamber was housed was self-sufficient, powered by a
hydroelectic generator running off an underground river, he sat there
until a mining project was begun in the Nevada desert in 2244.

51 (351):    Miners enter the old subterranean base known as Area 51.
Starfleet intelligence quickly seal off the area, and eventually a
treasure trove of 20th century history is unearthed, including a living
human, Maximillian Von Hess, frozen on February 7, 1949.

53:    After two years of both learning and teaching, Max became a
professor of ancient studies at Harvard University.

55:    Max accepted a position as dean of Antiquities at Harvard

57:    Max is brought before the President of the Americas United as a
special advisor on the USS THUNDERCHILD.  He accompanies President
Washington on a visit to the THUNDERCHILD, and remains on board as the
ship leaves the solar system

61:    Max enters the ASR universe as USS THUNDERCHILD returns to her
proper place and time.  During the last four years, Max completed the
standard Starfleet Academy curriculum with the assistance of Captain
Gatewood and the officers and crew of the THUNDERCHILD.  Max's studies
were confirmed by the Academy proper and he was directly commissioned
as a Lieutenant (JG).

63:  Newly promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Max is assigned as
Operations Officer / Second Officer on the USS Circe.

B.  Background Summary:
Max Von Hess was born on Earth, only in the alternate universe
encountered by USS THUNDERCHILD.  Most of Earth's history was identical
in that timeline, until the first emergence of USS THUNDERCHILD in
Maximilian Von Hesse
Raised to be every bit the 19th century aristocrat, became a pilot in
the first world war, and at war's end had a total of 48 confirmed
kills, fourth behind Manfred Von Richthofen (80), Ernst Udet (62) and
Erich Loewenhardt (53) and tied with Werner Voss.

After WWI, studied history and political science and became a professor
at first Oxford, and later Harvard.  When Max was diagnosed with an
inoperable brain tumor in 1948, he became the test subject in a top-
secret long-term cryogenics experiment conducted by his brother-in-law,
a scientist working for the United States Army.

Frozen for 300 years, Max was found in 2248, and after 2 years of
modern studies (and historical lecturing), was invited to teach at his
old alma mater Harvard.  A few years later he accepted a position as
Harvard University's dean of antiquities, and through that position
became an advisor to Americas United President Washington.

Von Hess accompanied President Washington on a visit to THUNDERCHILD,
and when that ship left the solar system, Von Hess remained on board.

During his three years on THUNDERCHILD Von Hess completed the standard
curriculum for Starfleet Academy, and upon THUNDERCHILD's return he
immediately enrolled at the academy proper and was graduated six months
later at the rank of Lieutenant JG.

Von Hess remained assigned at the academy as a history teacher despite
his desire to go into space.  Finally this year he had to threaten his
resignation in order to be given a shipboard assignment, as the
operations officer of the USS Circe.


A.  Promotion History:
130601  Commissioned as Ensign

B.  Service History:
See narrative above

C.  Medals and Commendations:
Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1915
Iron Cross, 1st Class, 1916
Orden "Pour le Merite" (The Blue Max), 1917

Max is by all accounts a brilliant man, with an eidetic memory and a
quick mind.  He was tied for Germany's number 4 high-scoring ace pilot
in the First World War (his black and yellow Fokker DVII nearly as
feared across the French skies as Von Richtoven's Red Fokker Dr.I).

He is also an amateur boxer of considerable skill, and still competes
in matches today.

Of course it is not piloting or boxing which are his main claims to
fame today (though he still embarrassed both his piloting and hand to
hand combat instructors at Starfleet Academy), but rather his eccentric
demeanor and old-fashioned manors.

For a man of 61 years, Max is extremely fit, and I would imagine in
better shape today than he was in those 1920s boxing photographs.

An interesting case.  Dr. Von Hess is both trapped in the past and
living in the present.  I'm not sure how to diagnose such an
individual, who in effect is living his second life, but I can say that
his spirits are good and while many of his mannerisms are quite out of
date, he is more than amply stable.  An amazing conversationalist.

Boxing, sailing, motorcycling, holodeck flight simulation, building of
a full-scale replica Fokker DVII

Once again, definitely NOT an entry-level character.  Max is a man with
a lot of history and wisdom to match.  His previous teaching
background, not to mention his wise demeanor and skills at diplomacy
led Starfleet Academy to welcome his application despite his age.

Strangely for a Lieutenant Commander, Von Hess has never yet been
assigned to Starship duty, though he was a civilian advisor on USS
THUNDERCHILD and assumed many duties usually assigned to Starfleet
officers on account of that ship's depleted crew.