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U.S.S. Excalibur Central Database
Updated SD 242914


Battlecruisers are the steel fist within Star Fleet's velvet glove. When force is called for, these fast, heavily armored, and agile ships are ready to answer the call.

The CIRCE is actually something of an experiment in automation, allowing a smaller ship operated by fewer personnel to have combat capabilities on par with much larger battle cruisers. There is a price of course. She is crammed with equipment. Crew spaces are very small for a Federation starship and her laboratory facilities are almost non-existent compared to other cruisers and battle cruisers. She is a lean warship built using lessons learned in the Dalriadan War and is accordingly light and maneuverable by even multi-mission heavy cruiser standards.

U.S.S. EXCALIBUR therefore is assigned the toughest missions Star Fleet comes up with and so this ship's reputation corresponds to her name EXCALIBUR, the legendary sword.

The EXCALIBUR is now currently under the command of Captain Jacob Gibson (played by Timothy Sowards). EXCALIBUR was transferred to Blue Fleet on Stardate 190501.

If you are interested in more information about the EXCALIBUR, please contact Timothy Sowards, who plays Captain Gibson. Inquiries regarding role playing opportunities in Blue may be directed to Jeffrey Jenkins, who plays ADM John R. Brooks, Commander in Chief Blue Fleet.

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