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LT Thomas Miller, Combat Information Center Officer USS CIRCE NCC-27000

Starfleet document 11392-7360-TMO784

Name: Thomas Miller
Rank: Lieutenant
Serial: TM7-09-52SF
Citizen: Terran, Earth, Sol System
Race: Human
Age: 30

Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Brown, Short (Kept "High and Tight")
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Identifying Marks:
Left eye destroyed.
Minor scaring around left eye socket as a result of surgery to implant prosthetic.
Wears a black eye patch to cover both the socket and the artificial eye (likes to joke about
getting a parrot).
Fitness: In Very Good Shape (PFT: 298/300)

Allergies: None.
- Normal childhood and training sprains, breaks and bruises.
- Lost left eye during action against the shide on Delta Draconis III.
- Fitted with an advanced micro sensor platform to replace left eye.
Disabilities: No natural vision on left side.

NRPG: The thing that now occupies Miller's left eye socket is an experimental, removable multi-
      spectral sensor platform, which allows him to "see" readings of various types.

      It has the ability to enhance his vision by coordinating the view of both his natural eye and the
      readings from his prosthetic, allowing him to see things the naked eye can't with out
      interfering with his normal (natural) vision. Allows him to see in the dark (FLIR) and, if the
      conditions are right, through walls (IR). It is capable of remote operation to approximately
      100 yards.

      The device is a powerful little tool, but Miller only uses it on very low settings, if at all in
      normal day-to-day operations.

      Despite being assured of the safety of its use at all ranges and settings, Miller is
      hesitant to flex that power because of the imagined radiation, since it resides so close to his
      brain. He now wears an eye patch to cover both the wound and the silver ball in the hole
      where his eye used to be. This is more for the comfort of others than any personal feelings. He
      freely shows it to anyone who wants to see it and has been trying very hard to not employ it in
      any practical jokes. His biggest complaint about the device is that despite the fact that he
      knows the eye is gone, he can feel it itching every now and then.

Primary: St. Francis Military Academy.
Secondary: St. Francis Military Academy (Graduated Cadet Major).
Undergraduate: Star Fleet Academy.
Majors: History (Diplomatic).
Thesis: "The Treaty of Gla`dork VII: The Imperial Federation's Bureaucratic Bumble."
Minor: Sociology.
Professional Electives Emphasis: Tactical/Security Operation.

Professional Schools/Programs (Completed/Passed):
 - Aero-Space Jump School
 - Security Operations Basic Officers Course
 - Space Warfare Cadet Training Program Level I
 - Space Warfare Cadet Training Program Level II
 - Space Warfare Officer School
 - Tactical Operations Basic Officers course
 - Primitive Survival school Instructor Course

"Cadet Miller is a bright historian. He chooses to study topics/events/periods, which start out
fantastic and then (usually through the participant own meddling) went horribly wrong.
Instead of taking the easy (and usual) tact of over analyzing success, he finds an epic moral
blunder and then pin points where it all comes apart. His thesis paper about how the Imperium
lost a war diplomatically that it had won militarily is informative and very humorous. During
class discussions he seeks out, states and then defends points, which are unpopular to the rest
of the class, but are usually correct. I will miss him as a student."

Cmdr. Lucas Ward
Prof., Hist. Dept., SFA.


090901.0830 - Admitted to SFA, Began Instruction.
100831.0830 - Completed Summer Cruise (Space Warfare Cadet Training Program Level I).
110831.0830 - Completed Summer Cruise (Space Warfare Cadet Training Program Level II).
120831.0830 - Completed Summer Cruise (Jump School).
130615.0930 - Graduated SFA, Commissioned Ensign, UFP - SF.
130706.0930 - Temporary Duty Assignment: Special Warfare Pre-School Course (Completed).
131215.0800 - Graduated from the Space Warfare Officer School.
140615.1547 - Graduated from Tactical Operations Basic Officers course.
141215.0830 - Graduated from Security Operations Basic Officers course.
141215.0831 - Assigned to the USS AJAX as an Electronic Warfare Officer.
151004.0000 - Re-assigned as the CSO/TAC, USS CIRCE.
160831.0000 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
181115.0000 - Promoted to Lieutenant; assigned CIC, USS CIRCE.
190106.0000 - Temporary Duty Assignment: Instructor, SFA's Survival School program
              while CIRCE received her BASTION class upgrades
190706.0000 - Returned to permeant Duty station/assignment as CIC, USS CIRCE.
200101.0000 - Re-assigned as OPS, USS CIRCE
200901.0000 - Re-assigned as Acting XO, USS CIRCE
201007.0000 - Temporary Duty Assignment: to SF Special Warfare School for Certification (Completed).


160831.0000 - Star Fleet Achievement Medal for role in operations against the forces of the
              Woren Imperium.
160831.0000 - Combat Action Ribbon.
160831.0000 - ALPHA Quadrant Service Ribbon.
171031.0000 - Star Fleet Commendation Medal for role in actions against the belligerent
              forces of the Gorn Hegemony in the Briol system.
171031.0000 - Combat Action Ribbon.
171031.0000 - BETA Quadrant Service Ribbon.
171031.0000 - Gorn Sector Service Ribbon.
171031.0000 - Briol Campaign Ribbon.
181115.0000 - Star Fleet Achievement Medal for role in events surrounding the negotiation of
              the Second Tholian Treaty.
181115.0000 - Combat Action Ribbon.

Beliefs: Catholic (more out of habit than anything else).
Annoyances: People who sit on the fence about things.
Hobbies: Reading and sports.
Personality type: Confident, relaxed, good-humored.

Special notes:
During a Mission to investigate possible Fardon activities around the planet Karbella, Miller
was briefly possessed by the Baen Sidhe Harmony, which left an "echo" of itself in his mind.
It is a fully formed personality, a snap shot of who and what Harmony was at the time of
possession. This echo survived the destruction of Harmony on the planet by Commander

It seems that Harmony, or more accurately what's left of Harmony, is just along for the ride.
She experiences everything he does and has access to his memories and thoughts and she can
(and does) "speak" to Miller, but he doesn't trust anything she says. There is no evidence that
she has the ability to project onto his vision.

The only noticeable side effect (other than appearing to talk to himself, but he's getting better
at sub-vocalizing) is that Miller is now a complete blank to telepathic and psychonic trained
persons. The general consensus among the testers was that it was possible to burn through the
shield that Harmony-Lite (as Miller calls her), has put in place to protect herself, but not
without doing irreparable damage to the host (Miller's) mind.

NRPG: Harmony-Lite cannot interact with the world outside of Miller's head.

"Cadet Miller is competent to serve. He has adjusted well to his abandonment as a child, but
his upbringing at St. Francis' equipped him well for military life, as well as a social one."

LtCmdr. Joleen Atkins.
Counselor, ADMIN&TEST Staff, SFA.

"Lieutenant (jg) Miller has adjusted to the loss of his eye quite well and even jokes about the
circumstances of the loss and talks about the implant being better than the his originally
issued equipment. He is fit for a full return to duty.

Commander Seamus Varani
Counselor, SF Medical Review team.

"Lieutenant Miller is fit to return to his permanent duty station, USS CIRCE as CIC. We've
found no reason to believe that his 'possession' by the Baen Sidhe entity commonly referred
to as Harmony, or whatever piece of said entity that survived the destruction of the Baen
Sidhe entity called Harmony by commander Mistaya during their last mission, to pose a risk
to him or others within the course of his duties. The Lieutenant has been made aware of and
agreed to undergo whatever additional mental/psychotic/medical reviews deemed necessary to
monitor and ensure there is no threat to himself or others aboard his craft."

Commander Sandy Kim
OFSI fitness review officer.

Father: George Miller
Mother: Prudence Miller
Siblings: LTM Benedict Miller, SFMC.
George and Prudence Miller are wealthy people who had children simply to procreate. Both
Thomas and Benedict were raised by nannies until they were old enough to ship off to a
Catholic Military Boarding school. Both seem very well adjusted to their abandonment since
it is the only way of life they know. The two brothers got along very well.

----------End Biofile----------