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Star Fleet Judge Advocate General Introduction

So, what is the Starfleet Judge Advocate General and what does it do? SFJAG is an often overlooked but critical part of Starfleet life, charged with protecting the rights that all Federation citizens hold dear.

SFJAG serves two primary roles in Starfleet. It is the foundation for the criminal justice system on all Starfleet property, responsible for providing judges and lawyers to conduct trials in order to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused. Thus, after the Security and Investigation Branch has taken a subject into custody, it is the reponsibility of SFJAG to determine if the charges have merit, set a bond, provide for both the prosecution and defense, and then assign what ever punishment is warranted.

The second role of the Judge Advocate General is to provide on site legal interpertations for the command staff trying to understand that minor point in intergalatic law. Gone are the days of cowboy diplomacy where the person with the biggest guns were right. Now, Starfleet officers are expected and required to follow intergalatic treaties when dealing with other races. Although computers can provide every small detail of a treaty, SFJAG provides the interpertations changing the written laws into answers for people who aren't lawyers. In effect, SFJAG provides the bridge between the written treaties or laws and carrying them out.