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ORIGINS: USS Hood Story Posts
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[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Therapist is "The Rapist" Run Together

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2261.031

Scene: Sickbay, USS HOOD

"I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you," Sean sat muttering.

It had taken an order from the Captain to get him back onto the exam table. His exact words had in fact been "No this is not a joke. Yes mister, march your butt to sickbay and submit to the doctor."

Submit to the doctor? What the hell was he? The XO of the fraking ship or a dominatrix partner?

And now his butt was cold. That was because he hadn't even bothered to tie up the stupid exam gown. Instead, he ground his teeth in dead set determination to not give Stile, and doubtlessly the Captain too, the satisfaction of seeing him squirm before any pretty nurses. There would be no pretentions of modesty today dammit.

It was while he was scratching his left cheek that the perfunctory knock at the exam stall's doorpost came. He took a deep breath and in walked ...

He blinked. "Hello mother."

"Didn't disappoint you I hope," Mother said with a cheery smile.

"I'm in no mood today mother."

"Oh, you got a headache hon? That's okay. We can do it tomorrow night."

Sean rolled his eyes. "I never knew off color was your thing. Just what has Stile cooked up for me this time?"

"Me. As a matter of fact."


"I've been promoted to ship's marriage counselor for a day. Stile thinks something is eating at you and he sent me in to find out what."

"What?" he repeated.

"Stile says you've been a bitch to live with ever since you came back from Outpost 8."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"He even tried to hook you up with Kiska thinking that might help. Tsk Tsk. Talk about a drop dead little hottie. And you gunned by her like a yellow stoplight. Now, I know you aren't gay, so why don't you tell me what is this all about?"

Sean stared blankly. He hadn't realized he had been *that* irritable.

NRPG: To Be Continued.

Repectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick




by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.031

Scene: Spaceport, New Detroit

K’temec sat among the smoking ruin that had once been the New Detroit spaceport. He had not only failed, he had failed spectacularly. His wife sat beside him. He hoped with all his Klingon blood that she would pull out her weapon and kill him. It would be easier then maintaining this life, especially now that her nagging and disappointment would increase. He had known for sometime he would not see Sto’vokor but at this point the horror he would see in the afterlife seemed much more tolerable.

The cursed Starfleeters had robbed him of his prey but not before those soulless automaton’s had swooped in like a plague of hilra and spread chaos everywhere. Even his own countrymen, the Klingons from the Bird of Prey had only help muddy the waters. Once all of that had happened he had not been able to even see the Romulan traitor much less capture him.

He cursed the day he had ever heard the name Sachen. He had become accustomed to his lot in life. It had been miserable but at least he had accepted it. To live these past two weeks with the hope of success and vindication had been a heady dream. He had planned his new future, fantasized about the planets he would visit, the promotions and accolades that would be showered upon him. The respect his wife would be forced to give him.

“Agent K’temec.” A deep voice behind him said. “You are K’Temec?” It asked again when he did not answer.

Slowly he brought himself to his feet and turned to meet the voice. “I am.”

“I am Biltem, I am the new captain of the Klingon warship DAGGER, I have been instructed to return you to the homeworld immediately. Do you have personal items to gather?”

So that was it. Recalled to the Council to answer for his ‘crimes’. He looked over at the soldier. Perhaps this commander would allow him to take his own life first. Probably not, he thought, then he would fail in his mission. “No.” He nodded over to his wife. “We are ready.”

“Good.” He pulled out his communicator to command for the transport of the small party. But before he did he leaned closer to K’Temec. “Fear not brother we go home as heroes.”

“What!” The old Klingon asked in confusion.

“Before my captain died he saw that the Romulan’s had recaptured their traitor. We could not let that happen so we were able to assault the weak Romulans and kill the traitor before they could transport him out. By defeating the Romulans we have struck a major blow. Have we not?” He looked at the Klingon spy expectantly. “That is what I have reported to my commander.”

But that’s not what happened K’Temec wanted to scream. He had seen the Romulan whisked away by Starfleet it was all a lie. Finally he spoke. “I watched your commander die and my heart wanted to burst with pride. I only hope you recounted your own exploits to your superiors. I certainly will make sure they hear of them.”

The two Klingons smiled as the transporter beam took them.


Lets hope the high council doesn’t watch FNN.



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Somewhere a Pimp is Crying

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2261.031

Scene: Sickbay, USS HOOD

"Look, mother," Sean began and suddenly didn't have anything to say. He looked away. "Damn it Stile," he whispered.

And he just sat there for what he guessed must have been a few minutes. Very quietly mother pulled up an rolling stool and sat down.

"I cleared out sickbay. You can talk. I even made sure Stile's little spy cams and microphones are turned off."

He looked up. "I knew it. I knew he'd put a security system in the dirty voyueur."

"We're focusing on you tonight Commander."

He looked away again.

"Survivor's guilt. Crisis of Faith. Living on floating looney bins in space for two years straight. Take your pick."

NRPG: I'll have to pick this up another night. It's back to the grind stone.

Repectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: New Superweapon

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.031

Scene: Infirmary, Romulan Warship

The Romulan commander looked down at the centurion who lay stiffly on the examination table. “He is our only death?”

The surgeon nodded as he stared at the medical scanner on the wall. It was not nearly as sophisticated as what the Federation starship no doubt had. But it didn’t have to be in this case. “Yes, the only death. Many injuries mostly from swords those barbaric Klingons were flaying around with. But fewer then I had expected. It would see our Starfleet friends kept their weapons on stun.”

“As they should, as did we. I surmise their commander understood the absurdity of this mission as I did. The loss of one scientist was not worth the possibility of war. We are lucky neither of us lost our heads. The results could have proven to be disasterous.”

“And what of the Klingon heads?” The surgeon asked, not really paying attention to the commander.

“I had no difficulty ordering my soldiers to kill those dogs. They deserve it and nothing will come of it.” The commander did not add that he knew the two governments were secretly in talks to develop closer ties. The Klingon Navy was going to supply Romulus with what they deemed state-of-the-art battleships and in return Romulus would surrender cloaking technology. It was one of the most short sighted policies he had ever heard of. He was certain the Empire would come to regret it. “I don’t see any large wounds.” He said bringing the discussion back to the present. “What killed him?”

“This.” The surgeon said as he dropped a small piece of metal into the commander’s hand.

“What is it?” The commander frowned. “Some sort of kinetic weapon.”

“That’s my theory.” The surgeon answered. “I’ve been

“Klingons aren’t smart enough. Must be Starfleet. No wave signature to trace. Some sort of knew covert weapon.” He frowned. “That’s all we need another magic trick from Starfleet’s armoury.” He turned and headed for his office already beginning to form his report in his mind.


Not want to post anything ‘up to date’ in answer to the hooks already out there til the JP goes out…not that it is earth shattering or anything just we’ve got several time periods going at once. Thought it best to stick to the past for now ;-)



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Nothing Up My Sleeve - JP

by Andy Catterick and Steve Apple

<A JP from Steve (the good bits) and Andy>

SD: 2261.025

A few Hours Prior to The Events in Andy’s Post “Still Employed.”

~~Scene CMO’s Office~~

Corbett rubbed his face with his left hand then took a long sip from his glass of tequila. Jimenez was stable and would live, for that he was grateful. He had seen many injuries of this type while undergoing his Emergency Medicine Residency on Orion. The fact that most of them could have been avoided if the medics on scene had been a little more aware of what a chest contusion could produce was beside the point. The Ensign would once again be able to put herself into harm’s way at an order’s notice.

Throwing himself into his overstuffed office chair he propped his feet up on the desk and let out a large unheard sigh. He would let Mother know tomorrow morning what an asset nurse Saxman had been. He knew she would appreciate his noticing. Oh she would hem and haw about the fact that he didn’t call her in, but he knew that was only because she loved him and didn’t trust anyone but herself to assist him. Mother was special to him and she knew it. Damn annoying woman, but he couldn’t think about running the medical department without her. He couldn’t count how many times she had threatened to phaser him in his sleep, or how many times she made sure to support him in the many heated senior medical staff meetings.

Looking over to the desks comm. unit he noticed the red blinking light, he had a message. Flicking the toggle he heard the stiff metallic voice of the computer say. [01:52 Captain Jack Steele]

Corbett pressed the hold button and looked over at the chronograph it was 02:12. Pressing the play button he listened while the message continued.

[Doctor just checking in to see how Jimenez is doing] Steele said. [Let me know when you get a chance]

Corbett could hear the weariness in the voice. Things he was sure did not go well with the Admiralty. Standing he grabbed a full bottle of tequila and headed out the door.

~~Captains Quarters~~

Corbett stood in front of the Captain’s quarters and pressed the chime.

“Enter,” echoed from within.

The door slid open and Corbett stepped through into the dimly lit room. “Beware of Texan’s bearing gifts.” He said walking to the Captain’s desk.

“It’s a little late for a house call don’t you think?”Steel asked sarcastically.

“That would depend on you sar.” Corbett said putting the bottle of tequila on the desk with a thud. “I thought you could use some pain medication.”

“I’m just fine doctor. How’s Jimenez.”

“She will live and as for you being fine, well sar, I bet if I examine you I will find bite marks on your ass that acutely resemble the dentition of one Admiral Carstairs.”

Steele couldn’t help but laugh at his Chief Medical Officer. Abruptly he got up from his bunk and took a swig from the doctor’s bottle.

Looking down at the bottle he found he didn’t know what to say. The easy answer, the command answer was that he could take it, or its part of my job. But that wasn’t the real answer and he suspected that Stile would know that it would be a lie. Instead he sighed and took another drink before he passed the bottle back.

“You ever feel like you’re in over your head?”

“Not a day goes by.” Corbett said lifting the bottle in salute.

Jack doubted that. “I’m a good officer and a good commander, but I have to be honest I’m not sure why I was given this command. There are twelve of these magnificent vessels, can you honestly believe that I’m one of the top twelve command officers in Starfleet? I can name any number of officers senior to me, who deserve this more than me.” The fact that many of these officers had been lost to Nero’s attack seemed to have escaped Jack.

“That sar is not entirely true and you damn well know it.”

“Really? Weren’t you around for our last two glorious missions?”

“Ring side seats to be sure.” Corbett said before taking another long pull off the bottle. “However, I’m not so sure anyone could have done better given the circumstances.”

“Really, well I think there are eleven others who would have done it better.” Steele answered as he took the bottle from the doctor.

“I see, so you are the weakest of the glorious twelve.” Corbett remarked. He watched as Steele’s brow furrowed a bit. “So who’s the best, Tracy, or maybe it’s Garrovick, two men in their fifties who have tons of experience to draw from. I wonder if any of their past missions were less than stellar.”

“I think you hit upon the key word, experience. Those men were born to command and me; well I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Did you ever wonder why Tracy was so successful?” Corbett asked.

“Great men do great things.” Steele answered morosely.

“Well that great man has a big ole stick up his ass, it’s written all over his face.” Corbett snorted. “Very uncomfortable makes him surly and quick to action. My diagnostic skills tell me that when he moves he doesn’t feel the stick so much.”

“Yeah well maybe that stick is what makes him so competent.” Steele said laughing.

“Oh yes to be sure. Saving the Federation from Klingon incursion was definitely the doings of an incompetent man. Maintaining ones ethics in the face of an incorporeal menace is surely the mark of ineptitude. Oh and let us not forget robbing an aggressive totalitarian government of their genetic mastermind, truly the doings of a skilless buffoon.”

“It was half a team effort and half dumb luck.” He raised his hand to stop the doctor’s retort. “I’m not saying I was along for the ride Stile, I did my part I know that. It’s just…I don’t know maybe I’m just tired.” Jack crossed his arms and stared back at Stile. He hated feeling like this, he sounded like he was whining. And he knew that for better or worse he was in command and had to act like it. Not that he would ever let his doubts surface in front of the crew. He supposed he shouldn’t be expressing himself like this to the doctor but in the short time they’d served together he’d come to trust the man completely and value his council even more. He was aware he could ask for a transfer but he knew that would never happen. He’d never willingly give up HOOD. Was that because he was being selfish, or he knew deep down that he deserved to be here, that he could not envision anyone else commanding her or leading this crew. He snorted at the thought. “Just arguing with myself.” He said in answer to Stile’s questioning glance.

“Good, you’ll always win that argument.”

Jack took another drink from the bottle and then picked up the tube their new NAV had delivered. He stared at it for a long time and then suddenly tossed it to the doctor. “Here, you should see this.”

Corbett looked over the contents of the tube. The Hood was officially ordered to the Celes and surrounding systems for routine medical check-ups and supply runs to the colonies, mining facilities, and scientific outpost scattered throughout.

“Wow a routine mission, who would have thought it.” Corbett said putting the contents of the tube onto the table. “Now where are the orders for the real mission?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“In Texas we have a saying, ‘You don’t risk your prize show dog on a coon hunt.’ Even as punishment they wouldn’t send a ship like this for such a mundane task.”

“No you’re right.” Steele said quite soberly. “These orders are just cover, the Admiralty feels that our, how did you put it… less than stellar performance will provide enough cover for those who might be prying.”

“Wait don’t say a word, let me guess. The Romulans.” Corbett sarcastically guessed. “Since Celes II is dilithium rich and we are so very close to the DMZ, sorry Neutral Zone.”

“Did you think of that all by yourself Stile?” Steele interrupted then looked over at the bottle; it was three quarters empty. Oh what the hell, he thought as he took another swig. “Celes II isn’t our target.”

“So what is?”

“The Sonata Nebula.”

“Well Jack since I’m almost drunk, how about you save me the trouble of trying to figure this out.”

“What I’m about to say is highly classified.” Steele said then paused for a minute to make sure Corbett understood.

“Yes yes silence and the whole bit. Please continue sar.”

“Star Fleet Intelligence has a listening post in the Celes asteroid belt. Its function as I’m sure you can guess is to keep an ear out for Romulan activity.”

“So what have our boys in black uncovered?” Corbett interrupted.

“A Constitution Class Star Ship has been implicated in raiding several planets in the surrounding system for supplies and people.”


“You heard me right doctor.”

“Who is it?”

“That’s what we’re here to find out. The ships transponder does not match any Star Fleet signature. Yet it has been identified as fitting our design and its crew is for the most part human.”

“So why tell me instead of Sean?”Corbett asked.

“Because of the data collected. The Admiralty thought you might be able to decipher it.”

“Come on Jack what’s really going on?”

“Something no one is willing to discuss in the open Stile. They have a human genetic pattern that they want you to decipher and a ghost starship they want me to go after. It’s insane to be sure, but according to the fleet all 12 Constitution Starships are accounted for and no crew has gone rogue.”

“So what in the hell are we going after?” Corbett asked as he finished the bottle.

“A whisper, a phantom, something from the imagination; who the frak knows. Once we get to Celes a genetic code will be uplinked to you and a warp signature to me. We better figure this out quickly, or our less than stellar past performance will catch up to us. For now I expect you to keep my confidence, as I will be relaying the cover story to the rest of the senior staff, understood.”

“Yes of course, my word on it.”

“Good, pretend to be annoyed at the inconvenience of conducting routine physicals when I bring it up tomorrow at the briefing.”

“Don’t worry I expect my hangover will compensate for any bad acting.” Corbett said standing.

“We’ll talk more after the briefing tomorrow.” Steele answered while maneuvering the doctor to the door.

“Good night then Cap.”

“Thanks Stile, believe it or not I feel much better.”

“That’s the tequila, miracle drug and my personal favorite.”

“You able to get back to your quarters?” Steele asked.

Corbett looked at the Captain and smiled. “Me no, I’m way too drunk to make it. My feet however, know the way by heart.”

“That makes me feel so much better. Try not to let the enlisted men see you like this.”

“Aye sar, I shall be the bastion of sobriety should I meet the lower ranks.”

“Well at least it’s not something they haven’t seen before.”

“Oh ye of little faith.” Corbett said as he stumbled out the door to his own quarters.


The much balleyhooed JP ;-)

Steve: I like it! ;-)



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703



Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD


ASR Origins

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Green dreams

by David Martens

SD: 2261.026

USS HOOD, Personal quearters ARr'Rhiana Hemux.

Time: after Dr Sahen was transfered

Hemux sat on her bed, legs wrapped up under her and the pipe with Denobulan mushrooms clenched between her teeth. A single tear glanced on her cheek as she stared into the void, or better into the Abyss...

The confrontation with the Orion slavetraders had messed her up, the talk with Sahen had confused her even more. The horrors that he promised and that his research held made her spine shiver as if the winds of the Andorian Ice Plains blew over her skin. To be honest, she was a wreck.

A cruel smile came to her as she remember the feeling, the taste of blood as she sank her teeth in that Orion swine his neck. A small bit of revenge, a bite of revenge she thought and giggled silly. She nodded once and took a deep breath from her pipe and smiled, more would follow, one Orion down, a million to go, she grinned wicked...

She blinked her eyes; Corbettt, the man came to her memory... Corbett, could he be trusted? She remembered how he pulled her of the Orion, how he wanted to protect the Orion bastard... ARr'Rhiana her mind was filled with smoke and halicinations, she remember vaguely a dscussion between Corbett and the Orion slavetrader, something about trading her in exchange for the death of the Orion overseer... Yes, Corbett,... she had to keep an eye on him, would he be after her, should she... kill him...just to be safe...? She smiled, an opportunity, yes she needed an opportunity, to test him, to check him, to make sure he was trustworthy... She would find a way, a deep laughter bursted out, she had plans oh yes, precious plans, for now, she was gong to sleep and dream, about Orions and teeth and blood and revenge, sweet, sweet dreams!

<tag anyone>


Hi All,

Just some character development... Steve, watch your back if Hemux is behind you... She has real big teeth!


David Martens

Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Smooth Journey

by David Kiel

SD 2261.035

Cedria stood next to her console her attention fixed to the standing display. A three dimensional map rotated slowly on one of the full length bridge displays. Her eyes traced the course to the first of the patrol destinations. She downloaded the latest long range scans to the display. No gravitic anomalies, nothing she needed to fly around, nothing to optimize, it was all so very disappointing.

She sighed and muttered to herself. "Perhaps Quella will explode." The violent death of a star would at least give her something to fly around. Ten to fifteen million people would die of course. She frowned in hypothetical disappointment. `So perhaps its best if it did not' she thought only slightly ruefully as she sat at her station and began reading duty reports.

She was beginning to develop opinions about her crewmen. They were good, you didn't get to a Constellation class ship by being average. Only one of them was crazy. Third duty shift Ensign, pathological and obsessive, she could see it in the writing. She wondered how he had gotten to the Hood, it would be amusing to try and figure that out.

Soon they would arrive at Celes, and some poor redshirt would beam down and perhaps get attacked by some squid like wriggly alien crawly ick thing. Then she would get to fly the rescue shuttle down cause you cant transport when a ick monster is sucking the blood out of your liver.

Cedria felt sorry for the poor red shirt guy who was soon to suffer such a grisly incident.

She was also glad she wasn't a security officer. She wanted no part in skulking about mining caves on strange new worlds. She was definitely needed on the bridge to plot quick emergency courses around meteor storms. He console beeped, three lights, a small intrastellar piece of flotsam in their path. She rolled the numbers through her head, corrected for drift, alternated the harmonic arc to compensate for the warp effect and carried the 34,217.937.

Tapping the small correction in to send the Hood 10,000 kilometers out of the way of the little whatever it was, Cedria Zade yawned and then returned her attention to the duty reports.


Many hundreds of trillions of miles away, there was a cottage on the shore of a dark Trill lake. A Vulcan sat before the fire, he had had nothing better to do with his time than to gather the wood while the worm worked. He stared at the flames. The flames helped, they helped with the rage. His fingertips pressed together in a meditative kata, one that didn't help much anymore. His eyes reflected with fire, the skin under his scars twitching, occasionally tugging lightly at his tightly drawn frown.

"She was walking towards me. Walking right to the copse." His voice cracked with anger, his words dripped with emotion. His voice alone sent chills up Alden's spine as the Trill poured over federation data packets searching for her name.

"I will find it. It's just a matter of time."

"Twelve must die. Twelve signed and twelve must die." The Vulcan muttered, his voice grating, his body tensed. He was always tensed, the emotions crawled over his skin like an ever shifting disease. They gave him the clarity to see the treachery, they gave him the fire that the wood so poorly reflected from his gaze.

Alden was timid and careful, like most Trill hosts. But for this he risked the Vulcan's presence. Zade had stolen him from him, well her at the time. One hundred and one years ago. A single moment in a timid and careful life, and he had lost his chance at love, at happiness, at bliss. A life of timid darkness had left him with one untempered desire, to see Zade suffer. The amusing vagaries of fortune had set him in the path of the Vulcan. An instrument of violence that the Trill symbiosis commission could have never provided him. Someone who could tread the dark path that Alden lacked the courage to walk. His eyes chanced to spot a line on the display flickering before him, he paused it and took it in, his excitement growing to a mild level but nevertheless one he seldom frequented. He read the details of the intercepted missive to the glowering Vulcan.

The Vulcan's grimace twitched, the corner of his lips rising slightly as the wretched worm found the information he needed. His ancestors screamed in wicked shivering delight in the dark places bared open in his mind. He stood and glared into the fire almost regretting there was no need to gut the Trill before him. The fires brightened in his fevered gaze, his quarry was located. He had agony to deliver, vengeance to release from the chains that only barely contained it. He whispered the name, a name that now echoed in the screams of the ancestors, whispered it to the flames.


NRPG: Now approaching Celes, Captain.

Respectfully submitted;

David Kiel

Lt Cedria Zade,



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Security Shakedown

by Daniel Belin

SD 2261.036

Scene: Cargo Bay One

Shipboard Time: 0600

"At attention!" Belted out Master Chief Cassie Pollack. She had a feeling that DeSimms was angry after the debacle on the planet, and her position as SECXO was in jeopardy. Around her, the 230 people who were the 'redshirts' on board the HOOD snapped nervously into attention. They were whispering, so she guessed that everyone else was as nervous as she was.

DeSimms walked in wearing his security divisional jumpsuit. He looked at the crowd as he walked to the podium set up in front of the security department. Not a whisper could be heard. DeSimms started, "What I saw on Arcturus was unacceptable. What should have taken twenty men took forty men, and ended up in a disaster, both logistically and tactically nonetheless. Understood?"

"Sir!" Yelled the Redshirts.

"I am also tired of hearing these damn Dead Redshirt jokes," said DeSimms. Now was the critical moment in his speech, and he said it bluntly, "And those jokes are based on the fact that on average, Security is the least trained, most inexperienced department in Starfleet."

A murmur rose up among the enlisted. Discontent among some, but also a sense of strained agreement with DeSimms words.

"However, I am not consigning this department to the rubble heap permanently. I am going to begin a major reform of this entire department, effective immediately," DeSimms now looked at the officers, "Security will no longer be divided into squads under the command of officers. One hundred and fifty of you will immediately be assigned to protect sensitive areas on the Hood as well as provide order in the case of a ship wide emergency. Fifty of you will be assigned to logistics and operations planning, as well as the conducting of investigations. Ten more of you will be responsible for working with the engineering division in emergency planning. Five of you will train crew from other departments in proper emergency protocol."

A look of surprise dawned over the department. They were being given menial tasks after all. To quell this, DeSimms very directly said, "Get over it, you'll be promoted out of this job into another department soon. Unless you choose to stay, of course."

Suddenly, a newer crewman in the back yelled, "There are sixteen people left, what about them?"

"Yes. The following people I want to see in Briefing Room Four immediately," said DeSimms. A collective gasp was issued from some of the more inexperienced crewman,who worried their job may be lost. DeSimms did not take notice, "Wilkins. DeBruzzo. Pollock. Lowl. Cafferties. Taber. Manuel. Baer. Mills. S'Theltek. Morton. Del Toro. Scheler. Jefferies. Wilcox. Elmore."

"Dissmissed!" Yelled DeSimms, "The rest of you will recieve your assignments tomorrow."

NRPG: Doing some departmental development. Hope to have another post out soon


Daniel Belin

John DeSimms

SEC Officer



by Andy Catterick

SD: 2260.036

Scene: Briefing Room One

“Thank you all for coming.” Jack said as he took his seat after pouring himself a cup of coffee and grabbing a few sandwiches from the small buffet the stewards had put out. “The good news is that this should be a fairly quick briefing, assuming you’ve all read the mission orders I forwarded along to you.”

“They were a pager turner sar.” Stile quipped

“To recap we are on standard patrol mission of the Celes System.” Jack had been disappointed when he had first seen the mission orders but he found that they were starting to grow on him. It would could to spend a few weeks not having to face death or make decisions that affected the Federation, or would haunt him for the rest of his life. And given the remoteness of the location he was certain the colonists and miners would be happy to see them. “Celes, as you all have read is home to three mining facilites and two colonies. We’ll spend the first two weeks visiting these locations and the final week letting Lieutenant Hemux and her department survey the Sonata Nebula.”

“We’re looking forward to it captain!” The Denobulean beamed.

“I hope you’re looking forward to trying to police your people; there is only so much sensor time they’ll get to use!” Merrick said with a chuckle.

“We’re all scientists I’m sure everyone will cooperate.” The first officer’s chuckle spread around the table.

Jack turned to Gar. “Commander, I know you’ve seen the shopping list the colonists have supplied, I’m also anticipating they’ll be looking to us for minor repairs and equipment upgrades where possible. Any issues?”

Gar shook his head and Jack couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “Engineering teams will be ready to go when we arrive. I’m sure we will be able to take care of any problems they are having.”

“Good.” Jack answered before turning to DeSimms. “One problem the first mining facility is having is periodic house calls from Nausican raiders. Apparently every three months or so a small contingent of heavily armed Nausican’s beam down bully everyone around for a few hours and make off with a weeks worth of dilithium. They’re calling it protection payments. The miners tried to fight back the first few times with predictable results, now they’ve put it down as the Price of Business and they keep a small inventory set aside to ‘donate’ to the Nausicans when they arrive. This should be stopping soon as Starfleet has assigned a couple of destroyers to patrol Celes permanently however they will likely be two months behind us. In the meantime, John, I’d like your department to provide a few advisors to the miners and help them come up with some defensive plans. They don’t have anything in the way of anti-space weapons, nor will we be providing it, they are looking at ground defense tactics etc. They know they aren’t soldiers and don’t want to be, but they’re tired of having their lunch money stolen and they’d like to given the bully a black eye.”

“That could escalate things for the minors.” Sean said.

Jack nodded. “They’ve built a ‘safe room’ in the facilty. Apparenlty it would take days for anyone to breach it.” He turned back to DeSimms. “Check on that. They just want to be able to stand up to the pirates nothing heroic. You know Nausicans they’re tough but not stupid. According to Intel the only reason they’ve been harassing the Celes system is that the Orions moved into the adjacent systems and hammered them. If they know their not getting a free meal ticket in Celes then they’ll move on. And if they don’t get that message the first time they will when the two destroyers show up looking for their hideout.”

“Understood sir.”

Jack turned to Stile. “And finally doctor I imagine your teams will be busy with the required physicals of the miners and the colonists on Yulu Four.” He snapped his fingers. “That reminds me, Yulu Four is a small colony still living out of habitat domes but apparently Lyren Two is quite the Garden of Eden so we will be utilizing it for shore leave. So,” he turned to Gar, “the faster your people are at the mining facilites the more time we’ll have for shore leave.”

“Thanks.” Gar growled.

Jack grinned. “And that is the gist of it. Questions, comments?”


Just a bit of catch up now that I feel somewhat alive again.



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Just Doing My Job

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.038

Scene: Main Briefing Room

As the meeting broke up Jack motioned over to Lieutenant (jg) Steering. “Lieutenant would you mind staying behind for a moment?”

“Yes sir.” She replied as she lowered her self back into her seat.

“I was going over your report detailing HOOD’s time in dock and I wondering why it so incomplete.” Jack sipped his coffee to hide his smile as he watch the normally imperturbable helm officer blink in confusion.

“Sir,… uh, I don’t believe I understand captain.”

“What I’m wondering Mr. Steering is why you have sold yourself so short? According to Commander Compass’ report you took a great many duties upon yourself and in doing so saved myself and particularly Commander Gar no end of headaches.”

“Captain, Commander Compass was in command and I worked to assist him where I could.”

“Yes he was and according to Mr. Compass he did,” Jack picked up the datapadd next to him, “ ‘a piss poor job of it until Lieutenant Steering kicked me in the ass and made me realize what an idiot I was.’ He goes on from there but I think you get the gist.” He set the padd back down. “Comments?”

Kim took a few minutes to consider and found that she had none and too many all at the same time. “Captain I think Mark may have been exaggerating things to an extent and..”

Jack waved her quiet. “Don’t go out of your way to protect him. He is doing ok and I recommended him for the job on DAUNTLESS *after* he came to me with his report. He was very concerned that I was aware of just how good on officer you are and what and asset I have on my staff. In short he kicked me in the ass. You are a good officer Kim and while I knew that I wasn’t really doing anything about it. Its the job of both Commander Merrick and myself to shepard you along. We haven’t been doing that so I want you to know that you are appreciated and it’s our goal to make a good officer great. To that end we will be increasing your command responsibilities if you feel you are up to it?”

Kim beamed. “I am sir!”

“Good. First lesson, loyalty to your fellow officers is both expected and commendable but never at the expense of the ship. You dealt with the problem and that is good, but I need to know about all issues that come up so don’t try to hide or sugar coat things. Understood?”

“I do.”

Jack leaned forward and his command face dropped. “Kim I know it is often hard to find the line between being a good officer and a rat but the line is there.”

“Thank you captain.”

Jack rose from his seat. “Good! Now if I were you I’d take this time to enjoy what ever free time you have. Once Commander Merrick gets a hold of you and starts dropping all his tasks on you I don’t think you’ll know what day of the week it is!”


Just some fluff before we get going with the next mission.

Any more on the briefing before we move on?



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

by Steve Apple

SD: 2261.038

Scene: Outside Main Briefing Room

Corbett exited the conference room with the rest of the senior staff. Rubbing his eyes he could feel the hangover he had managed to keep at bay during the briefing threaten to take over with a mighty force. The coffee had helped, but he was definitely going to need his hangover recipe and soon. He watched as all the other officers except Sean Merrick dispersed and went their separate ways once they reached the corridor. None of them seemed to mind the fact that this mission was mundane and could have easily been carried out by a supply vessel with a corpsman and not a fully staffed Constitution Class heavy cruiser.

“I should have you court marshaled and phasered!” Merrick said turning to Corbett.

“Right now you’d be doing me a favor.” Corbett sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Since my infractions are frequent and severe, which one of them has got you all riled this time.”

“It wasn’t bad enough that you had me quarantined in sickbay, but to tell Lt. Commander Grey that I had a psychosexual issue. Damn it man the woman kept trying to psychoanalyze me for four painful hours.”

“You wouldn’t tell your bartender or your doctor so I had no choice, but to bring in the big guns.”

“I think you derive some sick pleasure from torturing me like that.”

“You are very wrong.”

“So you’re denying it.”

“No not at all; however it’s not just me sar, the Captain has been enjoying this as well.”

“I knew it. You two SOB’s are in for it, just you wait.”

“Sean before you draw up your battle plans I want you to think about this. Both Jack and I are concerned about you. All joking aside over the last several months you’ve had trauma after trauma thrust upon you…”

“So has everyone else.” Merrick interrupted.

“No doubt, but there is something else.”

“What else?”

“The first thing out of your mouth to Mother was Survivor’s guilt.”

“Stile stop right there, who the hell wouldn’t have that after seeing almost their entire command staff and friends butchered by terrorists.”

Corbett took a quick look around to make sure no one else was in earshot. “Sean I don’t think this is the place to discuss it.”

Merrick looked around them as well. “You started this so finish it.”

“Alright then, I think this is about your ex-wife not what happened on Monil IV.”

Merrick let out a frustrated chuckle. “If I didn’t find that ludicrous I’d knock you on your ass right here.”

Corbett sighed as he pushed his hat to the back of his head. “It wouldn’t change anything. I’m just asking you as your friend to think about it.”

“There’s nothing to think about.” Merrick said turning to leave.

“Sean there’s no denying the incredible resemblance between Kiska and Jeri.”

Merrick stopped and turned slowly back to Corbett. “And just how would you know that doctor.”

“Her picture, it’s in your file. As ships doctor I am required to know both your psychological and physical work ups.”

“Frak you Stile.” Merrick shouted then turned and walked away.

Corbett said nothing he just sighed and turned to head back to sickbay when he ran straight into Lt. Steering.

“Sorry doctor.” Steering said backing away, her eyes lowered.

“Always a pleasure to run into you Kim; however now that I’ve done so literally I must say…”

“Doctor,” Steele shouted from the conference room. “Do you mind seeing me for a moment?”

Corbett tipped his hat. “Ah duty calls.”

“Another time then doctor.” Steering smiled as she made her way down the hall.

Corbett entered the conference room and sat down across from the Captain.

“She’s on her way to becoming an outstanding officer and I don’t need you corrupting her Stile.”

“Me. Jack how could you say such as thing.” Corbett said momentarily looking at the Captain with a somber face before he broke into laughter. “Never mind, even I couldn’t keep a straight face after that.”

Steele took a sip of coffee. “Problem with Sean?”

“So I take it you heard our little exchange.”

“Just the last part.” Steel said putting his cup down.

“Things didn’t go well with Mother?”

“Depends on how you look at it.” Corbett said pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“That’s not an answer.”

“I think Mother inadvertently uncovered the root of Sean’s issue.”

Steele lifted an eyebrow. “Go on.”

“Sean is still grieving over the loss of his ex-wife. I think he suppressed it and seeing Kiska opened the flood gates.”

“What’s Saxman have to do with this?”

“She bears a striking resemblance to his ex-wife, you didn’t know that?” Corbett asked in surprise

“No,” Steele answered. “He transferred here almost a year after she died. He never talked about it, or even had any pictures of her in his quarters.”

“In all fairness,” Corbett replied. “I don’t think even Sean knew this was an issue.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“It means Jack that Sean never really dealt with her death and now 2 years later is finally having to come to grips with it.”

Steele nodded almost imperceptibly. “Can he serve as XO?”

“I think so; he’s done a good job so far.” Corbett said taking a sip from his cup. “He knows what the problem is now. Oh he’ll deny it for a bit longer, but eventually he’ll have to come to grips with it. I’ll keep an eye on him and at the first sign of trouble I’ll relieve him.”

“I’ll expect that.” Steele said leaning forward. “Now on to other matters, as we discussed last night you and I have some sleuthing ahead of us. Our first stop is going to be an automated mining facility located in the outskirts of the Celes asteroid belt.”

“Ah yes the intelligence listening outpost.”

“Well at least you weren’t too drunk to remember that. It’s automated, with a one Miss Calvaster as its sole operator.”

Corbett’s ears picked up a bit. “Did you say Miss?”

“Easy there cowboy, even though she’s female she’s still one of the boys in black. You need to keep it in your pants for a change.”

“Sar, I make no promises if she’s hot.”

Steele couldn’t help but smile and shake his head. “You, Gar and I will beam over under the mission pretense of a medical checkup and resupply. Once there she’ll transfer the DNA data for you to review and the warp signature that Gar and I will need to puzzle over.”

“Have you discussed this with him?” Corbett asked.

“No not yet. I think I’ll let him take a crack at this unbiased by any reports that this warp signature might have come from a Constitution Class star ship.”

Corbett nodded his head in understanding. “We have a number of stops to make after that and as the ships head doctor…”

“Let me stop you right there.” Steele said. “Assign your other doctors to the duty of performing physicals to the colonies and other mining facilities. I want your priority being that DNA sample.”

“So I take it no shore leave on Lyren II until I’m done.”

“Depending on what we find, none of us may get shore leave on Lyren II.”

“Ah yes I see, welcome to Star Fleet have a nice day.”

“Well then you should have gotten student loans to pay for Med-school instead of the military, you cheap bastard.”

Corbett had to chuckle at that. “So when are we heading down.”

“We transport out in 3 hours, so I’d take whatever tranquilizers you need now.”

“You know about that huh.”

“Yeah I do, now go away.” Steele said.

“What happened to dismissed?”

“That term is only used for real officers.” Steele said smiling.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Quiet Thoughts

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.038

Scene: Main Briefing Room

Jack watched the doctor leave and tapped the table lightly with his right hand long after the doors had swished closed. “Frak!” He finally said quietly as he got up to refill his coffee cup. When exactly was it going to be fun to command he wondered? Even a ‘milk run’ mission was going to cause him sleepless nights and countless hours of self-recriminations and worry. He looked down at the dark liquid in his cup. He’d probably have to start easing off on his favourite vice. Four cups in an hour coupled with the daily stress of the job was beginning to have his stomach sending out a yellow alert. And there was no way he was going to ask Stile for any medication to relieve the problem.

He sat back down and continued to drum his hands along the table top as he considered the issues of the morning. First off he was worried about Sean both as his executive officer and his friend. He felt a considerable pang of guilt at the way he had helped maneuver Merrick into the situation he had with Kiska. Knowing that it hadn’t been out of malice or that their meeting would have inevitably happened didn’t lessen the remorse he felt. He hoped Stile was correct and Sean would be able to handle the revelation now that it was out in the open. Jack had known Sean long enough to have a pretty good feel of what the man could handle and what he couldn’t and he was pretty sure there’d be some bumpy moments but Sean would come through and likely be stronger for the journey.

Besides, which of these characters could fill in as X/O if Sean had to be relieved from duty? Jack rubbed his chin at that one. Gar was the obvious choice if only from rank and experience. But he needed Gar where he was, not to mention the fact he would be too scared to ask the explosive Andorian. He chuckled as he pictured that scene. Probably the new NAV would be the best option he realized. It would probably throw a few noses out of joint amongst the HOOD veterans but that had its own benefits as well. He shook off the thought confident that it was not a decision he was likely to be faced with.

Next, there was the mission within a mission. A covert mission that even now he was certain he didn’t have all the facts on. He trusted his officers implicitly and the fact that he wasn’t able to fill them in on the possible obstacles that lay ahead rankled him. He valued their advice and would argue to his superiours that the mission could be conducted much more effectively if all of the team had the information they needed. Perhaps this Miss Calvaster would be able to shed more light on the situation

Draining the remains of his cup, and grimacing as his stomach reminded him of the pitfalls of too much coffee. He rose from his seat and headed for the bridge. For the next three hours at least he’d sit in his chair and watch the stars fly by. And enjoy his job while he could.



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703



by Daniel Belin

SD: 2261.038

Scene: Security Office, USS HOOD

DeSimms sat at the desk, thinking. There was no way the Hood being sent this way simply on a house call. There was something much deeper going on, although what was yet to be determined. The Captain was seeming to be ignoring this, or at least hiding it very well. Whatever it was, it seemed to DeSimms that this sector of space was a lot more interesting than anyone would let on. His new second in command, Gene Lowl, was sitting opposite to him. DeSimms wondered if it had been a bad idea to tell Lowl his concerns, but Lowl seemed to have agreed and was taking it very seriously. In front of them lay four data cards and two viewscreens. DeSimms looked to Lowl, "Put the first one in."

"Yessir," said Lowl. Onscreen flashed the maps and history of this space sector. DeSimms scanned the text for several minutes, taking intermittent sips from his coffee. Lowl was absorbed in the text, and after about ten minutes his eyes finally broke from the text.

DeSimms asked, "Analysis, Mr. Lowl?

"The Ceres sector was largely unnoticed until about fifty years ago, when the NCC-120 did a survey of the parsec and saw the Sonata Nebula. The USS Potemkin was then ordered here and did a more detailed scientific survey of the nebula. At this point the Ceres asteroid belt, which orbits the nebula was discovered. The asteroids all had extremely high concentrations of dilithium, latinum, pergium, and deuterium."

"At which point the miners moved in."

"The Orions, who have a large presence in the next sector over set up operations on several asteroids. However, they moved out after the Federation created Starbase 25 a few light years away. At this point, Federation miners moved in and have been operating ever since."

"Possible threats?"

"This space borders a region of space that is...lawless. The Orions, Naussicans and their ilk have been having skirmishes and trade conflicts for years in the surrounding sector. Neither side muscled in on the area, however until a few months ago."


"The presence of Starbase 25 in the area used to scare them until it was relocated and a new mission assigned to the starbase. You see, a few months ago, the Enterprise encountered a Romulan Bird of Prey. Ever since, the Starbase has been focused only on the neutral zone."

"Speaking of that, the neutral zone runs close to the Ceres sector," said DeSimms, nodding.

"Yes. The Romulans are considered a threat, but have never shown any intent-"

"Let me stop you right there, Lowl," said DeSimms, "The Sonata nebula offers a perfect point of entry for the Romulans. This sector is a gold mine, and it seems to me like the gold isn't well protected."

Lowl smiled and simply turned to the computer on the desk, "Computer Tie-In."

tied in

"What is Hoods destination?"

Asteroid 291, Ceres Cluster

"Analysis. What is on Asteroid 291?"

Automated mining machinery.

"Now, Sir. Why would we be going to a automated facility before anything else?" asked Lowl.

"Good job, Ensign," said DeSimms. He stood up and walked out the door, with a feeling of regret. The blackshirts were getting involved. So much for a relaxed mission.

Daniel Belin

John DeSimms



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Relationships

by Daniel Belin

SD 2261.038

Scene: Mess Hall

DeSimms plugged in the card for a egg and bacon sandwich with coffee. The lights flashed in sequence, and out popped a sandwich with the brown liquid that DeSimms thought tasted more like hard water than coffee. He sat down at a seat, and watched a life sciences guy engage in a meaningful conversation with a strikingly beautiful blueshirt. He took a bite out of his sandwich, and savored the cheddar, egg, and meat blending on his tongue.

Although DeSimms did not like to think of himself as a social misfit, his relationships with women always seemed to fall apart. In his life, he had plenty of one night stands and attempted long distance relationships, but it never seemed to work out. It was always hard to maintain love for someone when all he saw around him was death and destruction. Even after he left special forces, he had not even given thought to his personal life since he stepped on the Hood. Frankly, he didn't know how Corbett found time for that sort of thing.

He had tried to strike it off with the new navigator, Cedria. He knew that it would never get off the ground. She was an interesting conversationalist, but she had seen enough in her 600 years that DeSimms wasn't needed or wanted in that menagerie of partners.

The only woman that ever had stayed in a relationship with him for a prolonged time was a charming woman from Starfleet Intelligence. A few years younger than DeSimms, she always seemed to have the answer for his problems. Not to mention, she looked good. The relationship fell apart when DeSimms left the Recon Teams. He was offered a billet with the Blackshirts, but turned it down. Of course she was upset, as it was an opportunity to serve together, but she did not terminate the relationship. They simply could not keep in contact because of her extremely classified set of jobs. DeSimms always remembered Agent Ira Calvaster, and hoped that she remembered him.

DeSimms shook his head. He should stick to more mundane matters, like eating his sandwich.

Daniel Belin

John DeSimms



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: A Date with Miss Blackshirt

by Daniel Belin

One Year Earlier

Scene: The Rooftop Grille, Antares III

“John, get the rib-eye,” said Ira Calvaster, who was taking intermittent sips from a glass of Chateau Picard, “It is simply delicious, and made from real earth cow.”

“I'll be sure to order it” said DeSimms, smiling. He took a sip from a drink he had whenever he was in safe territory, a bourbon on the rocks.

The waiter came over and asked, “Are you ready to order?”

Ira, with her exotic taste in food, ordered an alien meat. The waited turned to DeSimms, who glanced at the menu one more time and said, “I'll have, uh...the rib-eye?”

“Excellent choice sir. May I recommend a wine to go with that?”

“Sure,” said DeSimms, “I'll have whatever you recommend, sir.”

“Thank you.”

Ira looked at DeSimms and asked, “You like wine?”

“Not that white Serbian wine you forced me to drink.”

Ira laughed. She remembered that, and how DeSimms stayed up all night vomiting. That sure shattered the romantic night, “OK, that might have gone a little bad.”

“No crap. It was 300 year old drain cleaner.”

And so the conversation continued for twenty minutes. Then the waiter came back, balancing two plates. The rib-eye was set in front of John, and made his mouth water almost instantly. Ira looked at the rib-eye, “I said it would be good.”

“Sure looks good,” said DeSimms. His hand then quickly moved itself under the table. It came back up with a seven-inch blade Kabar knife, which certainly turned some eyes in his direction. He sliced into the steak, took a small piece and brought it to his mouth. The rib-eye melted on his tongue and the flavors swirled to fill every corner of the oral cavity. The smoke of the fire used to cook it, the meat, and the dry rub mixed in near perfect harmony, tickling his palate and stimulating the senses. DeSimms swallowed and looked to Ira, “Remind me to take your culinary advice.”

“Absolutely,” said Ira. She smiled and asked about his recent work, “Hows it going in Stryker platoon?”

“Classified,” quipped John, before taking another forkful of meat. He swallowed, “More rescue missions. Civilians seem to be getting in trouble than ever nowadays.”

“Not surprising. Youth don't respect the indigenous.”

“So true,” said John, who was taking a drink from the wineglass, “It's funny how they're grateful for their rescue until you turn them over to a constable for violation of the Prime Directive.”

Ira noticed DeSimms plate. The steak was gone. DeSimms used a cloth napkin to clean his knife before sheathing it. Ira asked, “Dessert?”

“Dessert? I'll think I'll get some later. In our room,” DeSimms winked.

Ira raised an eyebrow, “Wait a little longer, Rambo.”

“Sure, Agent Calvaster,” quipped DeSimms.


Daniel Belin

John DeSimms


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Escaped Killer...Rabbits?!

by Daniel Belin

Shipboard Time: 0300

Scene: Security Office

DeSimms was sleeping on his desk. He passed out filing reports on ship battle readiness. A half-finished glass of soda water was spilled on the floor. The halls were nearly empty, with most of the crew catching up on needed rest.

Suddenly a klaxon went off in the office, indicating a security alert. The computer screen lit up with the face of a Lieutenant in sciences blue, <<SECURITY! We have a situation!>>

DeSimms groaned, “Calm down. Whats going on?”

[I am in the zoology department. Some horned Tarsian rabbits has escaped.]

DeSimms raised an eyebrow, “Since when are we keeping a zoo onboard.”

“Its part of cultural exchange, we received one as a-”, the Lieutenant interrupted himself, “That's not important. They are dangerous!”

“Wait.” DeSimms said incredulously, “You want me to go after a killer rabbit?”

“Two,” the Lieutenant became louder, “Very large rabbits with nine inch horns covered in neurotoxin.”

“Oh you have got to be shitting me,” He keyed up medical on the communicator.

“This is DeSimms, we have a situation. Some large rabbits have escaped, they are horned and they are deadly.”

Mother came on the hook and said, loudly, <<Killer Rabbits? Slow down, boy, say again?>>

“No joke mother. Killer rabbits. I'll tie you in to zoology, they can tell you more.”

DeSimms could almost hear Mother shaking her head through the comm unit as she said, <<Understood.>>

DeSimms then keyed up the Captain. It took a few calls to his quarters before he responded with an annoyed, <<What?!>>

“This is DeSimms. We have a situation originating in zoology department. Two-”

Steele quickly interrupted, <<Let me guess, the killer rabbits. I said they were a bad idea, but NO. Lets accept gifts from strangers.>>

“Uh...Yes Sir, advising Security Alert Hotel-9. All crew should report to security zones.”

<<Understood. Go ahead with the alert>> The communication terminated. DeSimms keyed up the bridge.

“This is DeSimms in security. Go to security alert Hotel-Nine. Have Security Squad Saber meet me in Armory.”

After a few seconds of silence, the ship-wide intercom activated. The voice of Lieutenant Steering came on, <<This is the bridge. Go to plan Hotel Nine. All crews report to safety stations. Medical staff report to sickbay. Saber squad- report to armory and await further instructions.>>

The corridors became crowded with people moving hurriedly to their security stations. And before these people could get any sleep, DeSimms would have to chase and find two killer rabbits. Joy.

Submitted with Respect,

Daniel Belin

John DeSimms, SEC


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: It's Just a Little Bunnyrabbit

by David Kiel

SD: 2261.042

[NRPG: Alright, I'll play :) ]

Cedria walked absently through the corridors her eyes tracking the reports on her hand unit. She tapped keys, filed reports, looked over coordinate displays and occasionally looked up to avoid walking through anyone. She was on deck six headed for the commissary or at least that's what she thought.

She had been checking the math on some course alterations from shift three in the turbolift and hadn't actually checked her floor when the doors slid open. So when she turned left and took the second left to the commissary she ended up rather surprised to find herself in access junction seven on deck `she wasn't quite sure.' Still looking over the display, she frowned and then turned to find a wall unit that might know where it was.

From the corner of her eye she caught the flash of the charge even before the snarling hiss of the creature making it. A flash of mottled brown, white and tan, two flashes to be precise. Cedria moved faster than the creature, her legs sprung her lithe form up and over the path of attack. One palm touched the deck between the charging pair as they shot through the area she had just vacated and she landed softly behind them as they scrambled to turn once again in her direction.

Rabbits, mottled tan, brown and white with a pair of green tinged spiked horns. Cedria's eyes widened at the implausibility of their existence and tried to remember something Kyrania knew. The little creatures let out a short stuttering howl of dismay as their quarry backed up a few steps. A lower reverberating call followed as they tensed.

`Tarsian rabbits', she remembered. Brush scavengers, with powerful hind legs and those cute little horns. She smiled thinking back to Kyrania and her propensity to read all sorts of diffuse scientific journal entries that would filter out to Trill. She knelt and looked over at the rabbits some seven meters away, something else was tickling her memory from the hundred year old journal entry. She smiled and made cooing sounds to try and sooth the cat sized vermin.

They shot for her in unison, a hunting pair. Cedria leapt straight up one hand catching the right wall of the corridor, her legs catching the left. She pressed herself to the ceiling as they arced just beneath her, head turning to avoid the sharp tip of one horn.

She had remembered the tickly point of the journal article. Deadly neurotoxins secreted on the horns. Between her hand and legs she was able to hold herself two and a half meters up just above the apex of the creatures jump. The rabbits scrambled to a stop another eight meters back the way they had came and howled at her in little poisonous rabbity rage. One hand pressed hard against the deck wall to keep her pinioned off the floor and out of the little things path, her boots tight against the opposite wall for leverage and as far apart as her skirt would allow. Her free hand still held the comp and she began tapping buttons with her thumb.

A crewman turned the corner, having heard the racket. He looked up in surprise at the Trill girl pressed to the ceiling of the corridor.

"Don't, come any closer." She nodded towards the rabbits.

The crewman was just as surprised to see animals on the Hood as she had been. "What are they."

"Deadly poisonous. Back away and get security." She continued pressing the little buttons with her thumb cycling through her files. The crewmans eyes widened and he backed away carefully. The rabbits tensed, clearly ready to charge again, she wasn't sure which one of them was the target but she put her desperately lame plan into action anyway.

"Security now!" She yelped back at the crewman and held her palm unit at the rabbits and hit play. `Harmonic Requiem 4' blasted from the speakers at the loudest setting she could push. It was one of the angriest and particularly tuneless selections of organized noise Padrek Zade had ever composed. The nasty little bunnies flattened their ears, startled at the violent sound, and instead of charging scampered back a couple steps in confusion. It wouldn't work for long but perhaps someone with a phaser would show up and stun them before they tried another charge and jump.

NRPG: One miniskirted Trill gymnast who needs rescuing! Who's brave enough to face the deadly rabbits in single combat?

Respectfully submitted;

David Kiel

Lt Cedria Zade,



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Rabbit on the Menu

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.042

Scene: Captain's Quarters

Jack dropped back down on his bed and laughed. It was all that he could really do at this point short of waking up his science officer and blasting her. But that was more lack of sleep talking then any real desire to blame the Denobulan. And to be fair it wasn't really her fault. She certainly wasn't the one who insisted they be allowed aboard, it was before her arrival. Just as it was not likely that she had any direct control over the daily machinations of the small zoo they kep abaord for scientific research. But he would check with her in the morning to find out how it happened and more importantly hear how it would never happen again. Then the Science Officer could go off and blast which ever of her department was responsible for the Great Escape.

Rolling back off the bed he decided to get up. He was due to meet Stile and Gar in the transporter room in two hours and he knew he was still keyed up from the alarm calls. By the time he fell back asleep it'd be time to get back up again. Besides their visit to the mining facility and the enigmatic Miss Calvaster would be brief, he could take a nap then. It would be a uneventful day and half before they reached their next destination.

With a sigh he slipped his uniform tunic over his head and then hit the comm button. "Bridge."

[Bridge, Lieutenant Steering.]

"Its good to hear your voice lieutenant, I was worried that a maraudering band of chipmunks had taken control of the bridge."

[Not yet sir. They may be waiting to see how successful their furry friends make out.]

"What is the status on the breakout?"

[No reported causalities and we have the rabbits cornered on J Deck, Section 12. Actually sir it appears the rabbits have Lieutenant Zade cornered.]

Jack laughed at that bit of news. "I think we may have given our new navigator an experience she hasn't yet encountered."

[Yes sir.] Kim answered noncommittally as junior officers were supposed to do. "Security Chief DeSimms and Sabre Squad are enroute to extricate Lieutenant Zade and, uh, secure the rabbits."

Jack just shook his head. "Understood Kim. Assuming we survive the rodent revolution is there anything else going on?"

[All quiet sir. On course for the mining facility, ETA 117 minutes.]

"No sensor contacts, nothing?"

[Just HOOD and a whole bunch of space captain.] Kim confirmed.

"Good. Alright Kim I'll stop bugging you. Steele out."


'poisonous rabbity rage'

Loved that line!


Capt Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC-1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Harvey Is That You

by Steve Apple

SD: 2261.038

Scene: CMO’s Quarters, USS HOOD

Corbett looked in his bathroom mirror for the fifth or sixth time in the last thirty minutes. He used two fingers to pull down the skin under his left eye to see if he could see any changes. There was nothing new to note since the last time he checked, five minutes ago. The damn tranquilizer was not taking effect. He felt nothing and the telling physical signs were absent.

Could he be building a tolerance to them? No, he thought. I’ve only used them a few times. Okay Stile, how many is a few? He asked himself. Outpost 8, that was four times and then once to beam on to the freighter at the start of the Arcturus mission. Tolerance couldn’t come on that quickly, I should be feeling something, anything by now.

Reaching for the hypospray that sat on the sink he lifted the device and adjusted the dosage up. This better do it, he thought. I have a little over two hours to get the full effect over with and the residuals to help me through the transport.

The hiss from the hypospray was barely fading when he felt the drug take over. “Okay that worked,” he said to his reflection as he put the hypospray back onto the sink.

[This is the bridge. Go to plan Hotel Nine. All crews report to safety stations. Medical staff report to sickbay. Saber squad- report to armory and await further instructions.]

“What the hell is plan Hotel Nine?” He asked out loud as he exited the bathroom and grabbed his black cowboy hat.

Grumbling he walked the few feet to his door and pushed the button. He waited the second or two it took for his door to slide open.

“Get back inside they’re right behind me!” A yellow shirted Ensign screamed as he ran past Corbett’s quarters.

“What the hell.” Corbett said with a start as he instinctively jumped back into the doorway.

The tranquilizer was definitely in full effect. Corbett could feel the euphoria rush through him. Stepping back out into the hallway he looked down the corridor and saw nothing. That boy has issues, he thought to himself and started in the direction from which the Ensign had come from.

Corbett got about thirty feet from his quarters when he saw them round the corner. They were rabbits, two of them very large; mottled tan, brown and white, each with a pair of nine inch green tinged spiked horns.

For a moment nothing and no one moved. It was a standoff, almost as if they were sizing each other up, man against rabbit and rabbit against man.

The rabbits broke the spell first; each began thumping one of their back feet against the deck. Slowly Corbett reached into his left boot and found the handle of his colt pistol.

“Go ahead rabbits make your move.” He shouted.

The cadence of the rabbits’ feet reached a fevered pitch until both rabbits jumped and started toward the doctor at a rapid run.

Corbett pulled out his pistol and fired twice.

Fortunately for the rabbits, in his chemically induced state, Corbett’s shots went wide. Unfortunately for Commander Walters, the door to his quarters now had two bullets lodged in it.

The rabbits skidded to a halt ten feet or so from Corbett when they heard the loud retort from his pistol. In an instant they had turned and run in the opposite direction away from him.

“That will teach you to mess with a Texan.” Corbett screamed while shaking his pistol at them. “Come on back you little bastards I still got 4 shots left.”

Corbett watched the rabbits until they rounded the corner and were out of sight then turned and headed back to his quarters.

Stepping through the still open door he headed to his desk and hit the comm. switch. “Corbett to sickbay.”

[Where the hell are you cowboy?]

“That’s what I’m calling about Mother. I don’t think I should report to sickbay. You see I am supposed to beam out in a couple of hours and well you know my issues so I took some Rexlin.”

[“How much did you take.”]

“Enough. At first I thought I was ok, then well I...”

[“What do you mean well I. Spit it boy out what happened.]

“Fine!” Corbett yelled into the comm. “I had a hallucination and shot at two big ole bunny rabbits”

The comm. erupted in laughter for a good solid minute. [“You weren’t hallucinating; those were horned Tarsian rabbits, not only are they poisonous but extremely dangerous as well. You’re damn lucky to be alive. Now get down here in case someone else isn’t as lucky.”]

“I’ll be there shortly.” He said then clicked off the comm.

So I’m not hallucinating after all, well that’s good to know, he thought as he paced his quarters. Suddenly he stopped next to his prized saddle and grabbed the rope hanging from it.

“Those damn rabbits seem to be a nuisance,” He said out loud as he undid the rope and began coiling it again. “And I think this is one nuisance only a Texan would know how to deal with.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Its Wabbit Season

by Steve Apple

SD: 2261.038

Scene: Corridor outside the CMO’s Quarters, USS HOOD

The hunt was on at least as far as Corbett was concerned. Stealthily he made his way down the corridor following the rabbits’ trail. The halls were empty as most of the night crew had made their way to their safety stations. The Captain would later say thank God no one was around to witness the scene of the ship’s Chief Medical Officer walking in a crouched position with a lasso, spouting taunts at the rabbits.

It had been awhile since Corbett had competed in a rodeo, but that didn’t matter to him. He had run down and tied every form of bovine and porcine animal know on earth. These were rabbits and he knew that, but damn it if they weren’t the size of a small suckling.

The trail led him to the turbo lift and ended. Standing he sniffed around and realized that the rabbits had somehow gotten onto the lift. Scratching his chin he wondered where they would be heading.

“In order to catch the rabbit, you must think like the rabbit.” He said to himself.

If I were a rabbit where would I go? Hydroponics maybe, but that was a long shot. The drugs were making it a bit hard to think, but Hydroponics sounded plausible.

[Security to J Deck, Section 12, rabbits sighted]

Corbett smiled, his quarry was in reach. “J Deck.” He said as he entered the lift.

In a moment the lift stopped and the doors opened onto a deserted hallway. Crouching he checked the corridor for any sign that the furry little bastards had been there. They were crafty and he had to give them credit for that. The trail had gone cold. His only recourse was to head toward section 12.

He took the corridor to the left of the turbolift and followed it for a few minutes. He thought he was headed toward section 12, but he wasn’t sure. He could hear a noise getting louder as he continued on his course. It was awful, it might have been music as it was synchronized, but other than that it was just ear piercing noise.

Following the noise he walked another fifty feet and turned a corner when he saw them. Their backs were against the bulkhead and they were pressed tightly together ears in a flattened position.

“Computer end noise.” He said into the wall unit and instantly the noise ceased. 

Twirling his lasso he walked to where his corridor intersected with another. He was twenty feet from the rabbits and was startled to see a woman, a trill, pressed against the ceiling doing a split.

“Stile Corbett at your service Miss.” He said removing his hat and executing a grand bow.

"Are you insane, those things carry a deadly poison on their horns? Just back away and call security now." She said in frustration.

Corbett put his hat back on, his eyes never leaving the rabbits. “My sanity is always in question; however, I’m afraid these rabbits and I have a score to settle.”

“Don’t even thin…” She shouted.

Corbett interrupted her with a shout of “Yee Haw,” as he took off after the rabbits.

The musical composition also known ear piercing noise had confused the rabbits and hurt their sensitive ears. Once it had stopped they were able to shake their heads clear and resume the hunt for the prey they had cornered. Turning back toward the corridor intersection they moved in unison. The rabbits stopped after covering about five feet or so after they recognized Corbett as the man who had attacked them earlier.

Both rabbits turned to run as they saw the screaming man coming toward them. They were fast, but for the one on the right not fast enough. Corbett’s lasso caught the rabbit’s back left foot and it tumbled. Its companion kept running out of sheer fear.

Corbett reeled the rabbit toward him and with skill honed over years of practice had it bound head to toe without getting touched by its horn. Reaching into his med kit he got out the hypospray and sedated the rabbit before dragging it back to where the woman had been hiding.

“You can come down now.” Corbett said as he dropped the rabbit by where the woman was, so she could see it had been subdued. Within a minute he had his rope untied and recoiled. “Have security get this one, it’ll be out for at least three hours. I’m going after its friend.”


I couldn’t resist a drugged up Corbett running around hunting rabbit like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Carl Spackler (Bill Murray in Cadyshak)

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Dead Goldshirt

Daniel Belin

Scene: Junction 5, J Deck

“Lowl, go left!” Yelled DeSimms as he ran right with S'Theltek. The rest of Saber was securing various exits on J-Deck. He ran through the corridors, but the rabbits were evading them. His communicator rang.

[Lowl here. We've discovered a rabbit, unconscious. I am securing it as we speak, but one rabbit remains unaccounted for.]

DeSimms tersely yelled, “Understood!” before deactivating his comm unit. He jumped up, his foot extending towards the corner of the next junction. He hit it and diverted all his inertia into another corridor. Where he was suddenly faced with a angry brown rabbit, who started charging him.

DeSimms wall jumped, grabbed a pipe, and performed a saut de chat. As he landed he spun himself around to face the rapidly fleeing behind of the rabbit. Then he heard a running man behind him, so he jumped up and grabbed the pipes, swinging his legs perpendicular to the torso as to not hit the runner.

A Corbett passed under him, moving fast and low with a lasso. DeSimms thought this guy must be crazy. He dropped to the floor gave chase to both the rabbit and Corbett, running as fast as he could. Fluidly he made a left, planning to get in front of the rabbit. He ran as fast as he could to the next junction, jumping up and hanging from the pipe with his legs again perpendicular to his torso.

This is ridiculous, thought DeSimms. There was no way this was happening. A doctor chasing after a rabbit with a lasso, and DeSimms hanging from a pipe to capture the same rabbit. Fun.

Suddenly a brown blur came around the corridor. DeSimms knew that this would have to be as precise as possible. He inhaled sharply as the rabbit ran under him, and performed a hanging drop, spinning around as he landed. DeSimms raised the phaser and his index finger depressed the 3 and a half pound trigger.

Right as the finger reached the magical 3 and a half pounds, something tugged on DeSimm's leg. It pulled him down, and he landed stomach down on the floor as the phaser shot went wild, hitting a wall a foot above the rabbit. DeSimms looked down and saw some old fashioned woven rope. He looked back and saw an apologetic Corbett.

DeSimms swore. He looked at Corbett and asked, “Do I look like a rabbit?”

“Uh, Sorry.”

Suddenly, a scream permeated the corridors. They ran to it and found an unconscious Ensign Lord of Astrophysics Department. He had a large laceration in his leg.

DeSimms made a quick assessment, “He was gored.”

The doctor replied, “Yes he was.”

DeSimms staunchly said, “That rabbit isn't getting off this Deck, so lets get this guy to sickbay.”

“No. I gotta finish this,” said Corbett.

DeSimms grabbed Corbett's shoulder and spun him to face DeSimms, “No, Soldier! You're the Doctor! We gonna get this guy to sickbay! Return to the rodeo later.”

The Doctor came out of his medicated rush. Some sense filled the void created by the end of his high, “Lets move get this guy out of here!”

“Is he stable to move?”

“I think so. At this point the toxin hasn't kicked in, but he's in shock from the wound," said Corbett. DeSimms took the goldshirt in a fireman's carry and the three of them moved fast to the nearest turbolift.

With Respect,

Daniel Belin

John DeSimms



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: No Fluffy Rabbit Here...

by David Martens

SD: 2261.038

USS HOOD, corridor J deck junction 12.

Time: about the same time Corbett catches the first rabbit

Hemux let out a curse again as she was sneaking up the corridors to the junction where the Tarsian Rabbits had been seen last. As soon as she had heard about those critters being aboard she hadn't liked it at all. Those where not the nice fluffy kind of rabbits, no sir, they where huge, mean ugly and deadly beasts. They easily could outrun a man in a straight long distance run, hey could jump further and higher then any man could, their deadly horns where able to stun and kill an ox and they had nice sharp teeth, big enough to slice straight through a finger as if it was well, a carrot... And now she was here, with a tricorder over her shoulder and a sedation pistol on her hand trying to get a clear shot of that damn rabbit...

ARr'Rhiana was just turning to, Section 12 as she heard a sound of fast jumping feet of a large animal coming closer. *oh shit...* she thought as she saw a rabbit turning the corridor and running toward her place. The rabbit stopped as it saw her *perfect* she thought as she aimed and fired. The arrow hit the beast somewhere in the flurry chest. Hemux counted to ten and then suddenly the rabbit was shaking his head and made an squieking, pitch high sound as it raced towards her.

Hemux cursed again, as she tossed the gun aside and ran for her life. There where no rooms in this corridor and the turbo lift was at least 50 metres away from her, the rabbit would be chewing on her before she even would be able to get inside. There was only one option she turned and ran for a few metres and then jumped up to grab and air roster about 3 metres from the ground. She pulled up her legs and swinged them around a small pipe about 50 cm away from her hands and tried to hang on.

Under her the rabbit had stopped and looked up to where Hemux clamped tight to the wall. It narrowed his eyes and snorted loud and then jumped up high trying to sting Hemux with it's horn. The only thing ARr'Rhiana could do was using her tricorder to slam the horn away each time the rabit tried to pierce her.

While she was hanging there upside down bashing the rabbit away, she could only hope someone soon would find her, before she lost grip or was hit by the animal... This certainly was not the way she wanted to die, being eaten as a carrot by an alien rabbit...

<tag anyone>


Hi All,

big, horned killer rabbits? What's next? Firespitting flying jellyfish? Anyway: HELP!


David Martens

Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Ain't no Bigger Crazy than Texas

by David Martens

SD: 2261.042

The song was working. The pair of venomous herbivores were still backed into a corner. Trill music was generally more melodic but Padrek had gone through a phase inspired by a personal tour he'd done of Orion Ore Processing town saloons. She noticed movement and a man turned the corner behind her.

She recognized the ships doctor immediately. She had read his bio and he was wearing the strange hat shaped like a differential equation. Something from Texas she recalled, whatever Texas was. He turned to a wall unit and said, with a slight slur to his voice, "Computer, end noise."

Cedria rolled her eyes and hit stop on the hand unit she was using to play the music. He removed his hat and executed an awkward sweeping bow, his movements somewhat short of the smooth grandeur she assumed he intended. He was drunk, or drugged. "Fantastic." She muttered under her breath.

"Stile Corbett at your service Miss." He said and began twirling a rope in a practiced but no less bizarre aerobatic performance. Apparently the plan of battle with the rabbits was music and a show.

"Are you insane, those things carry a deadly poison on their horns? Just back away and call security now." She said in frustration.

Corbett put his hat back on, his eyes never leaving the rabbits. "My sanity is always in question; however, I'm afraid these rabbits and I have a score to settle."

"Don't even thin…" She shouted.

Corbett interrupted her with a shout of "Yee Haw," as he took off after the rabbits.

He ran one down and inexplicably managed to catch one leg with his absurd twirling rope. He moved quickly to bind it in an impressive display of loops and completely without managing to die of neurotoxin. She was impressed enough by his display of what she could only assume was blind luck that she completely forgot to drop down from the ceiling of the corridor.

"You can come down now." He said and she let go, dropping to the floor and landing smoothly, her left hand slipping around him to pull the hypo deftly from his kit. There was no way she was letting an intoxicated man trust his insane luck twice. She dialed up the dosage and aimed for his neck. Her hand changed course and smoothly retreated to move behind her head when he turned suddenly to face her.

Cedria pretended to brush back her long auburn hair as she got her first face to face look at the ships doctor. She was struck by the vivid nature of his eyes, they were a bright green, lighter than her own foresty green and slightly luminescent. They were also a bit addled and somewhat euphoric. "Have security get this one, it'll be out for at least three hours. I'm going after its friend." He said and turned and ran after the little monster before she could tranquilize him. She was left standing over the limp rabbit with the doctors hypo.

Cedria looked down at the empty corridor and shrugged, slipping her hand comp into her pocket. "Well, I can say I met him the day he died."

A pair of security officers turned the other corner and she pointed to the bunny at her feet. "Take this one back to zoology or to the brig or wherever you take attack rabbits. I have to sedate a Texan before he gets himself neurotoxified." She turned and sprinted down the corridor after the doctor.

A left , right and two lefts later she heard phaser fire from behind her. Turning in place she ran back in that direction. A couple more turns and she noticed a splattering of red on the deckplate. She slid to a halt beside it, a smeared smattering of blood followed by a small trail heading toward a turbolift. The doctor had clearly been killed here. She frowned at his misfortune, dialed the dosage back down to rabbit level and continued in the direction she assumed the bunny venom thing had run. She heard a scream and the snarl of the beastie and ran in that direction.

A left and a pair of rights later she turned the corner and a beam of phaser fire slashed through the air two inches from her waist. She threw herself to the deck on her back and slid under the beam. A second beam joined it just missing the flash of mottled brown, tan and white that leapt over her fleeing security and a Denobulan armed with a tricorder.. Her arm shot up reflexively snaring it by the chest as it arced overhead. She pressed the hypo to its leg before it had a chance to slash her with its horns. She slid into the wall, bounced off and then laid the creature carefully on its side.

She breathed heavily for a few moments looking up at the light fixtures of corridor B. The big B was printed on the wall next to the big 12 that indicated that she needed to pay a lot more attention to when she got off lifts on this ship.

A red shirted security officer looked down at her suddenly. "Sorry about that, miss. Didn't see you there."

"Quite alright, crewman." She said, sitting up on her elbows. "Take the rabbit to the brig and book it for disorderly behavior. Don't touch the horn thingy's, they sting."

Cedria rubbed her hip which ached a bit from the impact and sat up looked at the wide eyed Denobulan standing nearby. She held out her hand and smiled, "Cedria Zade, I'm the new Navigator, nice to meet you."

NRPG: Heh, I had to rewrite this twice as new posts showed up. I had to cut the scene where she found out the Doctor was still alive and it was someone elses blood, but she does find that out.

Unless they escape the brig and beam to a cloaked ship, the rabbit menace is subdued.

Respectfully submitted;

David Kiel

Lt Cedria Zade,



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: I Want Some Answers!

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.043

Scene: Bridge

Jack spun around in his chair at the sound of the turbolift doors parting and watched as Lieutenants Hemux and DeSimms stepped onto the bridge and down to the command deck.

“The rabbits are back in their pen.” The science officer confirmed.

“Do we know how they escaped?” Jack asked, still fuming over the whole sorry event. It was bad enough they had got out but the fact that they had seriously injured a member of his crew had escalated it immensely. They were all lucky that no one had died because then serious charges would have had to been laid. Not that anyone was going to get off easy.

“No sir. But it appears the cage was not properly secure.” Hemux winced at the obviousness of the statement.

“I want an investigation. I want it to start immediately and I want whoever was responsible to be held accountable. I want it done before we reach our next destination.”

“I am responsible for the department captain any repercussions should be laid on my shoulders.”

“Yes you are lieutenant but unless you were the individual who did not follow proper protocol you are not the person I want to see. But as the department head I expect you to give me the answers as well as your recommendations on how to deal with the person or persons who frakked up. I also want to see a plan on how it will never, ever, happen again.’ He turned to DeSimms. “John you will assist Lieutenant Hemux with the investigation.”

“Questions?” He cocked an eyebrow. There were none. “Dismissed.”

“Captain we’re approaching the mining facility.” Lieutenant Zade announced from the NAV station.

Jack spun back around to face the viewscreen and whistled at the sight. In the middle of the screen was a large asteroid surrounded by dozens of smaller ones that appeared attached by thin flowing threads. “Magnify.” Jack said as he leaned forward in his chair.

As the viewscreen magnified the willowy lines revealed themselves to be small mining drones that were heading to the smaller asteroids, drilling into them and then returning to the large one to deposit there ore. “There must be hundred of them.”

“Two thousand, seven hundred and twenty-two.” Zade confirmed after a glance at her sensor readout.

“Quite the operation.” Jack hit the comm button. “Commander Gar and Dr. Stile, please meet me in Transporter Room One.” He bounded up from his chair excited at the prospect of beaming down. “Commander Merrick you have the conn.”


Dave/Dan: Feel free to RP the investigation or not to…no big deal either way. And if you are RP nothing major, no doors kicked down, rounding people up for questioning or interrogations uner bare light bulbs or anything!  ;-)



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Make Yourself Useful

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.043

Scene: Transporter Room One

“Where’s Stile.” Jack asked Chief Engineer Gar as the two men stood waiting in Transporter Room One while the young rating at the console tried his best to look like he was keeping busy in front oh his department head and the captain.

“Perhaps his patient required his assistance. Besides, wouldn’t one of his junior staff be able to perform a simple physical on one person?” The Andorian asked.

Jack smiled and shook his head. “I checked on the crewman before I came here and he is, or will, be fine. The presence of the chief medical officer is required. And so is the chief engineer.”

Gar simply shrugged.

The doors swished open and they watched as Stile strode in followed by a anti-grav pallet loaded with boxes of supplies.

“Planning on moving in?” Jack asked as he looked over the supplies, mostly fresh food, that Stile had brought along with him. “Or just hoping to make a good impression on *Miss* Calvaster.”

“All I need to make a good impression, sar, is my well known charm and obvious good looks.”

Gar chortled in amusement. “And a pallet full of gifts!”

“Well lets not keep the lady waiting.” Jack said as he hopped up on to the pad.

Seconds later they were in a small transporter room facing a long corridor cut through the rock.

“Need a little exercise captain?” Stile asked.

Jack shook his head. “The minerals in the asteroid make it impossible to transport and deeper then this room. We have to walk the rest of the way to the habitat section.”

“It looks to be almost a kilometer long!”

“One and a half.” Jack corrected.

“Wouldn’t have made more sense then to have moved the control room closer to the front door?”

“You’d think. Apparently the engineers don’t agree with us.”

“I can explain it if you like.” Gar offered in a tone that made it clear it should be completely obvious.

“Please don’t.” Stile answered.

In the end it wasn’t a very long walk and at the end they were rewarded with a beaming Miss Calvaster who appeared to be not a day over 120. Jack leaned close to the doctor. “Is she hot enough for you?”

“Mary Calvaster.” She announced suddenly as she thrust out a hand. “Good to see you. Good to see anyone really!” She added with a laugh.

“You don’t entertain to often ma’am?” Stile asked.

“Not as often as I’d like. You must be the doctor.” She jabbed at him with her cane.

“At your service.”

“Well dig out your beads and voodoo dolls and lets get this over with. Don’t worry I don’t bite.”

“Well how will that be any fun.”

Mary harrumphed in answer and then pointed her cane at Jack and Gar. “No need for you to sit their gawking this isn’t a peep show. Why don’t you make yourself useful and start unloading my supplies. Or where you expecting me to do it.”

“Uh no ma’am. Where would you like them?”

“Storage room is in the back.” She turned back to Stile and pointed at his tricorder. “Do you need me to show you how to use that thing or are you just wasting time on purpose.”

Gar picked up a box from the pallet. “So glad I came.”


Steve...there ya go.



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Tactical Medicine - JP

by Daniel Belin and Steve Apple

SD: 2261.043

1 hour prior to Andy's Post "I Want Some Answers!"

Scene: Sick Bay

The heart monitor was pinging at an extremely slow pace. At least it was not going any slower. The gold-shirted Ensign Palermo was lying unresponsive on the examination table. DeSimms was sitting across the room from him, waiting for something to happen. Mother had already tried to get him to leave, but it did not work. He had been stable for about half an hour, but that could change any minute.

Nothing was happening, as the lab hadn't distilled the antidote yet. Corbett was keeping an eye on the Ensign from his office using a camera. Suddenly, the neural activity meter skyrocketed for a moment then dropped to zero and the heart rate monitor let out a solid tone. A nurse yelled, "He's coding!"

Corbett and Mother dashed in, Mother brandishing a hypospray.

"Load up a 1:10,000 solution of epinephrine and give him 1 mg." Corbett yelled as he took a position on the left side of the bed and began chest compressions.

Mother injected the Ensign and almost immediately the monitor changed from a flat line to a saw toothed pattern. "He's in V-fib." Corbett said calmly. "Mother, charge the biobeds defibrillator to 200 joules."


"Clear." Corbett yelled and a second later pressed the defibrillator button.

"Nothing." Mother said looking at the monitor.

"Charging to 300 joules." Corbett said then yelled. "Clear."

The Ensign's torso rose off the bed with the jolt, but the monitor displayed no change.

"Charging to 360 joules." Corbett said and once again yelled. "Clear."

The Ensign's torso again rose off the bed with the jolt. This time the monitor changed to a slow sinus rhythm.

"He's in bradycardia." Mother said reaching for another hypospray.

"Atropine 0.5 mg now." Corbett said watching the monitor.

Mother hit the Ensign with the hypospray then fitted him with a pulmonary resuscitation unit. "Heart rate 60," She said looking at the monitor he's stabilized again."

"That's not good enough." Corbett yelled, "Where is the goddamn antidote?"

"The lab is having a hard time isolating the exact variant of the neurotoxin." Kiska said from the duty station. "The biochemical probes show it's a Tetrodotoxin derivative. It's attacking the voltage-gated sodium channels, but the TTX-r sodium channels are showing low affinity to the standard antidotes."

"This is fracking unacceptable." Corbett yelled walking over to the computer display. "Send me what the biochemical probes showed."

DeSimms walked across the room to where Corbett stood looking at the computer screen. "I won't pretend to understand anything that was just said, but when I look at this display it reminds me of a tactical map."

Corbett pushed his hat to the back of his head and appraised the security chief for a moment. "Go on."

DeSimms stepped up to the display and pointed his finger at the diagram of the ion gated channels. "I don't know if it means the same in medicine, but to me I see this as a strategic site, like a dam, that has been occupied by hostile forces. This red line here, representing the enemy. I would position men here and here to blow holes in the structure forcing the water to flow and the dam gate to crumble."

Corbett studied what DeSimms had suggested and began mumbling to himself. "The toxin is a competitive inhibitor if I could force the fast voltage-gated sodium channels to accept something with a stronger affinity that would also stimulate them… It could work."

"Mother!" Corbett yelled. "I need you and Kiska now."

"You don't need to yell I'm right behind you." Mother admonished.

"Fine, I need you to get me a DNA synthesis kit now." Corbett said his eyes never leaving the monitor. "Kiska get over to the pharmacy and have them look up the formula for a 20th century drug called isoproterenol tell them it's a beta adrenergic stimulant. They should be able to figure it out."

Not waiting for a reply he turned toward DeSimms. "You may have just saved that boy's life. Now since you like playing hero sit down and pull your jumpsuit off."

"What the hell, I like you and all doc, but…"

"Save it sweetheart." Corbett said interrupting him and pushing him into a chair. "You're a hybrid, Human/ Angelian so you're perfect for what I need."

"And just what is that?" Mother asked on her way in with the DNA kit.

"John here has just volunteered to let me synthesize cardiac cyclic AMP from him."

"I what?" DeSimms asked not sure what the hell Corbett was doing.

"Don't worry it will only hurt for a moment." Corbett said with a grin, which got wider when he saw Kiska run into sickbay holding a hypo.

"I got it." Kiska said.

"Cowboy what the hell are doing?" Mother asked impatiently.

"I'm going to force Palermo's body to open his sodium channels." Corbett explained placing the DNA unit over DeSimms heart. "The toxin shuts down the voltage gates especially the ones to cardiac muscle. We're going to prepare them with isoproterenol. Basically like planting explosive charges. Once the ions start flowing I'm going to inject him with the cyclic AMP I'm harvesting from John and presto the toxin will be knocked from the receptors."

"Will that work?" DeSimms grimaced as Corbett extracted the sample.

"In theory yes." Corbett said handing the kit to Mother. "I need a 100 nano molar solution of 3', 5' -cyclic adenosine monophosphate as soon as you can synthesize it."

Moving over to the bedside where Ensign Palermo lay. Corbett watched the monitor for a moment. "Kiska set the hypo to deliver .06 mgs of Isoproterenol."

Kiska did as instructed, but like everyone except Corbett was unsure it would work. "It's set."

"Good." Corbett said taking the hypo and injecting it directly into the Ensigns heart.

DeSimms held a bandage to his chest and walked back to the Ensigns bed. It had been a minute since Corbett injected him. "There's no change on the monitor."

"It's a damn computer man. It can only relay the rate at which the heart is beating not its strength." Corbett said placing his fingers on the Ensign's wrist. "His pulse is getting stronger. Mother where's that damn solution?"

A few minutes later Mother came in holding a hypo. "It's done; I assumed you didn't want me to compensate for the Lieutenant's Angelian remnants."

"No, it's those remnants that will hopefully force the toxin from the receptors." Corbett said as he injected the Ensign.

All four watched the monitor. Nothing happened for a minute or two when the Ensigns heart rate started to increase.

"72 beats a minute and holding." Mother said smiling. "His pressure is normalized as well."

"Thank god." Corbett whispered in relief. "Start him on an Isoproterenol drip at 2.5 micrograms a min and let's see how he is after an hour."

"What about the Lieutenant?" Mother asked looking at DeSimms holding the bandage to his chest from the DNA extraction.

"Tape a bandage to his chest and give him a lollipop." Corbett said before DeSimms could answer. "Now I've got to get ready to beam out in an hour, so no calls unless Palermo has issues."

With Respect,

Daniel Belin

John DeSimms



by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.046

Scene: Bridge, USS HOOD

“Well Mr. Steering.” Sean said nonchalantly from the command chair. “The landing party isn’t due back for 30 minutes. What shall we do to bide our time?”

It had only been a few hours but Kim had come to develop a new found wariness of the first officer. He had taken on the role of her teacher with gusto and had pelted her with questions, problems and ‘what if’ scenarios during the entire time she had been on the bridge. She wondered if this was the way things were going to continue and if Sean Merrick truly was as evil as he seemed to be. She returned her mind to the problem at hand. She had already ordered a diagnostic on the computer system, a recalibration of the long range sensors and did her best at making the duty roster more efficient which was a bit of a double edged sword as Commander Merrick himself was the one who had set the roster. She felt his eyes on the back of her head and knew he was expecting an answer. “Gunnery practice sir.”

“Feel like blowing up a few wandering asteroids Mr. Steering? That doesn’t seem very hard for HOOD’s firing control.” He shook his head sadly. “Not very sporting at all.”

“I was thinking the crews could fire manually sir.” She added as she pointedly did not look over at Lieutenant Zade who as Navigator was also responsible for weapons efficiency.

“That is an outstanding idea lieutenant! And a brave one to boot. I believe that you have managed to piss off three separate departments in as many hours.” Sean lept from his chair and came to stand next to her console his arms folded. “If I were you I’d sleep with one eye open.” He said with a grin.

“I think you might be right sir.” Kim answered.

“That won’t save you.” Zade added ominously and Kim hoped that the new navigator was joking. She hadn’t been able to get a good read on her partner yet but she didn’t seem to be the vindictive type.

“Well lieutenant time’s a wasting. I’m sure our navigator has provided a course to place us in an optimal firing position. Let’s go make some space dust!”


Just some time killing stuff. Feel free to continue or not.

Harry: That was a really good post!



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover - JP

by Andy Catterick and Steve Apple

SD: 2261.043

Scene: Automated Mining Facility

<<Snip From Andy’s Post “Make Yourself Useful”

“Mary Calvaster.” She announced suddenly as she thrust out a hand. “Good to see you. Good to see anyone really!” She added with a laugh.

“You don’t entertain too often ma’am?” Stile asked.

“Not as often as I’d like. You must be the doctor.” She jabbed at him with her cane.

“At your service.”

“Well dig out your beads and voodoo dolls and let’s get this over with. Don’t worry I don’t bite.”

“Well how will that be any fun.”

Mary harrumphed in answer and then pointed her cane at Jack and Gar. “No need for you to sit their gawking this isn’t a peep show. Why don’t you make yourself useful and start unloading my supplies. Or where you expecting me to do it.”

“Uh no ma’am. Where would you like them?”

“Storage room is in the back.” She turned back to Stile and pointed at his tricorder. “Do you need me to show you how to use that thing or are you just wasting time on purpose.”

Gar picked up a box from the pallet. “So glad I came.”

End Snip>>

Corbett waited until the Captain and Chief Engineer were out of sight before looking up at the old crone and smiling. “Well madam if you would please direct me to a private room where you can disrobe we can complete this physical and be on our way.”

“Trying to sneak a peek at an old woman.” She said smacking his shin with her cane.

“What can I say I have a granny fetish. Also if you ever hit me with your cane again I will forget my Texas manners and strangle you with my voodoo beads, is that clear.”

“You’re a feisty one, big hat, big attitude, overcompensating for some shortcomings are we.”

Corbett pushed his hat to the back of his head and smiled. “I’ll tell you what, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.”

The old woman blushed right up to the roots of her grey white hair. “I’ve read your file doctor and quite frankly you have the morals of an Orion brothel owner as well as his appetites. So I will politely decline.”

“Give it a while; I’m an acquired taste, as I am sure you are as well.”

The old woman looked him up and down for a moment then smiled. “Of that I don’t doubt. Now be a sport and tell me what gave me away.”

“Your make up is flawless, your voice inflection elderly, even your bioaccommodators register the heart rate and rhythm of an old woman; however, your lymphatic system and bone composition register you at about 30 - 35.”

“I’m 29 thank you very much.”

“It’s only a range darling, so no need to take offence. The boys in the lab have a lot to learn if they are going to fool a medical tricorder.”

“I’ll tell them you said that.”

“Please do and make sure to spell my name correctly when you submit your report, it’s Stile with an I not a Y. Now I believe you have a DNA sample for me.”

“This way.” She said walking across the room this time without the use of her cane. Stopping in front of the computer terminal she pulled up the sample.

Corbett looked at the sample for a moment then pushed his hat to the back of his head. “It’s a double helix configuration, but I’ve never seen base pairs line up this way. Its makeup is adenine and guanine paired through a hydrogen bond to thymine and cytosine, so I’d say it’s a human sample.”

“Very good doctor you’re brighter than you look.” She snickered.

“Looks can be very deceiving as you well know.” He replied. “What have your scientists said?”

“They agree with your assessment; however, since they have no way of analyzing the sample they sent for the nearest Starship with a fully equipped medical laboratory.”

“I see.” He said turning to face her. “If you don’t mind my asking how’d you come by this sample?”

“I’d like to know that as well.” Steele said coming back from the storage unit.

“About four days ago the station was hit with an energy dampening field that shut it down completely. As you already know the cover for this facility is an automated mining and refinery station, so that part of the operation uses a standard power supply. However, the intelligence gathering and defensive systems are tied into the core of the asteroid so it’s impossible to disable their power systems without destroying the entire asteroid.”

“Very convenient,” Corbett quipped.

“Go on,” Steele prompted ignoring the doctor.

“Standard Protocol during an assault is for the operator to relocate to a safe room buried about a mile below the rock. If anyone tries to access the safe room the turbo lift’s shaft is rigged to blow, keeping the operator secure until rescue.”

“That explains how you were able to live through the assault and how you captured the warp signature. “ Corbett said. “However, collecting a DNA sample is another matter.”

“So I take it the mining station had visitors?” Steele asked.

“Yes, well trained and well armed ones.”

“Did you get a look at them, were they Starfleet?” Steele asked his brow furrowing a bit.

“No I wish I had, but before they beamed in they sent through a flash bomb that took out the cameras in the main station.”

“No offence miss, but how the hell does that happen?” Corbett asked.

“My only conclusion is that the group who hit this station either knew exactly what it was, or took no chances as to a secondary defensive system being in place.”

“That still does not answer my question about the cameras, or how you got the sample.”

“Is he always this impatient?” She asked looking at Steele.

“Mostly, but he has a point.” Steele answered.

“The cameras automatically switch to a night vision setting when the main power system goes offline. The flash bomb…”

“Never mind I understand.”Corbett said interrupting her, waving his hand.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me.” She shot back sarcastically. “Now stop interrupting so I can finish. Standard protocol states that the agent is to stay in the safe room for 24 hours after the attack has ended before returning to the main station. When I returned I found burn marks representing two phasered bodies, my weapons system destroyed, and my store room looted. The DNA sample doctor was from a dried blood stain on the floor. I assume someone cut themselves while stealing my food.”

“Any pictures of the ship?” Steele asked.

“Only one, the ship managed to stay hidden behind the asteroid field until it warped out. The shot was of the port side of a Constitution Class vessel.”

“And its warp signature?” Steele asked.

“Here,” she said punching it up on the screen. “It doesn’t look to be federation, even though the hull design seems to be. Also look at the generation of the warp field, its barely stable. The ship would be lucky to get warp 2, at best. I’m no engineer, but given the instability of that warp signature along with the fact that they hit a refinery I’d say there dilithium crystals were severely damaged.”

“Mr. Gar.” Steele shouted to the back room. “Take a break and come look at this.”

Gar examined the information for 30 seconds before looking back to Jack. “Captain it might help if I knew what was going on.” He said.

Jack traded a look with Calvaster. “Would you mind taking a look at the supplies back there. We don’t want to leave having missed something.”

“Don’t worry captain with my hearing I’m sure I won’t hear whatever confidences you relay to your engineer. With my memory I can guarantee I won’t remember anything.” She smiled innocently while Jack tried to figure out why Stile thought that was funny.

“Ok.” He began with a sigh. “My orders are very specific that the information I’m going to tell you is not to be revealed to anyone save the doctor. But the mission will have a greater chance of succeeding if you know what we are facing. However while it’s my responsibility if I tell you I can’t guarantee there won’t be repercussions you will have to face.” Gar shook his head as if to say get on with it and Jack talked for another two minutes relaying the information he and Stile had been given. “So what do you think?”

“First I think you need to get Sean in on this.”

“I agree.” Stile said.

Jack nodded. “Now that I’ve seen this I’ve already decided to, but that’s it for now. I’ll be honest I don’t agree with the orders but I’m not ready to stick my head in the noose. As with most missions, if we are successful I’ll be able to get a pass on some transgressions and I can certainly argue that both you and Merrick as my senior officers should have been included in the initial communication. But that’s it. Now.” He gestured to the viewer. “What do you think?”

“It’s not a CONSTITUTION, not one of ours anyway.” He began manipulating the viewer. “Look.” He began pointing. “That angle is off a bit, that curve is too deep, that red is too light and finally he zoomed in on the small insignia on the port engine. I don’t remember Starfleet having two crossed swords intersecting the warp delta insignia.”

Jack rubbed his chin taking it all in and not liking the answer.

“So what are you saying?” Corbett asked.

“I’m saying it isn’t one of ours. Don’t get me wrong its differences are very subtle except for the crossed swords insignia. Without that I doubt anyone, anyone that is but an engineer who’s worked with them would notice the difference.”

“Could it be a Romulan construct?” Steele asked. “Did they somehow get hold of the design diagrams for one of our vessels?”

“Anything’s possible.” Gar said studying the warp signature on the screen. “But if that were the case then the warp signature should be identical to Star Fleet’s and this is definitely not. It doesn’t look to be Romulan either. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say the design was based on the old NX class, albeit much more advanced.”

Corbett frowned at the Andorian. “Then it’s not very much different than ours.”

The Andorian looked at the doctor his antenna twitching in annoyance. “Stick to medicine. Our design is a mixture of Human, and Vulcan technology. This ship’s looks to be just Human. I need to study it more closely and run some simulation tests, but when it comes right down to it, this signature looks like its basic fiber comes from Henry Archer’s design.”

“I don’t like mysteries gentlemen,” Steele said in his official voice. “So transfer the data and find me some answers. The last thing I need is the Mary Celeste here running amok in Federation space. Do I make myself clear.”

“Yes sir.” Both officers said in unison.

“Miss Calvaster, you may rejoin us.” Steele yelled back to the storage room.

A minute later the elderly woman walked back into the main room her cane clicking on the floor as she moved. “I take it everything is good?” She asked.

“I’d say everything is far from good.” Steele said squeezing the bridge of his nose. “However, if you’ll transfer the data tapes to my officers we’ll begin the investigation immediately.”

“What are your men so lazy that they can’t press the button to eject the data sticks for themselves?” She asked her voice shrill and annoyed.

“Charming woman.” Corbett said ejecting the data sticks and handing the one with the warp data to Gar.

“If your supplies are in order Miss Calvaster my men and I need to be going.”

“Yes, yes I checked to make sure you didn’t break anything and it all seems to be fine.”

“All right then. If you need us we’ll be in the area.” Steele said then turned and began walking toward the stations transporter pad.

Gar turned as well to follow the Captain. “You coming doctor?”

“I’ll be there straight away.” Corbett said then turned to Miss Calvaster. “I have to ask, why the costume and the old lady act.”

“I used to play dress up with my twin sister Ira and felt this was a golden opportunity.”

“This was a golden opportunity? Madam I think the isolation has gotten to you.”

“I don’t know, given your reputation doctor, I needed something to keep you at bay.” She said smiling.

Corbett smiled back at her then turned his head slightly to see the Captain and Chief Engineer standing at the door waiting for him. “Ah my reputation, I’ll let you in on a little secret,” he whispered. “The truth is much more interesting. Now since you like acting so much how about a show for my crewmates?”

Bending slightly he lifted her into his arms and kissed her. At first her cane came up as if to hit him then she encircled his neck with her arms and kissed him back.

“I think we can call you healthy.” Corbett said putting her down and adjusting his hat. Slowly he made his way over to his companions the look of surprise evident on their faces.

“That’s just not right.” Steele said shaking his head.

“Trust me Captain, beneath that exterior lies the passion of a 29 year old. Now let us be off.” With that Corbett headed out the door and to the transporter pad.

Respectfully Submitted,


CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC-1703



Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Surprise Attack

by Daniel Belin

SD: 2261.043

NRPG: Parallel to Steve's Post "Don't Judge a Book By It's cover."

Scene: Bridge

“O.K, Cedria, focus all the sensors and targeting beams on this one,” said Merrick, who was genuinely having fun, “Prepare to fire.”

“Yes, sir!” exclaimed Cedria, who gestured to Steering.

As a well oiled machine, the two swiveled the Hood around to face some asteroids. Cedria, rather unnecessarily said, “Targeting systems enagaged. We have a lock, Sir.”

“O.K, try to hit it so I can beam in a souvenir.”


“Begin firing.”

Scene: DeSimms Quarters

DeSimms both loathed and enjoyed the fact that his quarters were under the phaser room. He found the hum of the conduits soothing, but when they were running tests up there it was the worst cacophony of noise possible. Also, when the phasers fired, it was a pretty loud noise, although usually John wouldn't be in his quarters during phaser fire.

Suddenly, several things in DeSimm's room started to vibrate violently. As if a ship was coming out of warp at extreme range to the Hood. The Hoods phasers fired to hit the asteroid, DeSimms smiled. It was just an anomaly in the phaser, he thought.

Suddenly, his thoughts about the vibration were interrupted by phaser fire. Not the loud graceful pulse fire of the HOOD, but the discordant sounds of an pre-phased energy weapon. Like the old Pulse Cannons or Lasers. Suddenly, the energy weapon impacted. With shields up it wouldn't have done diddly squat, but with the shields down the beams impacted the HOOD like a sledgehammer.

DeSimms was thrown across the room as the Alert Lights went off. He smelled the tang of silicon and phaser coolant. It was a direct hit to the dorsal phaser array. DeSimms bolted out the hall and towards the bridge.

Scene: Bridge

Merrick and Zade just slipped back into their chairs after that impact. Merrick gestured to everyone else for them to get back to their stations. He yelled tersely, “The hell?!”

Zade responded, “No clue. We didn't get a reading before it slipped into warp.”

“Damage Report?” Barked Merrick, looking to Chief Jefferson, who was manning communications.

“Transporter Room, minor hit. Will require minor repairs. Shield Array One, direct hit. It's out of operation. All dorsal phaser banks require major repair. Also, all turbolifts are out for the count. I am estimating 4 hours to get back up to 50% of normal battle readiness, sir.”

“Understood. What hit us?”

DeSimms surprised everyone as he crawled out from the hatch, “I have an analysis, sir!”

“Go ahead, Lieutenant.”

“Whatever it was, it was only capable of low-warp speeds. It came out of about Warp Two close to the hull. The weapons it was using were of the old system that utilized Pulsed Lasing-”

“You mean, like on the old Earth-Fleet ships,” interrupted Cedria.

“Exacto,” exclaimed DeSimms, “It was similar to the directed energy weapons on the NX-class, from what I could hear. My analysis is that the Nausicans have somehow stolen old NX weapons systems from a Graveyard and reactivated them.”

Cedria said, “The speed was also similar to the cruise speed of an NX.”

“Which is now the cruise speed of a Nausican frigate according to SFIA reports.”

Merrick said, “So you think it's the Nausicans.”

“Yep. I guess they modeled their weapons and propulsion around the NX.”

“O.K. When Gar comes back onboard he can analyze the energy residue on the hit areas. Hopefully that will shed some light on the incident.”

“Speaking of that,” Interrupted Jefferson, “The DAMCON Teams need about 15 minutes to repair the transporters. Should I raise the away team?”

“Yes,” said Merrick. The familiar voice of Steele came on the line.

<<Ready for beam-up.?>>

“ sir. We got caught with our pants down,” said Merrick, “We got our asses handed to us. Transporters need about 15 minutes to repair. I'll have Jefferson send down a data package with the Damage Report.”

Merrick signaled Jefferson. She hit several keys, and the packet of data was transferred. The bridge could hear the sigh of Steele clearly through the comm. Line.


“DeSimms has an analysis. It is quite interesting.”

<<Lets hear it John.>>

“From what I can tell, Nausicans have stolen energy weapons and propulsion systems from decommissioned NX starships. Added them to their freighters to turn them into frigates.”

Everyone could almost hear the three men on the surface nodding. Finally, Steele responded, <<Keep all systems that are working on full alert. We can't talk about it on the air, but we don't think its the Nausicans, and you are damned lucky they only used the lasers.>>

Everyone was very worried now.


Respectfully Submitted

Daniel Belin

Lt. John DeSimms



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Leave No Quarter for Pirates

by Andy Catterick


Scene: Inside the Asteroid

<snip from Dan’s post.>

<<Ready for beam-up.?>>

“ sir. We got caught with our pants down,” said Merrick, “We got our asses handed to us. Transporters need about 15 minutes to repair. I'll have Jefferson send down a data package with the Damage Report.”

Merrick signaled Jefferson. She hit several keys, and the packet of data was transferred. The bridge could hear the sigh of Steele clearly through the comm. Line.


“DeSimms has an analysis. It is quite interesting.”

<<Lets hear it John.>>

“From what I can tell, Nausicans have stolen energy weapons and propulsion systems from decommissioned NX starships. Added them to their freighters to turn them into frigates.”

Everyone could almost hear the three men on the surface nodding. Finally, Steele responded, <<Keep all systems that are working on full alert. We can't talk about it on the air, but we don't think its the Nausicans, and you are damned lucky they only used the lasers.>>

Everyone was very worried now.


Jack looked back at Gar and Stile. “What do you think?”

“I think whoever it was they were damn lucky that the HOOD was in the middle of the asteroid belt so we couldn’t get a sensor lock on

them as they warped in.” Gar mused darkly wishing untold amounts of evil on anyone who inflicted damage on his ship.

“Or they had some sort of cloak?” Stile offered. “But then again if they could afford to pay for a stolen cloaking device you’d

expect they’d have more to shoot with then lasers. Maybe it was Nausicans.”

“Well we won’t get any answers sitting down here.” Jack growled just as determined as Gar to throttle whoever it was who took a shot

at his ship. He flipped his communicator back open. “Sean whats the status on the transporters?”

[Still looking at minimum 15 minutes captain.]

“What do sensors have?”

[Three ships making a run for it at slow warp. Two ahead of our attacker who is trying to catch up. Nothing else in system.] The

last statement came with the sting of embarrassment. Sean had let a ship get in close enough to attack the undshielded HOOD. They

were lucky the damage had been minor.

“Send down a shuttle. The second we’re back aboard get us underway after those pirates.”

Ten minutes later Jack, Gar and Stile strode onto the bridge. Jack dropped into his chair, Gar took the engineering console and Stile

sat at the extra science station. Jack couldn’t quite remember if the doctor had been on the bridge before.


“We’re three minutes to intercept on the one that hit us. I’ve ordered her to stand to and prepare to be boarded but there’s been no

reply. The other two are a minute ahead.”

Jack looked over at Yoshi who shook her head. She had continued to hail the fleeing ship and there had still been no response.

“Status change!” Lieutenant Zade suddenly announced and all eyes snapped to the tactical display where the two lead ships had suddenly

reversed course and were now heading directly back at HOOD.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Jack said more to himself as he picked up the coffee cup that Yeoman Greene had placed on his arm rest.

“Confirm specs on those two ships.”

Zade peered into her tactical computer. “From mass and configuration I’d say they were comparable to a second generation corvette.

Light shielding, lighter armour and lowgrade weapons. Not a threat.” She concluded.

Jack looked over at his comm officer. “Open a channel. This is Captain Steele of the Federation Starship HOOD. You are ordered to

power down your engines and prepare to be boarded. You have fired upon a Starfleet vessel and I am informing you that failure to

comply will be met with deadly force. This is your only warning.”

“They’re picking up speed and channeling all other power to weapons and their fore shields.” Zade reported as she continued to stare

intently into her computer.

“Lieutenant if they haven’t cut their engines you are to fire once they are within 200,000km.”

“Aye sir.”

Jack found that he was hoping the Nauscians would not break off. He didn’t really care either way about Nauscians but he did have a

hatred for pirates. He had seen enough atrocities as a junior officer that he had no doubt that one less pirate in the galaxy was a

good thing. Two ships full of them would be a blessing.


Hi guys got to stop this here as I am heading home. If no one else does I’ll pick it up in the am…but if you do could you please leave

the third, bigger one for me I have a cunning plan.



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Looking for Answers

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.047

Scene: Bridge, USS HOOD


“They’re picking up speed and channeling all other power to weapons and their fore shields.” Zade reported as she continued to stare intently into her computer.

“Lieutenant if they haven’t cut their engines you are to fire once they are within 200,000km.”

“Aye sir.”

Jack found that he was hoping the Nauscians would not break off. He didn’t really care either way about Nauscians but he did have a hatred for pirates. He had seen enough atrocities as a junior officer that he had no doubt that one less pirate in the galaxy was a good thing. Two ships full of them would be a blessing.


“Firing.” Zade suddenly said in a voice that was eerily calm amongst the tension on the bridge. All eyes watched as the ventral phasers scored direct hits on both corvettes. Barely a second later a torpedo spread leapt away. If the two ships had been farther apart one might have survived this first attack but neither was so lucky. Both ships went up in a brilliant flash that HOOD raced through.

“Good shooting lieutenant.” Jack commended calmly, as he forced down the jubilation he felt. His greatest desire was to leap from his chair and cheer. He knew it would of course be completely unprofessional but is hard to fill anything but satisfaction. Instead he turned to his comm officer. “Ensign open a channel.”

“Channel open.” Hoshi confirmed.

“This is the Federation Starship HOOD. You are ordered to power down your engines and prepare to be boarded. Failure to comply will be met with deadly force. This is your only warning.”

“Target is increasing speed. Estimate weapons range in 37 seconds.” The seconds ticked by as the bridge crew watched the distance shrink on the tactical display. Finally Lieutenant Zade broke the silence. “Coming up to weapons range.”

“Hold your fire.” Jack ordered as he leaned forward in his chair.

“Range now 175,000 kilometres, 150, 000 kilometers, 125,000 kilometers.”

“Lieutenant can you fire a few shots that will scorch her paint?”

“Yes sir.”


“Captain we are being hailed.”

“On screen.”

“What gives you the right to destroy my ships and threaten this vessel human!” The Nauscian demanded.

“Your ships fired on a Starfleet vessel and were under suspicion of engaging in piracy. They were ordered to heave to and be boarded and were warned of the consequences. They failed to take my warning seriously. You have ten seconds to cut your engines and drop your shields. I trust you understand the consequences?”

“Your ship fired first human and I will see that you will answer for your crimes. I will drop my shields and surrender. I have no choice.”

“You will not attempt to destroy your cargo or damage your navigation computers. Failure to comply with these orders will be summarily dealt with.” Jack warned. HOOD out.”

Jack looked over to Hemux. “How many aboard?”

“Nine Nausicans, three Orions and a Tellerite.”

“Bridge to security.”

“Security. DeSimms.”

“John I’m going to beam the crew of the frigate over onto our cargo deck. They don’t know they’re coming and I imagine they won’t be very happy.”

“We’re on our way.”

Jack looked over to Sean. “Commander you and Lieutenant Zade will take a security and engineering detachment over to the ship and secure it. Strip it down I want to know what they’re carrying, where they’ve been and what they’ve seen.”


“Security is in place.” Hoshi confirmed.

“Bridge to transporter room, energize.”



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Stella's Revenge

by Daniel Belin

SD 2261.048

Scene: Transporter Room

Time: Slightly After the Post “Looking for answers”

“DeSimms to cargo bay,” said DeSimms into the intercom in the transporter room, “Confirm you've received the prisoners.”

A crackly voice responded over the intercom, <<Uh..yes sir.>>

DeSimms closed the channel as Zade and Merrick walked in with a contingent of engineers and scientists. Zade already had her tricorder out, and everyone else seemed to be impatient to get on that ship.

DeSimms looked at the group of people and said, “We'll beam in two groups. First group will clear the ship and make sure there are no surprises. Then we will signal all of you engineers to beam onboard as well.”

Everyone nodded. DeSimms stepped onto the pad and all the Security men raised their carbines. DeSimms said tersely, “Energize!”

As soon as the security team beamed aboard, they moved extremely fast. They spilt into two groups. One cleared the cabin and cargo bay, while the other cleared the bridge. For all the yelling and gesticulating of the men, it was underwhelming. The ship was safe for the engineers to beam up. DeSimms opened his communicator, “DeSimms to Hood. Beam em' down!”

DeSimms was waiting in the transporter room as the detail beamed aboard. The engineers started dissecting the transporter room. Cedria and Merrick were engaged in supervision, but DeSimms pulled them aside.

“My security men found something. You better see it.”

“What is it” asked Merrick. Cedria raised her eyebrow.

“They also have recently sustained pre-phased energy weapons hits. They certainly weren't Starfleet issue, but their energy signatures matched what hit us. Also, it seems like some sort of blanket system failure took place on the bridge.”

Cedria looked at him, “You know how to analyze energy signatures?”

“As much as I look the part, I am not a knuckle dragger. I have a degree, like everyone else in Starfleet. Mine happens to be in Energy Systems Engineering.”

Cedria nodded in understanding, “Sorry. Didn't mean to insult you.”

DeSimms shrugged, and took them to the bridge, “You see, all the library computer systems and targeting systems just failed. As if an EMP went off in Auxiliary Control. However, I think we can salvage video sensors.”

Cedria went over to the station and shoved DeSimms aside with surprising strength. She started pressing buttons, and then stepped away. She pressed a final button and relayed the picture to the viewing screen. She pressed play.

On the screen, an amazing image came up. A starship similar to a Constitution class starship appeared on the screen. The name on the saucer read USS CONSTELLATION, however the serial number was missing. Merrick exclaimed, “Veld's ship?!”

“No sir,” said DeSimms, “It is an evolution of the NX class that looks very similar to the Constitution Class. From what I can see, it's kept the dorsal laser cannons but replaced the ventral weapons system with some sort of emitter. May be a weapon. The saucer section also is changed.”

DeSimms gave Merrick his communicator, and Merrick called up, “You wont believe what we found. No wonder the Nausicans are pissed.”

DeSimms interjected, “The a modified replica of the USS Constellation is on the prowl for Nausicans. And us. From what I can tell, its based on the old NX, but with several advancements. For the most part however, it's just the Connie.”

Cedria shook her head, “So the Connie is up to no good. At least, this Connie.”

Steele said, <<Bring the tapes up to us. And meet me in the conference room, full meeting. I have to explain the entire situation.>>

Gar then interjected, <<The Connie! I knew that garbage scowl wasn't up to the Hoods specs! Lasers...really!?>>

Before the communicator went off, DeSimms could hear Steele scolding Gar, “Remember, it's just the doppelganger. Have respect for our twelve brothers.”

The group could almost hear Gar's sneer from where they were standing.

With Respect,

Daniel Belin

SEC Officer



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Ship Boarding

by David Kiel

SD 2261.048

Scene: Nausican Flagship

Cedria paced along the metal deckplates of the Nausican flagship, such as it was. Her boots making clickity-clank sounds as she walked from console to console. There was a sidearm on her hip and it made her nervous. Fortunately the Nausicans were trussed up with the Orions and sequestered on Hood. And there were plenty of security officers to shoot whatever might remain.

She listened to the conversation about the rogue Constitution and its somewhat substandard configuration. It was hard to imagine that Starfleet had misplaced a Constitution class hull, and harder to imagine that someone else would have gone to the trouble of recreating the design independently. And still stranger that they would have been able to do so without anyone noticing.

Cedria moved from console to console downloading bits and baubles of what passed for a manifest on a Nausican vessel, her boots still echoing along the deck. There was distinctly something missing, something she should have already noticed. She paused as the speculation about the counterfeit Constitution continued. Her eyes roamed the display panels of the Nausican ship. A lot of hasty and unrefined rewiring had been done to cross patch the systems back together following the pulse weapon.

"Pirate ship." Cedria muttered to herself quietly, deep green eyes scanning the support beams, tracing the interior curve of the hull against what she remembered from the scans aboard the bridge when she was peeling pain with Hood's phasers. Her boot tapped the deckplate and she looked down, spotting the very thing that had been bothering her. A small hole in one of the meter square plates.

Turning quickly and brushing a lock of auburn hair from her eyes she spotted the tool, leaning against what passed for an EM Suite console almost obscured by the patch paneling and jury rigged wiring. She clickety-clanked over and grabbed the four foot metal pole and walked over to the hole. She fitted the end into the deckplate and gave it a turn. It snapped into place loudly, enough that Merrick and DeSimms halted their conversation and walked over to where she was. She pulled hard at the pole and groaned as it rose an inch and then pulled her back with it as it closed again.

Cedria smiled at the two officers. "Do you mind giving this a pull?"

With no small effort they raised a very heavy trapdoor and grabbing a small lamp from her belt Cedria peered down in disappointment. DeSimms and Gar stepped around the now raised plate and looked down as well. "What is it?" The security officer asked.

"Smugglers hold. Mostly empty." Zade dropped three meters to the floor of the small hold and turned in a circle shining her light in each direction looking for stray Nausicans. Merrick joined her, phaser in hand as they searched the hundred twenty cubic meters of darkness. They found one bolt of Tholian silk, a broken disruptor rifle and a half dozen used hoverpallets. And one dusty but well crafted two foot by three metal box.

Cedria knelt by the box and ran the tricorder over it. The material was opaque to the scanner. A second scan of the locking mechanism and she was tapping in a twelve digit hexadecimal code in Nausican. With a chirping beep the lid of the popped open. Gar lifted the lid and Zade directed her lamp at a couple hundred glittering clear crystalline stones. She ran the tricorder over the contents.


"Better." Cedria smiled looking at the display. "Dilithium."

Cedria Zade looked around the empty chamber. "Whatever else they might have been doing, it looks like our Nausican friends just got paid. And they got paid very, very well."

NRPG: Damn Daniel's fast, picking up all my tagses.

Respectfully submitted;

David Kiel

Lt Cedria Zade,



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Theories and Realities

by Steve Apple

SD: 2261.047

Scene: Medical Laboratory

Corbett sat in front of the lab’s computer terminal looking at the DNA sample he got from Mary Calvaster. It was human, of that he was pretty sure.


[Working] said the metallic voice.

“Separate sample 101654 with DNA helicase and cascade individual strands on screen.”

[Operation complete,] the computer spit back after a few minutes.

The screen lit up with two separated strands from the sample. Corbett looked at the strands and was even more puzzled. The strands looked normal. Well almost normal on second thought. There were some changes in the coding on several segments, but that wasn’t the main puzzle. The paring was wrong, but how he couldn’t quite get a feeling for.

“Computer introduce DNA polymerase to strand A and display.” He said rubbing his eyes.

[Operation complete,] it said and the screen lit up with the new sample.

Corbett studied the strand with disgust. “Can’t trust a damned machine.” He mumbled. “Computer this strand is garbage. Aren’t you programmed for DNA replication?”

[Affirmative, DNA polymerase activity of replication for new strand in 5’ – 3’ direction was successful.]

“If it was I’d now be looking a replica of sample 101654 right now instead of this mishmash. Run analysis again.”

[Affirmative,] the computer said and again displayed the same image as before.

“Stop playing games, you infernal bucket of bolts.” Corbett yelled. “This is the same sample as before.”

[Negative this sample was derived after second successful replication.]

Corbett stood up and paced the room for a minute wondering what the hell was going on. The sample according to the computer was replicated correctly. There had to be something he was missing. Think Stile he said to himself, what about this paring is strange. “Computer.”


“Display sample 101654 as theoretical model. Reverse strand A from 3’-5’ direction to 5’-3’ direction and strand B from 5’-3’ to 3’-5’ direction then combine and display on screen.”

Corbett looked at the DNA model the computer displayed on the screen and was shocked. The sample looked normal, exactly like he would have expected it to look,

“Computer enlarge model to display nucleotides and sequence of bases”

[Working,] it said and enlarged the nucleotides on screen so Corbett could see how the base sequences were coded.

The amino acids these bases coded for were mixed. There were substitutions that suggested to Corbett that the sample was not fully human, but had some other closely related species. “Computer correlate DNA theoretical model with database of DNA samples from know species.”

[Working,] the computer said then a moment later answered. [DNA theoretical model contains elements of Human and Angelian genetic material]

Corbett pushed his hat to the back of his head while he pondered what the computer had reported. “Computer run analysis on DNA sample obtained from Lieutenant DeSimms earlier this morning and match to theoretical model.”

[Working,] it said then almost immediately came back with. [Sample is identical to theoretical model.]

“Are you certain.” He asked.

[Sample and theoretical model match up with a statistical certainty of 97.38%] The computer replied.

Corbett nodded to the computer then hit the comm. button. “Sickbay to Captain Steele.”

[Steele here, what is it doctor?]

“I needed to see you immediately sar.” Corbett said his drawl thickening in his excitement.

[As you might know I’m in the middle of something.]

“Precisely why you need to see me now. I’ll be in my office” Corbett said.

[Alright doctor I’m on my way. Steele out.]

Scene: CMO’s Office

“Alright what’s so damn important that you pulled me down here? I know you understand what’s going on over at that Nausicaan ship.”

“I do indeed.” Corbett said turning his desk’s view screen so the Captain could see it. “I’ve isolated that DNA sample and have found a match for it.”

“What exactly does that mean you found a match for it?” Steele asked looking at the double helix revolving on the screen.

“It means I know who it belongs to.” Corbett said. “And what I found, based on what we’ve seen so far has me chilled to my marrow. It’s something out of a science fiction story”

“Damn it Stile I don’t have time for you to be theatric.”

“Far from it Jack. If my results are correct we’ve got more of a problem than someone flying around in a mock up of a Constitution class Starship.”

“It’s been identified as the Connie.” Steele said. “Now who does that DNA sample belong to?”

“A Lieutenant DeSimms.” Corbett said leaning forward in his chair. “I’ve double checked the sample, so before you ask there’s no mistake.”

“How the hell is that possible, John was with us on Arcturus. He was nowhere near this quadrant of space four days ago.”

“I said a John DeSimms. That sample wasn’t from our Security Chief.”

“Start making some sense doctor.” Steele said knowing deep down that what Stile was saying was true.

“Look you were the Science Officer before Hemux, so I shouldn’t have to dummy this down. I told you that DNA sample looked strange and that I had never seen base pairings line up that way before. Well the reason for that was because the direction of the strands where reversed. When I compensated for that and ran it through the computer I got a helix I understood. I saw that it wasn’t fully human and had some Angelian elements to it so I ran it against a sample I took from John earlier. The match was identical.”

“So what you are saying?” Steele said. “Is that I’ve got a clone of my security chief running around in a knock off Starship raiding mining facilities.”

“No not a clone, something else. A clone would be genetically identical to DeSimms. This, whatever it is is like a mirror image of him.”

Steele shook his head wondering if this could be real. “You’re not trying to say that that sample came from a DeSimms from another universe are you.”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. Scientists for centuries have been talking about multiple universes coexisting. What if somehow one crossed over.”

“Great now I’ve got my Chief Surgeon talking about theories from avant-garde scientists at best and poor science fiction novels at worst.”

[Engineering to Steele]

“Steele here.” Jack said hitting the comm. unit on Stiles desk.

[Captain I just beamed back from the Nausicaan ship and ran a few simulations based on what the Nausicaan sensor tapes showed, well I think it best we speak face to face.]

[Alright Gar meet me in Dr. Corbett’s office, Steele out.]

Steele paced the doctor’s office for a few minutes while waiting for his second officer to arrive. “Why would that DeSimms be on the Connie, shouldn’t he be assigned to the Hood, if it were truly a mirror universe?”

“Some theories state that for every decision you make, an alternate universe is spawned with you making the opposite decision.” Corbett said. “So maybe that DeSimms was assigned to the Connie and not the Hood.”

“Now you’re reaching.” Steele said as the chime to the doctor’s door went off.

“Enter,” both Steele and the doctor said.

“Captain, doctor.” Gar said as he took one of the chairs in front of the doctor’s desk. “I downloaded the sensor data from the Nausican ship and ran it against the data Stile’s girlfriend handed off and I have to say some of my impressions were wrong.”

“Go on.” Steele said.

“That ship, that Constitution is not of Federation design, well not fully anyway. The outer hull replicates our design almost completely, but as I said earlier an engineer who has worked with the class could distinguish the structural differences. However, in most other ways she’s different.”

“I do hope you’re going to elucidate.” Corbett said leaning back.

“Her warp field generation.” Gar said ignoring the doctor. “Is based on the design of Henry Archer, but it has significant upgrades. I have to agree with Miss Calvaster that something was wrong with her dilithium matrix probably bad crystals.”

”What made you come to that conclusion?”Steele asked.

“Her warp field was barely stable, we saw that at the mining facility; however when I ran the simulation and compensated with a fully operational dilithium matrix that ship tested out to achieve warp speeds rivaling our own.”

“What about the dilithium crystals in the pirates hold, could that have been what they were after?”Corbett asked.

“I don’t think so.” Gar answered. “While they’d fetch a nice price in any market, they were raw stones and would need to be cut and refined to work in a starship’s matrix.”

“So you’re telling me that they use a power supply similar to ours and can achieve equal warp speed, but what doesn’t make sense is that they’re using weapons that are antiquated.” Steele interjected taking the empty chair next to Gar.

“A problem that plagued me as well.” Gar said frowning. “I came to one conclusion and that was that their weapons system was offline, secondary to the failure with their warp engines. At first I thought that ship was a substandard copy put together to look advanced and threatening, very much akin to the Denobulan practice of inflating their heads. However, the more I poured over those pictures the clearer certain structures became. The problem was both DeSimms and I were looking for torpedo tubes and phaser turrets in the usual places. This ship has weapons I think on par or superior to ours. I found multiple structural plates that could only be one thing at that is an automated covering for phaser turrets and torpedo tubes. Potentially that ship could have twice the amount of weapons we do. Another issue is that they have an EMP emitter the likes of which I never seen before that could knock out our engines and weapons with a strategic blast.”

“If what you’re saying is in fact true then we have to get that ship before they can get to a planet that has the crystals they need.” Steele said leaning forward and hitting the comm. unit. “Steele to Bridge.”

[Zade here sir.]

“Cedria once our prisoners and their ship is secured plot a course to Celes II, warp 8. Steele out.”

“Doctor if your theories are correct and somehow we’re dealing with a Starship from another universe then we have to figure out how the hell they got here and make sure that whatever technology they used to do it is neutralized, or we could be embroiled in a war that pits Fleet Commanders against an enemy that potentially knows their every move because he or she is their mirror self.”

Respectfully Submitted

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD


ASR Origins


by Steve Apple

SD: 2261.047

Scene: TSS-Constellation Bridge

“Captain to Engineering.” Veld said punching the comm. button on his chair in frustration.

[Byrne here Captain.]

“If that Tholian power supply isn’t installed yet I’ll have you hanging from one of the Nacelles by what’s left of your balls.”

[It’s installed sir, but its configuration is slightly different from the one we obtained in our own universe, so I’m running a second test.]

“Five minutes Mr. Byrne or I’ll make good on my threat. Veld out.” He said then turned to his first officer. “Anna, I can’t wait to see the look on that pompous ass Steele’s face when I successfully complete the mission he should have had.”

“It’s been a risky and costly operation Jack. Our dilithum chamber was severely damaged when we employed that Tholian device the first time, not to mention the total destruction of its power supply. You were lucky we were able to barter with those Nausicaan thugs for a replacement.”

“Minor setbacks my dear.” Veld said. “When we return to Earth and present the Sovereign Prime with new territory to conquer I will be rewarded with a province of my own. With that kind of wealth and power I will write my own destiny. Maybe I’ll have Steele castrated and force him to sing at my parties, an amusement for my guests.”

“Until we reach Earth we should use caution.” Frost replied. “Our weapon systems are still offline and if Steele shows up what will you fight him with a barrage of laser fire.”

“As far as that buffoon knows we are on the other side of the quadrant patrolling the Bajoran system not stealing his thunder.” Veld smiled at Steele’s incompetence.

[Engineering to Bridge]

“Are we ready to go home Mr. Byrne, or will you be a Nacelle ornament?” Veld asked in a silky voice.

[We’re ready sir,] Byrne said with an audible gulp.

“Very good, now Miss Adeyemon, engage.” Veld said.

The Helmsman pushed the button to activate the Multiverse drive and prayed. This device had caused the ships dilithium matrix to almost completely burn out the last time they activated it. The engineers had said the Captain was a fool to steal the device without kidnapping that scientist who had backward engineered its function and built the original starship interface. Those views ceased to matter as time and space seemed to fold in upon itself and for a second Adeyemon had no thoughts at all.

“Explosions in the Engineering section.” Frost yelled as the ship came through the anomaly. “Fire control systems are offline; they’re having power failure in all primary systems down there.”

“Vent the hull in Engineering.” Veld said.

“Sir?” Frost questioned.

“You heard me Commander. I need those fires out now. I can live without the engineers not the engines. Now do it.”

“Yes sir.” Frost said. “Life support cut, beginning venting process now.”

“Sensors back online sir.” The navigator Howden interrupted. “Sir we are picking up another Heavy Destroyer in the area. It’s the HOOD sir.”

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Respectfully Submitted

Crew of the Constellation TSS-1017


Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD


ASR Origins

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Deadly Rivalries

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.047

Scene: Bridge, HOOD

"Captain we're starting to pick up something on the sensors to port."

"Shields up all weapons on standby!" First Officer Merrick ordered

The science officer nodded as she continued to stare into her scanner. "Spatial anomaly forming. Readings match expected norms. Its expanding. Contact!" Hemux stood up for the scanner and turned to face the captain. "She's back captain its definitely the CONSTELLATION."

"She's heavily damaged captain. Warp engines off line, shields off line, no life support on the engineering decks." Commander Merrick announced.


"Primary and secondary weapons off line. All they have is lasers."

Jack chuckled at that information. "Veld always said they'd come in handy. I wonder if he appreciates the irony."

Sean stepped down onto the command deck and leaned towards the captain. "A torpedo spread would finish her. No one would know and that would be a large thorn out of your side. After what Veld tried to do he deserves it. Even if command found out no one would question it."

Jack looked at his first officer with surprise. If he had been the first officer he would have counseled that Veld and his senior officers would be placed under arrest and HOOD's first officer be given command. He scrutinized his first officer closely wondering why he had discounted the opportunity to get a ship of his own. "No." Jack finally answered. "It is tempting but one day I will need a jester in my court to amuse me. I can think of no other bigger fool then Captain Jack Veld." He turned to his comm officer. "Open a channel."

"Captain Veld. Fancy seeing you here. Have a little bit of a mishap did we?"

"Frak off Jack. Excuse me, Frak off Blackjack. I know how your ego likes to hear the old nickname that you gave yourself. Have I mentioned how pathetic that is?"

Jack laughed. "I believe you have, several times in fact. But given the state of your ship at this moment I'd be careful at who you're trying to insult. I should tell you that my first officer has advised me quite strongly to put you out of your misery with a torpedo spread." To his left Sean stiffened slightly. Good, he thought to, himself that should knock him down a peg or two. "I have to say it is a tempting idea."

Veld laughed. "Really? I'm impressed Sean it’s good to know there is at least one officer over there with some balls."

"Now Mr. Veld if I remember correctly the STELLA was supposed to be out patrolling the Bajoran system and not on the other side of the quadrant utilizing stolen technology and trying to transit to the mulitverse."

This time Veld made no effort to conceal his anger. "That should have been my mission and you know it. The only way you got it was by frakkin the admiral, hell thats the only way you were able to get yourself into a command of your own. As your record has shown time and time again."

"Well Jack you have to go with your strengths. Of course that’s not something you'd know about. Perhaps if you'd developed strong relationships with the admiralty you'd get tapped for the big jobs and you wouldn't find yourself trying to steal my glory by stealing defective technology and relying on second tier admirals to try to shepherd you along.”

“DeSimms has secured the Tholian device.” Merrick said smiling at Veld’s image. “He’s beamed back aboard and is assisting Gar and Jeri with the installation.”

“Very good Mr. Merrick.” Steele said then turned back to the main viewer and Veld. “Now then, I have a date with destiny so if you are able to get your sensors working you can watch as HOOD sails into glory. Oh and one more thing Captain Veld. I'll be giving myself a new nickname soon, if I were you I'd start practicing it. Next time you see me you can call me Sovereign Prime."


Hi all, well that cat was get pulled out of the bag so I thought I'd clear it up a bit. It looks like another version of our universe has decided to expand. So eventually we'll be meeting up with our counterparts aboard TSS HOOD. Not looking to mirror the TOS (and others) episode but instead we can create another versions so we don't have to worry about any sort of canon. Suffice to say the universe we can create will be close to the TOS mirror episode in terms of its warlike/expansionist feel but not exaclty the same. So you can have fun with your alter egos until (and after) we meet up.

Scott: Just remember the whole addition of STELLA and Veld was not in any way my idea! Hehehe



CAPT BlackJack Steele

Commanding, TSS HOOD NCC 1703


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Getting Ready to Move On

by Andy Catterick

SD: 2261.050

Scene: Briefing Room One

“And that is what we are up against.” Jack said after reviewing the security component of the orders he had received.. “I’d like to remind you that none of this can leave this room.”

Sean shook his head. “It’s going to. As soon as we come up against a CONSTITUTION class vessel that clearly doesn’t belong in this universe the whole crew is going to know.”

“I know.” Jack sighed. “I have forwarded that, and many concerns to Starfleet Command but so far I have had no reply. It is beginning to sound like a canned response but this mission was obviously thrown together in a hurry and involves Starfleet Intelligence which would explain the emphasis on operation security.”

“You mean ignorance.” Gar groused.

“Be that as it may most of you aren’t supposed to know so the crew definitely, for the time being, can’t know.”

“So what is our plan of attack?”

“The original mission parameters are legitimate and we are going to stay on schedule. Our next stop is the New Naticoke Mining Facility where we will deliver supplies, our medical staff will make the proverbial house call and engineering will help with any repairs and upgrades. But we will obviously be keeping our eyes open for anything that doesn’t belong. There may not be any further incursions. Or they may be somewhere else.”

“Why are they here? I mean here overall and here in this sector?”

Jack shook his head. “I think here because it is a fairly out of the way sector,”

“And its mineral rich.” Gar added. “What ever they are doing will likely suck up a lot of energy which means they may need a way to replace their dilithium.”

“Wouldn’t you just bring it with you?” Steering asked.

“Perhaps its not in such abundance or readily available wherever it is they are coming from.” Zade answered.

“Alright I want to warp out of here in no more then three hours to stay on schedule. In the meantime we need to deal with the Nauscians.” He looked over at John and Sean. “Commander I want you and Mr. DeSimms to question the Nauscian captain and find out what if anything he knows. That was a lot of dilithium he had hidden away. If that was a payment I want to know who paid him and if it was a delivery I want to know where he was taking it. I don’t need to remind you both to remember the Geneva and Deneb Accords.” He held both their eyes for a moment. “However you can remind him that piracy carries a very stiff penalty and any information he gives us will help to mitigate his sentence.”

“I don’t like the idea of carrying around a bunch of pirates for the duration of this mission.” Merrick said.

“Agreed. So we aren’t.” He turned to Kim. “Lieutenant in three hours you are going to take the prisoners aboard their ship, seal them in their hold after ensuring they won’t be able to give you any troubles, and transport them to Starbase 19 in the Aldeberan system. At warp five it should’t take more the four days to get there. Take an engineering team and a large security detachment as well as any crew you think will be necessary. Draw up your personnel and supply requests and have it to Commander Merrick within the hour. Understood.”

“Yes sir.” She replied half eager at the responsibility and challenge and half fearful of the same.

“Is there anything else?” Jack asked the group.


Just a quick one getting all of the characters on the same jumping off point. Feel free to expand on the meeting discussion. I know there are angles I didn’t cover so feel free...

Dan B: Didn’t know if DeSimms would want to stay with HOOD or go with Steering and the Nausicans, so your call on that one.



CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703


USS HOOD: Come Hell Or High Water

Lena Rose

SD: 2261.048

Kiska Saxman shoved the another medical padd into place. It had been another eventful mission but it was the after excitement that had floored Kiska. Killer Rabbits…..and big ones not the normal cute ones. She had never hunted rabbits before, no, she had preferred big game hunting with her brothers in Alaska. But when the emergency had come out Kiska was in sick and not access to her guns in her quarters. She would have enjoyed manic rabbit target practicing.

Of course if a rabbit had entered sickbay that would have been a different story. Kiska grinned as she felt the hidden phaser between her thighs that she always wore under her clothing or uniform. She never left her quarters without it. When she wore pants she strapped one under her pant leg near her ankle. When she wore a dress it was always strapped to her upper thigh where it was easy access.

Her roommate Claudia had teased her about it but Kiska would just grinned and shrugged, "One day, you will thank me."

Kiska glanced down at the last medical padd. It belonged to Ensign Palermo. She had been proud to witness the awesome work of Dr. Corbett. Whatever he may be with women, he was one hell of doctor and Hood was damn lucky to have him. She knew she was going to learn a lot from this doctor.

Kiska fingertips clicked on the padd and then she put it in its place. She suddenly recalled how on that day she had ordered to report to sickbay she had bumped into Merrick who appeared to be on his way out and how he had reacted to the sight of her. Kiska frowned. This was going to have to stop. How can she and Merrick work on the same ship if the man refused to acknowledge her or acted as if he was revolted by the sight of her when she had never done anything to cause this ….this….rift or uncomfortable situation between them.

She should just march up to him and demand a meeting and just have it out with him. But it made it s difficult situation, after all he was her boss and the chain of command and everything went thru him. She sighed and shook her head. And then to make matters worse she had noticed that a couple of the senior officers seem to be …..staring at her like if they were looking at her for the first time. What was that all about? Had she grown another head or another breast? All she knew was this was very unsettling and she was going to get to the bottom of this issue come hell or high water!

<NRPG: I had fun reading all the post! Awesome post! LOL Ok, Bryan Kiska is about to confronting. Lets have some fun with it. :)

Respectfully Submitted,

By Lena Rose

LTjg Kiska Saxman




[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Indulgence

by Brian V. Mansur

SD 2261.052

Scene: Officer's Quarter's, USS HOOD

Sean lay in bed motionless. A drained bottle lay on his night stand. Half-drunk, he still could not sleep. It was 0220 and all he could do was think. Pondering. Imagining.

What were those last moments like for her?

As the air was sucked out of the sky was she even conscious at the end?

Or did some great piece of the planet crush her before asphyxiation set in?

Did she fall from some height to her death? Or did the gravity pull her along the ground while she screamed?

Was she screaming for someone? For him? For her parents? For anyone?

For God?

"Sean you stupid bastard," he breathed quietly.

Slowly Sean opened his eyes. He stared at the cold ceiling. She'd never have been there on Vulcan if .... She was supposed to have been with him. What would it have taken to save her? To keep here from leaving? A different tone of voice? A different attitude? A few more constructive choices? A few less arguments engaged? A few more minutes with her? A few more considerate words? A few more morsels of worthless pride eaten?

"My God what have I done?"

What had he done? What had *she* done? Two tangoed. Not one alone.

They had been so sick of each other when she had finally left. The pair were so stubborn in their own way. Neither gave ground. Each was right, but each of them lost in the end. Her more than he. He more than her. She was dead. He was left behind to endure a purgatory of his own making. And he hated this pathetic self-pitying man he had become. But what else did he deserve? When you've cut your soul out with a knife, where will you find a physician who can put it back into place?

Now would have been the perfect for moment for someone, anyone to call him. Give him something to do. Something to keep him busy. Something to get him off this boring track of inward loathing. Others had done worse. Why did he have to feel this way? Nero had bombed the planet, not him.


It wasn't your fault.

Just keep telling yourself that.


Just 3 hours till the alarm. Then you can get up and do personal hygiene. Have a nice shave. Hit the weights and treadmill. Shower the sweat off. Maybe some of the guilt will come off to.

0225. Not much longer to wait.

"Stupid bastard," he repeated.

NRPG: Sean is nearing the bottom and will be getting some help soon.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Another You Another Me - JP

by Andy Catterick and Steve Apple

SD: 2261.050

Scene: Celes System

As the anomaly shimmered, space in the near vicinity seemed to collapse upon itself for a moment and then explode outward. When the violence of the action had settled a deep blackness at the core of the anomaly began to pulse and expand. Gravity and other physical laws seemed to have no hold as the ship tumbled from the core and drifted uncontrollably.

The red alert klaxon blared and explosions from different decks rocked the ship. The bridge was under emergency lighting its eerie glow reflected off the face now smiling in the command chair.

“Steering get this ship under control, or I’ll find a Helmsman who can.” Steele yelled gripping the arms of his command chair.

“Inertial dampeners coming back online now sir.” Steering said as the ship stabilized from its listing drift.

“Gar.” Steele said punching the comm. button on his chair. “Status report and none of your bullshit this time.”

The frustration of the Andorian could be heard in his angry grunt. “The dilithum matrix took a hit when we activated that Tholian device. It sent a power spike through the antimatter chamber and fused four of our crystals. All that’s left of them is a charred lump.”

“I don’t think I need to tell you your job mister. Utilize the crystals we keep for back up.” Steele spat.

“I would sir, but you traded them to the Cardassian slavers in exchange for information on that damn ship’s whereabouts.” Gar hissed.

Steele stood and grabbed for the photon pistol hanging in the holster he had slung over the command chair.

“Jack,” Merrick said stepping down into the command space. “While killing him may give you a moment of pleasure is it worth risking the mission. He knows these engines better than anyone in the fleet. If we want to get back home we’ll need him alive.”

Steele eased the safety back on and allowed a mirthless smile to touch his lips. “Alright Sean I’ll let him live for now; however, if your wife had been better at her job, my ship’s power wouldn’t be crippled. She was the expert assigned to this ship to make sure that during our tests of that alien equipment this didn’t happen.”

“I don’t think this is something we could have avoided.” Merrick said through clenched teeth. “Given our current situation I think it clear that the other ship had similar issues. Obviously Captain Ve…”

“Do not mention that name in my presence again.” Steele interrupted; his eyes glowed in a seething hatred for a moment before he brought himself under control. “He stole that device from the Krennin institute with little understanding of its power consumption and onboard interface. I am magnanimous enough to grant him that leeway. Your wife; however, was the scientist who backward engineered it and created the interface to this ships power supply and computer main frame. My ship should not have suffered.”

Merrick said nothing he just stared into Steele. He knew the man’s temper made him irrational and quick to stupid actions both might later regret.

Steele lifted his pistol and flicked the safety off. “You and Zade figure out where we are and if there is a viable source of crystals nearby, otherwise I will turn you into a charred spot next to my chair, do I make myself clear.”

“Aye sir.” Merrick said and quickly walked to the navigator’s station.

Jack sat back in his chair, but decided against returning his pistol to its holster. “With four crystals out, give me a status on weapons, shields, and warp capability.” He said hitting the comm. to engineering again.

“Plasma cannons are still online, but not much else in the arsenal is. Shields are at 30% and warp 4 is the best the ship can manage.” Gar said.

Jack leapt from his chair and stalked around the bridge. All were careful to keep their eyes on their station lest they attract his wrath. He had already threatened to kill Gar and Merrick and had even given his not so secret flame Kim Steering a public dressing down. He must be close to losing his control if he was snapping at her. And, as everyone was abundantly clear on, his pistol was still in his hand.

Sean finally moved up into the captain’s path. “Jack,” he began quietly. “You’ve done it. You’ve got us here, the hard part is over and once again you are a hero of the Sovereignty. The crystals are a setback to be sure, but that is the reason we chose this region to transit to. It’s a mineralogists dream. Zade and I have found a mining facility on a planet called Celes II. It’s a short hop; we can be there in about 3 hours at warp 2 and get what we need.”

Jack gave Sean a feral grin. He could use a quick trip down to a mining facility to work out his remaining frustrations on some of the spineless weasels that inhabited this god forsaken universe.

“Actually,” Merrick continued. “It would be a good test. We could beam down pretending to be from this universe. Our ship stores could manufacture the correct uniforms and equipment.”

“Do we even know what those are?” Steele asked in annoyance.

“When DeSimms was fulfilling his covert mission on Ve..,” Merrick stopped himself in mid sentence and paused for a moment. “That other ship, he led a raiding party to a mining facility. Turns out it was in actuality a listening post for this universes equivalent to our internal security service. He brought back several data sticks concerning their star charts, vessel strength and deployment as well as cultural and historic material. I believe we can pass ourselves off as one of them, get the crystals we need peacefully without drawing attention to ourselves and gather some intelligence. Certainly that would help with the next step.” He finished with a respectful smile. One he really didn’t feel.

Jack looked back at his first officer with unconcealed disgust. “That is not the way the Sovereignty conducts its business. We do not ask permission from inferiors, we take.” He growled and then paused. “But perhaps you are correct. It will likely buy your Andorian friend the time he needs to fix my ship. Very well commander,” He said more loudly, “Set course for this mining facility and com me once we arrive. Lieutenant Steering I require your assistance.”

“Yes sir.” She rose from her station and followed the captain to the lift.

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CAPT Jack Steele

Commanding, USS HOOD NCC 1703



Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD


ASR Origins

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: A Visit From Christmas Past - JP

by Lena Rose and Brian V. Mansur

Scene: Deck 7, USS HOOD

[NRPG: 0300, same night as Mansur's "Indulgence"]

That night Kiska began her rotation to the night shift. More than once she caught Mother eyeing her in a strange but quiet way. It felt as though Mother was seeing something in her that no one else was. It didn't take long for the stolen looks to the nag Kiska to the point that she just wanted to scream, "WHAT?" so that Mother would stop. It figured that when Kiska was finally about to say something to Mother, the head nurse got called away to a patient.

Afterward, the evening grew busy with the bustle of routine and drills. Kiska never did find another chance to talk to Mother alone and before she knew it, the head nurse went off duty. Kiska spent the rest of the shift alone pondering the situation. The night in sickbay proved uneventful and Kiska was only too happy to see it ending. Her feet were killing her and she had not had anything to eat.

At last, she said goodnight to the remaining staff and headed down the corridor toward the gym for a before-bedtime workout. The ship was quiet and quite empty at the 0300 hour. As Kiska walked along, she lost herself in her thoughts. So as she rounded a corner she nearly collided into none other than Commander Merrick.

The encounter was so abrupt and unexpected that both gasped in surprise. Kiska, hand to chest, was the first to recover. She started to apologize to the Commander with a relieved laugh, but the look on Merrick's face stopped her cold.

Merrick had been making his inebriated way to retrieve a communicator he believed he had forgotten in the gym's locker room. Upon seeing Kiska, he went goggle eyed. In his adled mind, he *knew* that he was looking at a ghost and he did what most people did when they saw one.

He fell to his knees.

Striken pain and remorse etched into his suddenly pale white face. Tears flowed. From trembling lips, he began to babble, "My God Jeri! My God I'm so sorry. I would have done anything. I would have begged God to take your place. Believe me I wish it were me who had died and not you!"

He reached out imploring. Frightened and bewildered, Kiska took a step back. Sean saw her rejection and fell face down sobbing. Had he been a soul damned to hell, he could not have looked more miserable.

As he wept, Kiska looked about feeling nakedly embarrassed for them both. Thank heavens it was middle of the night or else there would have been people crawling on this deck for PT.

Kiska didn't know what was going on or who Jeri was, but she felt her superior officer's suffering and moved to help him without further hesitation. She knew she had to get him out of the corridor immediately. There was no way she could to take him into sickbay in his conidtion. He smelled of alcohol and she really didn't think he deserved that kind of humiliation. You don't kick a man when he is down. Whatever Sean was going thru, it was tearing him apart and somehow Kiska's very presence had twisted the gears of torture inside him to the point that the man had finally broken.

She knelt down beside him and gently pulled him up to his feet. As she wrapped an arm around his waist and placed one of his own arms around her neck,she whispered, "It's okay sir. Just come with me. Everything is going to be fine."

Sean looked into her face. A glimmer of hope at her kindness showed there for a moment. Then dismay mixed with horror and utter humiliation followed as he at last recognized Kiska.

Putting a hand to his forehead, he managed to utter, "Oh. Hell."

"Right sir," Kiska replied. "Come on, we'll get you back to your quarters."

"I'm so sorry about this Lieutenant," he began.

"Just concentrate on putting one foot," she said as he stumbled a few steps, "in front of the other, sir."

NRPG: The conversation. Should be an interesting one.

Awesome Job Brian for making this post much much better than it start! High fives ya!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lena Rose LTjg. Kiska Saxman Nurse, USS HOOD NCC-1703 ASR: ORIGINS


Brian V. Mansur LCDR Sean Merrick FO, USS HOOD NCC-1703 ASR ORIGINS

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Fireside Chat - JP

by Lena Rose and Brian V. Mansur

SD 2261.054

Scene: FIrst Officer's Quarter's, USS HOOD

"Pardon me sir for being blunt, but I think I'm owed an explanation as to what is going on."

"Miss Saxman, you don't owe me any courtesy right now. My ass is drunk and you just saved it from a letter of reprimand."

"Not so drunk if you're able to talk this much, sir" she retorted, not able to find it in herself to completely break protocol.

He shrugged at the point. "Maybe I didn't have as much as I thought." He looked at the bottle on the bed stand and tried to remember how much had been in it to begin with. "And I took a little something the doctor gave me. Maybe it is working."

Kiska shook her head in disbelief. “You know better than to mix drugs and alcohol.”

Again he shrugged.

Frustrated by his ‘so what’ demeanor, she huffed away a stray strand of hair that had slipped from her ponytail. “I don’t understand. Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“It’s personal, Miss Saxman.” He said quietly and then hiccupped. “Excuse me.”

“Personal? Personal!” she bit back flinging her ponytail over her shoulder with a ‘to hell to protocol’. “Not when it affects me as well!”

He held up his hands as though defending himself from a pistol whipping.

"Nurse. Take a look at me. Do you really want to get acquainted with my demons? Don't you think you would be happier to leave it at a sincere apology?"

Kiska thought about it for a second. She'd met enough substance abusers in her career to know how to handle them.

"That isn't going to solve our problem. Respectfully sir, you're going to get help one way or the other. I will *not* spend the rest of my tour of duty worrying about what a drunk man might be doing with the ship that my life depends upon. I deserve more consideration than that. I already worry enough for my patients because of how the doctor abuses

  • himself*. So unless you want me to go straight to Mother with this, start talking. Sir."

Even half drunk, Sean knew he had no choice. It would take no time at all for Mother to get her hands on the flight recorder for the deck he'd broken down on. And if the Captain knew ...."

"You're a dead ringer for my dead ex-wife," he said with a dry mouth. "She died on Vulcan when Nero hit it. She was only there because we couldn't make things work out."

Kiska was in no mood now for sympathy.

"So that's it? That's what all this is about? You screwed up in life like the rest of us. By bad luck something worse than usual happened because of it. And suddenly there is nothing for it but pity parties with irresponsibility and self-medication?"

Sean did not answer.

Kiska thought she was going to pull her hair out at the commander's pathetic behavior, but forced herself to be calm and at least somewhat sensitive. "She loved you didn't she? Do you think she wanted you to be like this?"

"No. She wouldn't."

Kiska shook her head. "Mother has had this talk with you already. Hasn't she."

Sean looked up startled.

"Thought so. I'd wondered what was going on the other day when she'd locked down sickbay. She spent what, about 4 hours with you? You know, I don't think I have that kind of patience. Nurse your pet guilty conscious if you must. But you're either the XO of this ship or you're not."

She waited for him to say something. He hiccupped again, but when it was evident that he had nothing to say for himself, she got up to leave.

"Saxman," Sean said suddenly.

Exasperated she stopped and turned. "What, sir."

He looked up at her. The corner of his mouth twitched upward. "You're going to make a kick-ass head nurse someday."

"And you'll make a great XO when get your head out of your butt sir. And while you are at it, why don't you go get some religion in your life. It is obvious that you still believe someone is up there. What I see you doing in the next few days will make up my mind just what if anything I am going to tell Mother. Good luck and good morning Commander.

As Kiska stepped outside, she started to tremble a little. She, a junior lieutenant, had just told off her superior officer big time. She didn't know if she should be proud, scared, or both.

NRPG: See if *you* can spot Brian's tip of the hat to that "magnificient bastard" Ron Moore (see def in

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Lena Rose

LTjg. Kiska Saxman

Nurse, USS HOOD NCC-1703



Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: A Texan Is Still A Texan

by Steve Apple

SD: 2261.057

Scene: CMO’s Quarters

Corbett sat at the desk in his quarters sipping from his glass of tequila. He was off duty and enjoying a slight reprieve from the stresses of being the head of medical. Putting his feet up on the desk he saw the blue light under his desk blinking as he shifted into position.

"John," Corbett said almost imperceptibly, the anger in voice unmistakable. "If you don't want me to bolt an eye patch into your other, good eye, I suggest you stop bugging my quarters."

[It's my job as head of security] DeSimms' voice said almost immediately through the speaker of the comm. unit. [Also doctor, I'd be careful who you threaten.]

"Let's make this quite clear." Corbett smiled and adjusted his hat. "There ain't another living soul on this ship that can match your personal arsenal, but me. Also as cousin to the Texas party leader, any little assassination attempt you try on me will be investigated to the fullest and met out with Texas justice."

[Accidents do happen, even to doctors]

"Yes that is true; however, red jackets are notorious for getting themselves quite dead, quite often."

[Seems once again we are at a stalemate Stile. However, one day either me, or one of my operatives will change that.]

"You just keep thinking that way John and maybe one day it will happen. Until then I'd keep one eye open." Corbett paused for a moment and chuckled. "That's right you only have one eye. Well then if I were you I'd make damn sure you don't lose that one too, Corbett out."

With that Corbett opened the top drawer to his desk and pulled out a box with a red button and depressed it. There was a loud squeal and the blue light under his desk signaling the working operation of DeSimms' listening device went black.

DeSimms was a worthy foe, he thought and quite deadly; however, he had his female operatives infiltrate even the highest levels of the Security department. DeSimms might be quite shocked to learn one day that his top subordinates had untimely deaths in their beds. Then again, Corbett thought, perhaps it might be me that is surprised one day and DeSimms’ security forces will incinerate me in my own sickbay.

"Until then messier Cyclops." Corbett said out loud as he raised his glass.

"Another bout with DeSimms?"

Corbett turned his head to his sleeping area where he heard the raspy sweet voice. The bedside lamp came on and the soft white light cast an elegant glow on the naked green skin that arose from the bed.

"I'm sorry if that little exchange awoke you Alia. John and I were just expressing a difference of opinion. You see he likes being the resident badass of the ship; however, I get no small pleasure out of reminding him that his intimidation tactics fall quite short when it comes to me."

"He is very dangerous Stile and should be eliminated," Alia said seriously.

"I don't know. He has his purpose. He makes the subversives think twice and his attitude toward Jack pushes the Captain firmly in my camp."

"That is another foolish move on your part." Alia exclaimed coming forward into Corbett's work area. "Steele is unstable and has shown as much time and time again. I have been your wife for several years and still do not understand the bond you two have."

"Quite the contrary sweetness, Jack is very sane. When the demons of Velorum came a calling, he pulled me out and stuck with me until we nuked the bastards. I owe him my life at least twice over." Corbett said then paused. "Now don't get me wrong. If I ever stood in the way of his ambition he would surely not think twice about burning me, but up until that point the Captain has been a friend."

"And Sean has he not been there too."

Corbett took another sip from his glass. "Sean is a different matter altogether. We've been friends since we were 5 years old, our fathers served in the party together. Sean is like a brother to me. He is the reason I am on this ship."

"And do you not think Steele sees that. Between Sean and you, Steele could quite easily be removed from power. No one would question your word if you relieved him of command."

"Ah yes the CMO's prerogative to remove a Commander. Well my dear it is not as easy as you think to carry that out. Besides even if successful there would be inquiries and paperwork and you know how I feel about paperwork."

"Yes I know. Mother complains to me quite often about that."

"She's lucky I love her like I do." Corbett said and then paused to take another sip from his glass. "Does she tell you about all my short comings?"

"Quite often." The Orion said as she slid into his lap. "But you still haven't answered my question."

"There is nothing to answer Alia. Jack is clever and a bit paranoid. He has tested both mine and Sean's loyalty on numerous occasions. He trusts us about as much as a man like him can trust anyone. Also he knows that eliminating us would mean a new set of officers taking our positions and they might not be as loyal."

"Do you not want to advance in power?" She asked while kissing his neck.

"For what reason? We have money and not an insubstantial amount at that. We have property: a very large ranch and by virtue of being in the military, respect."

"You could be a Governor with a sovereignty of your own."

"Yes I could; however, then I would have to put up with people always asking for something, taxes to be collected, not to mention assassination attempts." He paused a moment when he saw her frown. "I know it's every Orion girl's dream and duty to enslave her man and force him to do stupid things like grab for power, but."

"It doesn't seem to work well with you." She added interrupting him. "Maybe I should find an ambitious man to bed."

"Unfortunately for you," Corbett said caressing her back. "You fell in love and can't quite come to grips with that fact. I fear you are stuck in this marriage, how unlucky you are."

"Yes how unlucky I am." She finished as she kissed him deeply.

[Steele to Corbett] The metallic voice of the Captain interrupting them.

"Jack as always your timing is impeccable." Corbett mumbled hitting the comm. unit as he kissed his wife's neck.

[Tell Alia to get off your lap, I need you down in briefing room 3 immediately.]

"Don't tell me you have my quarters bugged too."

[I don't need to. I know how you are]

"Yes well at least I am consistent. Something important I take it."

[You, Merrick, Gar, and I are going down to a planet to acquire some stones. Normally I'd tell one of my officers that I don't need to explain myself and that when I say report you do it. However, we'll be using the transporter and I know how you need to prepare yourself.]

"How very kind of you Jack, I am on my way, Corbett out."

Alia slid off his lap allowing him to stand. "Duty calls," she said.

Corbett straightened his uniform jacket and attempted to button his top collar.

Reflexively she reached out and buttoned it for him then stood back to appraise him. He looked handsome although she hated these uniforms. The form fitting blue jacket had a thin vertical leather shoulder strap that ran from his right shoulder across the jacket to the left side of his belt, it made him look so formal. She smoothed the high half collar which came to a v in the font and used her finger to polish the 2 crossed sword pins indicating his rank. Stepping back she looked at him again and absently smoothed the assignment emblem on his left breast. For a moment she traced the intertwining circles that made up the Hood's designation and stopped at the cross centered within, his departments designation. "You and Sean could take this ship."

"Yes and someone could then take it from us. The system is flawed Alia and quite inhumane."

"I wouldn't go about saying that out loud my love or you might find yourself in one of DeSimms' interrogation rooms."

"I am a third generation party member, which gives even that thug pause." Corbett said as he tucked his black pants into the flared boots which ended just below his knees.

"Exactly my point, imagine the accolades he would get by bringing someone like you to justice for openly criticizing the party."

"No my dear, I think John's hatred of me runs much deeper than that. He wants something that will allow him to torture me at length, defile my wife, and confiscate my property. In short he wants to catch me in a traitorous act."

"You are no traitor." She said immediately.

"And what if I was?" He asked her as he crossed over to the bathroom and injected himself with a low dose tranquilizer.

"First off, hard core traitors aren't afraid of transporters." She said giggling as she watched him.

"Maybe I'm a hard core traitor that likes shuttle craft."

"Secondly you never come to the meetings."

Coming back from the bathroom he appraised her and had to laugh. "God help me, but I do love you."He said and then kissed her again his hand moving below her back.

"You've got the Captain to meet." She said pulling his hand way. "Now go,"

Adjusting his hat he turned to leave, but heard her soft voice before the door closed. "I'd be proud of you."


Just a little CD for the alternate Corbett. Dan I was not trying to write for you, but you kind of came out like Sulu in the TOS Mirror/ Mirror, the scary evil despot of security. I thought it kind of cool, you are the heavy everyone has to get around.

Respectfully Submitted

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD


ASR Origins

[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Dropping On To The Bridge

by Harry Iha

SD: 2261.057

SCENE: Bridge

MD: 01.1425 (while the away team was on the mining facility)

One of the many indicators on the communications panel lazily flashed, alerting the operator to an incoming message. In one well-practiced motion, ITCS Sheila Jefferson's left hand deftly opened the channel while her right hand plugged the Feinberger into her ear. She listened for a moment, acknowledged the transmission, then transferred the channel to the flight deck. "LT Zade, Viper 34 is on final approach."

Viper 34 was the second of two long-range shuttles carrying the crewmembers that missed HOOD's departure from Starbase 10. "Thank you, Senior," acknowledged LT Zade, the chief navigator.

Upon hearing the announcement, security chief DeSimms headed for the turbolift. "Lieutenant," asked Jefferson, "are you going to meet the shuttle?"

When HOOD hastily departed the starbase with only six hours notice, she left behind about two dozen crew members who were not able to get back aboard in time. Viper 34 carried seven of LT DeSimms' security force. "I am, Senior."

"Good. Could you ask ENS Tamura to report here straight away and make sure he is pointed in the right direction?" The senior chief's request drew chuckles across the bridge. By now, the entire bridge crew--and most of the ship--had heard the story of Tamura's aborted arrival and subsequent disappearance.

"I'll see to it that our wandering ensign doesn't get lost," grinned DeSimms as he stepped into the turbolift.

SCENE: Bridge

MD: 01.1635

The turbolift doors parted and ENS Yoshi Tamura gingerly stepped across the threshold onto the bridge. He had never been to the bridge of a starship before. The dumbstruck ensign stood a moment and soaked it all in. His first impression was how clean and sparse it was. As a techie, there was always clutter in his work areas: circuits waiting to be repaired or tested, piles of data chips, and gear tucked into the nooks and crannies instead of being stowed in their proper cubicles.

A friendly slap on the shoulder pulled Tamura from his reverie. "Yep, you made the big time, kid." DeSimms pointed to Senior Chief Jefferson, seated at the communication station. "Don't keep your new boss waiting." The security chief gave Jefferson a quick nod, then stepped back into the turbolift, leaving Tamura behind.

"Welcome aboard, Ensign," greeted the comms LCPO.

"Senior Chief Jefferson," said Tamura, stepping forward and shaking her hand. "Thank you for the message before you left. I was really worried there for a minute."

"No problem, Sir. Look, we need to get this hand over done quickly, 'cause I need to get below decks and then get some shuteye before I bite someone's head off." Jefferson spent the next ten minutes giving Tamura a status report and turning over her station.

"Okay, that covers everything. Remember, everything's in the log. Just keep an eye on the away team frequencies; the computer will alert you to anything else. IT1 Blake will be here to relieve you at 2200. When you're done, come back to your office and we'll go over the rest of the stuff. Good to go?"

Tamura nodded. It was a whirlwind of information, especially after a two day trip on a cramped shuttle. He had hoped to take a nap-- and a shower--before having to report for duty. Not to mention his surprise at taking the bridge comm station. "I think I got it, Senior, thanks. And if I get lost, I'll just look in the log."

Jefferson gave Tamura a critical eye. 'Perhaps the new butter bar will work out okay after all,' she thought. "Alright, I'll see you at 2200."

"Okay. Ah...just one question, Senior."


"When do I get to meet the department head?"

Jefferson's jaw dropped and a frown quickly wrinkled her forehead. 'And then again, maybe not.' "Ensign, _you_ are the department head."

It was Tamura's turn to drop his jaw. He remained speechless and motionless for a few seconds before violently shaking his head to again clear out that pesky ear wax. "What?"

The senior chief shook her head. "I'll see you at 2200, Ensign. We'll go over everything then." Jefferson spun on her heels and quickly departed, leaving Tamura and his hanging jaw behind.


Daniel: I'm caught up. I'll send you a proto in the next day or two.

Respectfully Submitted,

ENS Yoshi Tamura

Communications Department Head


ITCS Sheila Jefferson

Communications Department LCPO


Harry I. Iha


[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: Turning Back - JP

by Steve Apple and Brian V. Mansur

SD 2261.059

Scene: First Officer's Quarter's, USS HOOD

Sean was grateful to Steele for giving him his weekly day off early. It was a good thing too because he spent the next three waking hours vomiting, the following 7 sleeping, and pretty much the rest of the day on his knees praying.

He reflected on the previous two years of his pathetic life. What was he living for now? Himself? His work? Some vague idea that if he kept busy he could ignore the emptiness in his heart?

Then there was his encounter with Kiska: it had proven that he wasn't even doing any of those things very well anymore. Single handedly he'd cast himself into hell. He had nurtured his demons, that was for sure, and he hadn't helped himself get right by spending most of his free time with an immoral scoundrel like Corbett: a man who reveled in both his excesses of liquor and women.

Thinking about Corbett made his both smile and scowl at the same time. Damn him and his cowboy logic, he thought. I was fine until he pointed out my failure to grieve. Could it have been that simple? He wasn't so sure. Since the divorce, he had forgotten how to be happy. He had forgotten what happiness was even like.

God damn it all. Literally.

His Jeri was gone. Dead. So which was better to believe? That she was lost to oblivion or that there was hope she might be in a better place? Was there any point in even believing this was all there was to life? He'd always believed that hedonism was merely a "carpe diem" existentialism which, in turn, was really just nihilism in denial. So what was holding him back from leaving that tired heading to nowhere?

What indeed.

He knew the answer. Pride. Anger. Disappointment. Childish spite. God had taken away the person he loved. A woman he'd already really lost to be fair, but he knew God could have led her anywhere in the galaxy. Why had it been Vulcan? How had that been part of the plan?

Damn it was he such a fool as to try and puzzle out the motives of a supreme being. Supreme Being: once he had known what that meant to trust in one and was unshaken in that belief. Maybe it was time to be that way again. His personal files held a digital copy of a Bible. Opening the file he instinctually went to the highlighted verses and side notes that he ... and sometimes Jeri ... had written there. And he found himself reading the classics of his upbringing:

He laughed at the irony of some verses given all the time he'd spent around Corbett. But he kept coming back to this quesiton: did any of this really matter, he thought as he ran his fingers over the view screen. "Why Jeri? Why her?" He lifted his weary head toward the ceiling. "Do you have an answer? Well do you?" He asked..

Hanging his head as the tears spilled, he sank further into the desk chair he sat at. God did not have to answer to him and he knew it. How exactly did he even justify criticizing an omnipotent being? What was he going to do about it even if he didn't like how God ran the show? God promised that things would work out in the end. He did not promise rose gardens until the afterlife. And to be fair, it wasn't as if Sean had shown myself to be the paragon of good behavior. So what made him think he would be able to run the universe any better?

In the end, he realized that it all amounted to this for him: hope and how to hang on to it. He needed hope that things would be alright forever some day. Anything less was trading short. Aiming too low. Anything less would be in a real way unsatisfying. And he was tired of being unsatisfied. He was tired of being empty.

"Screw this," he said before finally going to sleep at last. He didn't care that it sounded like a corny page out of a conversion pamphlet. "I'm going back to faith and Jesus."

NRPG: A very special thanks to Steve for his contributions to this post.

Respectfully Submitted Jointly,

Steve Apple

Stile Corbett, MD




Brian V. Mansur

LCDR Sean Merrick



[ORIGINS] USS HOOD: (H) evil Hemux

by David Martens

SD 2261.059

Scene: alternate USS HOOD, Science department

Arr'Rhiana's smile was rather terrifying to see as she held the poor thing in her hands. Wires connected to the tall head of the strange insect-like creature. It had been her favorite pet before the travel to this universe. The attack from the other ship had crippled the poor beast. A limb ripped of and a wing broken. Then she shrugged her shoulders, cocked her head and roughly ripped the wires from the beast, her face widened up and the head disapeared in her mouth. With cracking sounds she started to chew the moist, raw meat from the creatures body. If she couldn't enjoy it as her pet then she at least could have the pleasure in eating it.

Still chewing on the critter, she dropped down in the seat behind her science console and pulled up the data from the hidden cams she had installed all over the ship. Again she looked at the act of sabotage from that Trll woman, Cedria. It was clever done and Hemux nodded in respect. If she had not recorded it with her spy - cams she probably would not have noticed. Ofcourse, she had made it clear to everyone that the full responsibility of the implementation of the new system was laid on Jeri Merrick. No one could ever blame Hemux for it if anything went wrong.

She grinned and made a mental note to keep a close look on that Cedria Trill woman. Arr'Rhiana studied the data from this universe, so many similarities to her own and yet so different. Similar enough to make their ship work here and survive, different enough to have so many opportunities.

With a PADD loaded full of data, Hemux went on to Bridge.

Scene: USS HOOD, Bridge

With a look of disgust on her face she went up to DeSimms. She saluted and waited for permisison to speak, in the rough, militarized universe there was little respect for scientists, yet she was the one who held what could be their victory in her hands.

"What you want, Denobulan?" DeSimms barked to her. Hemux had to restrain herself from ripping his throat out with her teeth but she handed him the PADD "I have done some study on the physics in this alternate universe, Sir. It turns out the Matter - antimatter balance in this universe is slightly different then in ours. If we recalibrate our shields, powersystems and torpedoes it would give us a increase in power and shield efficiency."

DeSimms narrowed his eyes "I don't understand half of this crap, are you sure it will work?" Hemux shrugged her shoulders "Not complete no, after all this is an unknown, alternate universe. But I am certain enough to advice you to make the proper adjustments, certainly if you want to be victorious in a next meeting with the ships of this universe. If you have the adjustments done by qualified people, not incapable ones like those who installed the Tholian device; then I am certain we have more power for our shields, propulsion and weapons."

For a moment she thought she had gone to far in her reference to the Merrick woman. But then DeSimms nodded "Very well, I will take your suggestions in consideration. Now get back to your lab and see what you can make of the data about this system, where the best opportunities are for our next strike, analyse the data on any communications we can intercept, find out what the weaklings in this universe are up to."

Arr'Rhiana saluted and went back to her lab. Her calculations where valid, she was certain they would work and give the ship the needed boost in power and speed. And with some luck she had made it clear to DeSimms that the Merrick woman was worthless. She smiled, a dangerous looking sight with her sharp teeth and broad face. With the data she could gather here from this universe she would be able to build better weapons, better ships and with those ideas and visions, she would be able to get a aim for a position in the Souvereign Science council, finally away from this ship.


And so we have a mad wicked scientist on the alternate HOOD as well...


David Martens

Lt ARr'Rhiana Hemux

CSciO ,

Sovereignty Fleet