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This webpage's purpose is to provide general information about the Judge Advocate General Corps in Star Fleet. In Alt.Starfleet.RPG, the Commander of the Judge Advocate General Corps is RADM Harald Delmar, played by Johann Ortiz, who is currently on Leave of Absence.

If you are interested in anything pertaining to the Judge Advocate General's role in ASR and Star Fleet, please feel free to drop a line to the SFJAG staff with any questions or comments. While the COMJAG is away on Leave, this branch will be overseen by Stefan Wiedner, the COMLOG. Please direct any inquiries regarding SFJAG to him.

The links and articles contained within our Library offer the 'real world' bases of Star Fleet justice and Federation Law, as well as United States Navy (USN) pages which may be of interest to ASR players. As new material is developed (and adopted for use in ASR), it will be added.

Finally, please note that this page is in no way affiliated with the United States Navy or any other armed service. The current ASR JAG is not a lawyer, nor a naval officer, and has no formal legal training. ASR is an online role playing game. Please direct questions pertaining to "real world" JAG matters to the appropriate official parties.


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