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LT Valora, Counselor USS CIRCE NCC-27000


Surname:             Valora 
Given Name(s):       Valora 
Current Rank:        Lieutenant (O-3)
Current Billet:      Counselor, USS CIRCE NCC-27000 
Species:             El-Aurian/Vulcan 
Gender/Sex:          Female 
Age:                 76 Terran years
Date of Birth:       April 21, 2345 
Place of Birth:      Andorra, Earth 
Parents:             Father - Shervic of Vulcan
                     Mother - Luciana  
Siblings:            None               
Spouse:              Never Married 
Children:            None 

Height:              5' 11"             
Weight:              132lbs.              
Eyes:                Brown                   
Hair:                Brunette                
Skin:                Caucasian with Olive tanned         
Blood Type:          T-         
Religion:            Unknown           
Citizenship:         Earth; UFP; Vulcan 
Languages:           Federation Standard, Romulan, Bajoran, Klingon, and Vulcan.   

II.  Educational Background 

A. Academic Institutions Attended 
  -- Andorra Institute 
  -- Vulcan Science Academy
  -- Starfleet Academy 

B. Service Schools Attended 
   -- Starfleet Academy
   -- Starfleet Academy Counseling Centre  
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs) 
   -- MOC: Intelligence Gathering Procedures  
   -- MOC: Psychological Profiling  
   -- MOC: Decryption Procedures 
   -- MOC: Counseling Procedures 
D. Star Fleet Academy Record 
   -- Professional Major:
     - Intelligence
     - Psychology 
III. Biographical Notes 
A. Chronology (tabular form) 
0-12:       Lived on Earth and pursued advanced education.   
12-21:      Moved to Vulcan and attended Science Academy 
21:         Graduated Science Academy 
22-26:      Entered Starfleet Academy 
26:         Graduated from Starfleet Academy 
26-31:      USS LUDWIG   
31-35:      USS VENTRUE 
35-55:      USS WASHINGTON 
56-60:      Returned to Starfleet Academy for Counseling 
60:         Graduated SA for Counseling 
68-74:      USS KANJI 
75-now:     Active duty in Starfleet. 

B. Background Summary 
Valora was born on April 21, 2345, daughter of Luciana and Shervic of Vulcan. Valora had a very 
interesting life, being raised by an El-Aurian and a Vulcan. One taught her the understandings of the 
Universe, the other taught her logic. Shervic was an Ambassador for the Federation, and her mother 
had a long lasting career in Starfleet. One thing Valora had to learn was that her lifespan will outlast a 
regular human, vastly. Her parents met while Luciana was teaching at the Academy and apparently 
impressed each other and the rest is history. Valora was born and raised in her early life on Earth, 
Andorra. Shervic had preferred a life on Vulcan, he and Luciana decided to compromise. In her early 
education Valora showed stunning intellect for a girl her age. She took the most advanced courses 
Earth had to offer. This lead to her father in enrolling her for Early Admissions to the Science 
Academy on Vulcan, so at the age of 12, Valora and her family moved to Vulcan where Valora began 
her education at the Vulcan Science Academy.

Valora heard the incidents where some of the elders at the VSA don't approve of hybrids attending 
especially hybrids who don't suppress their emotions. While Valora isn't overly emotional, she does 
have emotional reactions to several circumstances. Anger towards bigotry, happiness towards a good 
test score, fear over the next assignment; despite her emotions, not once has those feeling divert of her 
logic. That impressed the elders of the VSA, and Valora knew it made her father very proud.
In 2365, Valora graduated from the Science Academy with full honors. And that was the day she truly 
felt she can control and make decisions for her life. After spending a few months with her family the 
three of them parted ways. Shervic was sent to represent the Federation for a trade deal with the 
Laryians; her mother, Luciana, had accepted a position on the USS Marco Polo, and Valora applied 
and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Valora decided to enter into the intelligence field at first but also with counseling. Thinking, 
psychology would prove beneficial during interrogations. While attending the academy, Valora found 
friendships in a range of different species. Overall, she found studying at the academy an interesting 
period in her young life. One positive outcome of attending the academy, Valora made plenty of 
friends and acquaintances, a task she had often found difficult in her civilian life. Valora had no 
clearly define dislike of any subjects, though the subject areas that she scored highly in were the ones 
she wanted to avoid. These were combat related, particularly zero-gravity, medical and engineering 
related. Valora also enjoyed her studies in astrophysics and both starship and shuttlecraft operations. 
However Intelligence courses were her top priority in addition to Psychology. She also decided to 
Duel-Major in Psychology to assist in her facial expression reading training for Criminal Understating 
Her first assignment was as an Intelligence officer of the USS Ludwig. Valora was thrilled however 
her time one the ship was uneventful.
In mid 2371, the USS Venture had a number of positions open up including the Assistant Chief 
Intelligence Officer position. At that time, Valora looked into, and eventually obtained the position. 
While her first few months on the Venture she gained new skills from varies department, an example 
was when Valora reported to the Chief Intelligence Officer Lt. Madison and helped him write up 
reports and briefings and learned how interconnected everything appears to be with one another.
At the start of the Dominion War in 2374 the Venture had lead the way to several battles along the 
Cardassian boarder, most ended in defeats. One battle would remain fresh in her mind. The Battle of 
Sector 233-52, the system only contained one habitable planet, that was sparsely populated but it was 
strategically import to the war effort. The Venture's taskforce of 92 ships met a Dominion-Cardassian 
fleet of 76 ships. It was a few engagements where the Federation fleet outmanned the Dominion 
forces; however the gun power decided the fate. While the battle raged on for seven hours, the 
Venture, badly damaged, and four other damaged Starfleet vessels returned to Starbase 23 reporting 
that they lost the sector. Valora would experience more gruesome battles during the war, some harder 
to forget then others.

In early 2375, Valora transferred to the USS Michelangelo. The war was more in favor for the 
Federation and a new opportunity arrived for her. After several months aboard, Valora would be 
forced to take a new assignment. After forming a new alliance with the Breen the Dominion launched 
a counteroffensive to retake Chin'toka, the Kennedy was in that taskforce and was one of the first 
destroyed by the Breen's energy dampening weapon.
After the destruction of the Michelangelo, Valora took the same position on the USS Washington.  She 
performed her duty admirably and when her former Superior officer, Madison took Command, in 
2379, Valora earned the Second Officer position. She continued to serve onboard the USS Washington 
for the next few decades. She saw many events on the Washington, the end of the Dominion War, a 
death of a green giant star, and a return of Starfleet's mission of exploration. It wasn't until after the 
war, that things began to change of Valora. Before she was mission driven focused, but as she began 
to open up, shed some of that Vulcan discipline she found herself feeling more intuitive with the world 
around her. She also began to listen more to her friends, and heard their problems and issues and 
offered them helpful advice. Valora realized that after the war, almost everyone had problems, issues, 

Valora then decided to return to the Academy and perfect her Psychology training for more of a 
counseling format. 

By 2409 Valora took the position of Counselor to one of the most overused ship during the war, the 
USS Kanji. Starfleet dubbed the ship, "Lone Survivor" for being a ship to survive after its fleets being 
decimated during Dominion War. In fact, the Kanji was part of four fleets, ranging from seventy to 
few hundred starships, which were obliterated by the Dominion. The Kanji suffered heavy and 
repeated losses during the Dominion War, the Executive Officer, Tara Hughes was killed in action, 
and so was their Chief Medical Officer, Keith Voyskunsky. Roughly a third of the Kanji's original 
crew at the start of the War didn't make it to the end. After the war, the Kanji became a secluded 
starship; Captain Jared Cade kept most of the crew he had during the war, very rarely allowed new 
officers to join. He only wanted experienced officers. When Valora joined the crew as a Counselor she 
saw how close the crew had became. Another thing she learned how unwilling to get help, with 
arguments of how "they aren't crazy."  That stubbornness lead to the Chief Counselor to protest to 
Captain Cade; which only resulted to him, being transferred off the ship and Valora's promotion. 
Valora decided to take a different approach, especially when it came time for the crew's psychology 
profile update, she just listened. She didn't ask the clich? questions "How you feel about that? What 
you feel now?" She just listened. And in turn the crew began opening up to her. 
Eventually even the Captain was able to open up to her and in 2415 he promoted her to Chief 
Counselor, revealing how she was the only one who had gotten in touch with the crew. Valora admit, 
listening to the horror stories, the fear, and the anger was at times almost too much to bear, but the 
sense of feeling "right" had her remain until the ship's decommission in 2420.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record 
A. Promotion History 
2367.145: Graduated as Crewman 
2371.175: Promoted to Ensign 
2379.220: Promoted to Lieutenant JG 
2299.220: Promoted to Lieutenant 
B. Service History 
2363 - Entered Starfleet Academy 
2363-2367 - Starfleet Academy, Major Intelligence & Psychology 
2367-2371 - USS LUDWIG, Intelligence Officer 
2371-2375 - USS VENTRUE, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer 
2375-2376 - USS MICHELANGELO, Chief Intelligence Officer  
2376-2379 - USS WASHINGTON, Chief Intelligence Officer 
2379-2396 - USS WASHINGTON, Chief Intelligence Officer /Second Officer 
2397-2401 - Returned to Starfleet Academy for Counseling
2409-2412 - USS KANJI, Counselor  
2412-2415 - USS KANJI, Assistant Chief Counselor
2415-2420 - USS KANJI, Chief Counselor
C.  Medals and Commendations 
None at this time. 
V. Skills Profile 
Valora is known to have the standard training in hand to hand combat. She has an extensive 
knowledge of off world politics, and has been able to establish a timeline as to what would happen 
onto the planet. She is also an expert on History, knowing how one race advanced through time. Due 
to her vast wisdom, she is able to decrypt codes faster than even the best expert.   
VI. Recent Fitness Reports 
Valora is in excellent physical shape, displaying the agility and stamina associated to people a third 
their age. Because her species are long lived, it explains why her outer appearance doesn't reflect her 
age at all. She has excellent reflexes, and does not appear to have any sort of disadvantage.   
-- Dr. Bradford 
    Staff Attending, Starfleet Academy 
VII. Psychological Profile 
Valora has remarkable mental integrity. Due to her age, she is extremely wise, and has an 
understanding of the universe that would rival the best minds Starfleet has to officer.  
Valora is complicated when it comes to social interactions. While she prefers to be alone, when in a 
group she interacts with her peers and has conversations with those she doesn't know and in the end it 
was as if they were long time friends. She also projects the sense of being a trusting person.  Valora is 
a snarky woman, doesn't take crap from anyone. She speaks her mind and is loyal to the fault. She is 
trustworthy and would do anything to keep her crew safe. She also has a huge heart, and is very 
According to some of the crew from her previous assignments, they've claimed coming to her for 
advice felt almost natural and beneficial, then seeing a councilor. The only issue that comes into my 
mind, is why Luciana never pursued a counseling career? 
Overall, she has a very keen intellect and sharp. She has the ability to separate her own emotions to 
what is needed to do for the situation. She claims once in a while to be getting feelings,  
but I associate that to the typical "hutches/ gut feeling" typical to officers in the command field. 
-- Dr. Anderson 
    Staff Psychologist, Starbase 17 
VIII. Current Recreational Interests 
For recreation Valora prefers to relax with a good book, a glass of wine and listen to orchestral music, 
while soaking in a bath of fragrant salts and surrounded by a dozen lit candles and potted burning 
incense sticks. She also likes partaking in holonovels related to her readings, practice Aikido, Yoga 
and Tai Chi, meditation, dancing to a variety of music and occasionally entertaining friends. She 
sometimes can be found in large populated areas listening. She loves to hear people speak and hear 
their stories about life, about the big things and about the little things.