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Woren Imperium Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220116

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: B (multiple prolonged contacts by multiple Star Fleet/OSFI assets but somewhat dated)


The Woren Imperium is a totalitarian government in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, about 50,000 light years from Federation space. They are aggressive and militaristic, conquering whole planets and systems and then enslaving the races of those planets to do the work 'beneath' a Woren.

The Woren themselves- the dominating race in the Imperium- are felinoid in nature, not unlike Caitians or Sivaoans. They control the slave races through fear and violence, taking away all basic rights from the enslaved and enforcing their rule with a barbarism that would make a Klingon cringe.

For the most part, the work of the slave races revolves around the gathering and mining of dangerous natural resources. These resources are at the very core of their economy; not only to they provide the necessary materials to build and maintain its large navy, but the sale of these resources provides the Woren with enough capital to purchase what they cannot mine themselves.

They are currently engaged in a prolonged conflict with the Lehrren, the communal name for the dissidents and rebels who have managed to shake the Woren yoke from their collective necks. This war began as a civil war over 100 years ago, but, after decades of on-again, off-again skirmishing, has now evolved in a struggle for the natural resources both need to maintain their military and economic strength.

In RP:

The Woren are, at this time, a threat species confined to Gold Fleet's Area of Operation, specifically within the Orestes region of Krima space.


The most recent- and most important- contact between forces of Star Fleet and the Woren Imperium came 5 years ago, when the USS Titania, a frigate attached to Deep Space 13 that was trapped in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy after stumbling through a wormhole in the Goliath nebula, led an attack on a Woren wormhole station by Lehrren forces in an effort to return home. The attack was eventually successful- Titania returned to the Beta quadrant in time to rescue another Federation starship, USS Spitfire, from destruction at the hands of the Gorn Hegemony.

The effects of this battle have been profound; at the time of Titania 's return to Federation space, the battle fleets on both Woren and Lehrren sides had sustained major damage, with the Woren suffering far greater damage due to Titania's presence on the Lehrren side. However, the Woren still maintained a numeric advantage in ships as well as having the larger warships, which largely neutralized the Lehrren weapons superiority. Despite this balance, however, the Lehrren have managed to gain strength and support, expanding their base to the point where they can support themselves and compete with the Woren for needed resources.


Other than the fact that the Woren are felinoid, nothing of any depth is known about them. they are bipedal, have a tail that is a balancing mechanism, and have a thin layer of fur that covers the body. Most Woren observed have had a spotted pattern, not unlike the Terran leopard. It is believed that most medicines used on Caitians, Sivaoans or Lyrans would work on Woren as well, though this is simply conjecture given their felinoid appearance.

As for the slave races, most are of a humanoid nature- thus the inherent Woren superiority complex.


The technology employed by the Woren Imperium is, like most starfaring races, centered around the controlled anihillation of matter and antimatter as its major power source. However, the discovery of a source of bursite somewhere within Woren space and led them to begin experimenting with this highly dangerous crystal. Potentially, this makes them a very real threat to Federation starships.

Weapons and Defensive Systems

However, in practice, Woren ships have not proven to be very dangerous; Woren beam weapons systems are less potent than either Star Fleet or Lehrren phasers, and deflector shield technology lags far behind comparable Star Fleet systems. However, the rumored emerging advances in torpedo technology (centered around the use of bursite as an explosive catalyst- see below) is another matter altogether.

Evidence gathered by the USS Circe from the wreckage of a destroyed Lehrren vessel suggests the possibility of a new, more powerful woren torpedo based around small quantities of bursite dust. Such a weapon, if designed on a large enough scale, could be capable of destroying an entire planet. Though no weapon has been seen and no direct evidence supporting its existence has been found at this time, Circe scientists have pointed out that the device used to destroy the Lehrren vessel was far more powerful than necessary, and could very well have been a 'weapon of mass destruction' used in desperation by a crippled Woren ship.

Wormhole Generators

Woren wormhole generation technology exceeds that of their former slaves, as they have been able to create generators of a more efficient model. However, as the generators give off immense amounts of radiation, requiring very heavy shielding to operate safely, the Woren still only employ them on large capital ships or large merchantmen. As a rule of thumb, the slave races operate the wormhole generators on these ships to safeguard the Woren- especially on the merchantmen, where shielding may not be as heavy as necessary due to costs.


Woren goals are ones of conquest- the forced acquisition of wealth and territory. They see bursite, if it should be found in sufficient quantities, as the potential key to all of these goals: bursite could be used to power a massive star fleet; bursite could be used to fuel their most destructive weapons, and even may provide them with the finaincial means to further develop their military needs through trade.

Their recent appearance in the Orestes Sector in Gold is a troubling sign; given the recent appearance of bursite residue on Romulan warbirds, the potential connection between the Woren and the Romulans is most troubling.


The re-appearance of the Woren in Federation territory was troubling in and of itself, given the experiences of USS Titania five years ago. However, the new developments that seem to tie the Woren to a renegade group within the Romulan make for a threat which could potentially threaten the entire Beta Quadrant, perhaps even the entire galaxy. With the construction of Starbase Foothold, movement through the Goliath wormhole has been strictly regulated, confining the Woren to the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy.

As such, they are classified as a hostile emerging threat.


  • The Woren Imperium was originally a concept created by Marc Johnson. It has been developed by Ted Swedalla and the rest of the crew of Deep Space 13. Most of the recent development has been undertaken by the crew of the USS Circe, under the command of Scott Lusby.