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Lehrren Alliance Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220116

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: B (multiple prolonged contacts by multiple Star Fleet/OSFI assets but somewhat dated)


The Lehrren Alliance are a multi-species splinter government located in the Sagittarius Drwarf Elliptical Galaxy, approximately 50,000 light years from GOLD space. The only known contact with the Lehrren has occured via stable wormholes.

The species that make up the Lehrren Alliance were, over 100 years ago, slaves of the felinoid Woren. Banding together, they began a resistance movement in an effort to gain their freedom from their felinoid oppressors.

At about that time, the USS Toreador came through an unstable wormhole and, unable to return to Federation space, joined the battle for Lehrren freedom. As people were freed from the Woren, they were brought to a special outpost- Outpost Gispuin- built in the nebula from which the Lehrren take their name. It would be in this nebula that the USS Titania would repeat the odyssey of the Toreador 100 years later.

Today, the Lehrren are much larger and stronger force they were at the time of their uprising, with a fleet of several starships of equal or greater strength than comparable Star Fleet vessels, and well-trained personnel. They are still engaged in warfare with the Woren- now over the control of the highly volatile but immensely powerful substance called bursite.


First contact with the Lehrren was made by the USS Toreador approximately 105 years ago. This meeting would have a major impact ont he events that would follow.

Finding no way to return home, the Toreador went about helping the Lehrren races free themselves from Woren enslavement. These freed people were brought to an abandoned Woren outpost, named Station Gispuin, within the Lehrren Nebula, where they set up shop as their headquarters.

This information was not known until a SECOND contact with the Lehrren, made by USS Titania in 2411, revealed major similarities between Lehrren and Star Fleet technology and training.

A third contact, by elements of Tactical Squadron 13 headed by USS Circe, occured in 2416, after which formal diplomatic ties were being negotiated between the two parties.


Lehrren technology, due to its early influence by USS Toreador and its crew, bears more than a passing resemblance to Federation technology; in fact, the Toreador would eventually be taken apart and stripped, both for the purposes of studying its designs and to help build the fledgling Lehrren fleet.

Weapons and Defensive Systems

Lehrren technology surpasses that of the Woren, but does not quite measure up to similar Federation systems; their phaser and warp designs are both more powerful and efficient than Woren counterparts. They also have cloaking technology- called a 'deception shield'- that emits none of the subspace disturbances even the best Romulan designs do.

One difference between Lehrren and Federation technology is that the Lehrren use something called a 'pulse detonator' rather than quantum or photon torpedoes. The resulting destructive force is a lot more powerful than that of a quantum torpedo; however, the price is reduced range and speed. However, these pulse detonators- believed to contain miniscule amounts of bursite dust as the explosive catalyst- are very effective at bringing down deflector shields in a hurry.

Powered by Bursite?

The core of Lehrren technology is nearly exactly the same as comparable Federation technology: centered on the controlled annihilation of matter and antimatter. However, there has been some experimenting in systems designed around the controlled annihilation of the crystalline substance bursite. Bursite is, essentially, matter with small bits of antimatter suspended within its crystalline matrix; upon the matrix's collapse, the antimatter comes into contact with the matter, annihilating it. However, the crystalline structure serves to magnify the energy released, acting like dilithium cyrstals in Federation warp drives. The resulting energy yield is far more powerful than conventional matter-antimatter reactors- and also far more destructive. Tiny amounts of it could wipe out entire planets, and, if brought into contact with certain chemical compounds, it can release a invisible radioactive gas that could kill a humanoid inside of a couple of hours.

Bursite is incompatible with most other power systems, including conventional matter- antimatter reactors and quantum singularities. Thus, an entirely new technology base would have to be developed before it is implemented on Lehrren ships. Also, bursite has not been obtained in large enough quantities to warrant such a move in the first place.

Power Signatures

Because of the more efficient designs of Lehrren powerplants and the increased power consumption needs of its components, Lehrren ships typically have a higher power curve than most starships. However, their warp signatures are otherwise very similar to Star Fleet warp signatures.

Wormhole Generators

However, both Lehrren and Woren vessels tend to travel long distances by creating artificial wormholes. Lehrren technology lags behind that of the Woren here, though neither race is capable of creating wormholes without using huge amounts of energy at this time. As a result, wormhole generating units tend to be expensive to build and maintain, as well as too large and heavy for most starships due to the massive amounts of shielding necessary to keep the dangerous radioactivity inherent in the use of such devices from killing its operators. In fact, no starship under the size of a heavy cruiser would carry such a unit under ordinary circumstances; more often than not such technology is built into a gateway station of sorts- a non-moveable platform.


The Lehrren are primarily focused on actively seeking to free any race oppressed or enslaved by the Woren. As such, their primary power struggle continues to be with the Woren. This power struggle has now given birth to a second facet- control over the priceless source of bursite.

This battle for the extremely limited quantities of busite has spilled over into Federation space, through the use of the wormhole technology possessed by both the Woren and the Lehrren. The Lehrren have been pursuing any and all Woren excursions into the Orestes Sector, with the express purpose of stopping suspected Woren-Romulan bursite dust-for-arms trade.


Historically, the Lehrren have not been a threat to the Federation or Federation interests, as their government is borne of the same principles and ideals as the Federation. However, with their war with the Woren spilling over into Federation space, the Lehrren have warranted further attention, in the form of increased Star Fleet military traffic in the Orestes region.


  • For visuals of the uniforms and rank insignia of the Lehrren Navy, click here.


  • The information on this page was compiled and updated by Scott Lusby.