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Kzinti Republic Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220116

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: A (multiple prolonged contacts by multiple friendly/Star Fleet/OSFI assets)


The Kzinti are a warrior race. In appearance, they are much like bipedal terran tigers with a naked, rat-like tail and large, bare fan-like ears. In the days before warp drive, the Kzinti ruled an interstellar empire. It spanned more than thirty light years, and a number of slave races. In 2049, the Kzinti finally met a species that did not fall before their advance: humans. Over the next decades, the Kzinti and humans fought a total of four wars. By the last war in 2064, the Kzinti had assembled a huge fleet that would have been able to smash any human opposition, save one factor. By that time, they fought a human species that had discovered warp drive. Human ships were able to dart in and out around the Kzinti fleet, allowing hit-and-run tactics which the Kzinti warships could not match with only sublight drives.

Following the Man-Kzin Wars, the Kzinti Patriarchy is forced to adapt to life without their slave races and within the limits imposed by the victorious humans. They generally become isolationist, choosing to maintain their own ways on Kzin and their colony worlds, which are not within much easier reach due to warp travel.

Life in the Patriarchy changed dramitically in 2404. Dissatified with centuries of bowing to human custom and being a minor influence, at best in interstellar politics, a number of Kzinti nobles led a civil war to overthrown the Patriarchy in favor of a government in which all of the noble families would have a sat, the so-called Kzinti Republic. The nobles ruthlessly slaughtered every member of the Patriarch's line and every loyal noble or warrior on which they could lay their hands.

Lord Horr'karr-Riit, last of the line of the Patriarchy, fled into political exile in the Federation with the surviving loyal nobles. But Horr'karr-Riit was Patriarch in name only. The last Patriarch of the Kzinti was dead on their homeworld, and the government was firmly in the hands of the usurpers.

Today, the Kzinti are still a relatively minor power with only a small space navy. However, they are more agressive than they have been in centuries and their technological advanced have kept pace with the Federation through the centuries because of the Kzinti's stubborn belief that their time would come and that they must be ready.


The Kzinti were one of the first races in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant to manipulate gravity. However, they did not manage to develop it into an efficient means for faster-than-light propulsion. They created, instead, extrememly efficient internal ship gravity and inertial compensation and took the brute force approach of hurtling ships between stars at high c-fractional speeds and accepting the relativistic consequences as the price of interstellar travel.

Their ships were equipped with massively powerful tractor beams and gravitic-lensed lasers (grasers). They also used mass drivers, some large enough to dislodge sizable asteroids, and gravity driven missiles.

In the end, the lack of faster-than-light propulsion would be the undoing of the Kzinti invasion fleets sent against human colonies during the mid-2000's.

Modern Kzinti warships have efficient hyperspace (d-warp) drives as well as conventional warp drives. They show a preference for the home-developed hyperspace drives powered by high density fusion bottles over the borrowed conventional warp drive designs which initially gave their ships FTL capability. They are still armed with grasers and use a combination of photon torpedos and gravitic drive missiles. Many Kzinti warships also employ gravitic cloaking devices.

Technology Summary
Propulsion Systems Warp Drive Y
Hyperspace Drive Y
Sublight Drive Gravitic: gravity polarizing
Sensors Long Range Sensor acuity 2: Less advanced than Federation
Short Range Sensor acuity 3: Comparable to Federation
Jamming/Stealth/ECM 2: Less advanced than Federation
ECCM 2: Less advanced than Federation
Cloaking Gravitic
Weapons Beam Weapons Graser
Missile Weapons Torpedoes
Communications Comm Systems Electromagnetic
Power Systems Main and Aux Power Fusion




  • The Kzinti pages were developed by Jeffrey Jenkins for OSFI and BATA. The Kzinti are the original creation of Larry Niven for his Known Space universe. They were brought to Star Trek by the Star Trek: The Animated Series episode "The Slaver Weapon," writen by Niven himself. They have been developed in ASR for several years in a variety of fleets.
  • This page was updated by Scott Lusby.