Task Force Epsilon

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Task Force Epsilon

Silver Fleet Insignia

Task Force Epsilon is made up of four units: USS Amberjack, USS Fenrir and USS Hokkaido and is based out of Starbase EPSILON.

About Starbase EPSILON

Starbase EPSILON is the administrative home of SILVER Fleet and Task Force Epsilon (TFE) and is located at the mouth of the Gibraltar II wormhole and 5000km from the Cardassian border. While its initial mission was, and continues to be, to serve as a hub for economic and cultural development for the frontier regions as well as a standard Fleet base for SILVER Fleet the discovery of the Gibraltar II wormhole has led to an expanded role. With the unknown threat that the wormhole brings, the defence of SILVER Fleet Space and the nearby Cardassian systems. EPSILON has become the command centre of an integrated defence force of Starfleet and Cardassian Naval groups to defend this side of the wormhole from any aggression that may be launched from the other side.


SB EPSILON was originally a Husnock science base that was found abandoned in the Uriah system by USS FEYNMAN (Captain Zane, commanding). At the time (2409) SILVER Fleet was in the process of being evicted from its base which was in orbit of the planet Cait. Needing a new home, FEYNMAN was able to have the derelict base transported to a new location and SILVER HQ was quickly established.

While Husnock technology is well beyond that of the Federation the sentient artificial intelligence that served as the base computer destroyed many systems that it feared would be abused by Starfleet leaving a facility that is comparable to other Fleet bases.

In 2411 the base AI decided to leave EPSILON to search out other Husnock AIs. Before departing the base AI upgraded an experimental AI that had been created by Lieutenant Phillip Cooper (ENG, USS VALIANT). The newly expanded BECKY now serves as the sentient base computer.

While the gigantic base could easily house 250,000 sentient beings it has a current population of 38,000. This includes Starfleet and Federation personnel along with their dependents, representatives of various SILVER systems and a large Cardassian contingent which, under treaty obligations, is based out of EPSILON until their own outpost is constructed on the edge of the nearby border. The two fleets are charged with the defense of the wormhole.

Command Structure

  • Commanding Task Force EPSILON: TBD
  • Commanding SB EPSILON: Commodore Horatio Sinclair (NPC)
  • Commanding 2nd Division Marine: Brigadier Kate O'Malley (NPC)
  • Commanding 23rd Marine Fighter Wing: Major Isis (Ice) Tsien (NPC)



  • 26 Type Xa pulse phaser cannons
  • 26 Type Xc 'series' phaser cannons
  • 14 Type III flux torpedo launchers
  • 14 Type XXIII photon torpedo launchers


  • Triple redundant type e class 12+ shields
  • Auxillary type c class 11 shields


  • 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force
  • 23rd Marine Fighter Wing