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The Valhalla is a brand-new unit of a brand-new class of command battlecruiser, the Valhalla class. She is an attempt at balancing size, flexibility, and offensive capabilities. As such, they are smaller and more maneuverable than Solar-class ships, but more multi-mission capable than the leaner Bastion-class vessels. She was designed as a gravitically propelled ship from the original design phases. Still, no one will mistake her for anything but a warship, from her heavy armament down to her advanced fighter launching capability, something other command battlecruisers do not have.

The Valhalla is currently looking for additional crew members. If you are interested in joining Valhalla, please contact Tim Cooke, the commanding officer of Valhalla, for more information. If you are interested in Blue Fleet in general, please contact Jeffrey Jenkins for further information.