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U.S.S. Nebula Central Database
Updated SD 220127

Nebula Unit Patch

Welcome to USS Nebula, NCC-2001

Welcome aboard! My name is Captain Jonathan Walsh, and I have the honour of being the USS Nebula's current Captain/Commanding Officer.

I want to hereby invite you to tour our fine ship. When doing so, you will notice that USS Nebula is, to say at least, an interesting ship with a famous name and a reputation as one of the finest ships in the whole fleet.

We are part of Silver Fleet, posted the ß-Quadrant. This fleet shares borders with Green Fleet, the Cardassian Union and the Kzinti Patriarchy. The political and military situation in this area of space is a story in and of itself and is worth taking a closer look. All this information can be found at Silver Fleet's central database.

USS Nebula's history and reputation is a lasting one compared to most ships in service. The "Neb", which is how we call our ship, has its own research center and an interesting mix of officers and crew

The ship itself, our so called hardware, is designed for combat mission profiles. The appearance is unusual with its three nacelles and its main purpose is combat- and command-operations. The Solar II-Class design imposes combat-power only outgunned in Star Fleet by Agamemnon-Class battlecruisers. She is equipped with a point defense system, Xa-phasers and flux-torpedoes. It also holds a 4th generation D-Warp drive.

So once again, welcome on board the USS Nebula and I hope you enjoy your visit here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate sending me an email

Chris Mayberry
aka CAPT Jonatahn Walsh

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