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The regulations and procedures in this FAQ pertain to the treatment and status of particular characters based on their RP activities, and not to the administrative handling of player conduct or status, which is the province of the Fleet Commanders. Players must understand and accept that if they write for characters violating regulations or committing crimes, they may lose those characters from play. If it's good RP, and you're willing to start a new character if this one ends up on Rura Penthe, go ahead and write it.

Any player with questions concerning regulations or legal matters should address them through the chain of command; officers of command rank and above may direct such questions directly to the JAG at any time. All advice and actions of the JAG are subject to the supervision, orders, and approval of approval of CINCSF and of no other person or body.

Sources and Instruments of Legal Authority in the Federation and Starfleet

The Constitution of the United Federation of Planets guarantees a variety of individual rights, which are enjoyed by all Federation citizens and other civilians present in areas under Federation jurisdiction, including Starfleet vessels, stations, and facilities. Among these rights are free expression, movement, and association, due process and equal treatment, representation by criminal counsel, and protection from self-incrimination and unwarranted search and seizure.

The members of Starfleet itself are subject to the strictures of the Uniform Code of Justice. Officers and enlisted personnel alike are bound to follow the lawful orders of their designated superiors and all the various regulations of Starfleet, and to comport themselves at all times in a manner befitting one who wears the uniform. Violations are subject to investigation, adjudication, and punishment according to the Uniform Code and Starfleet regulations, and not the civilian laws of the Federation.

The Seldonis IV Convention specifies the legal requirements and limitations regarding treatment of alien military personnel and prisoners. Signatories to the Convention, including the United Federation of Planets, are bound to maintain their health, permit reasonable communication with their families, provide access to neutral observers, and refrain from any form of physical or mental deprivation or abuse.

Anyone may request investigation, or the initiation of legal proceedings, concerning any alleged violation of law or regulation. Such requests are to be made through the chain of command, or directly to the Judge Advocate General in the case of those of command rank or above.

The Judge Advocate, with the assistance of SFSECIS (Star Fleet Security and Investigative Services) investigates suspected wrongdoing under the orders of CINCSF, and under the administrative aegis of the Judge Advocate General. This may or may not involve RP, and all characters and players in Starfleet are required to cooperate with such duly constituted investigations.

If cause is found, and again subject to the approval of CINCSF, prosecution, adjudication, and punishment are conducted under the authority of the Judge Advocate General. There is at this time no death penalty in Starfleet, but demotion, honorable or dishonorable discharge from Starfleet, and imprisonment, for terms up to life, are all possible.

  • Rear Admiral Harald Delmar

Judge Advocate General, Star Fleet (aka Johann Ortiz)

Document History

  • Original Author: Mark Elwell, circa 80201
  • Previous Modification: 80701 (Renee Bennett)
  • Last modified on Stardate 151115 (Scott Lusby)