Gold Fleet Roster

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Gold Fleet Roster

NOTE: This fleet is not open for group role-play at this time. Contact the current CSFO for role-playing opportunities within ASR.


CINCGOLD Admiral (O-10) ADM Conrad Veld Lusby, Scott
COMKRIMAXFOR Rear Admiral (O-8) RADM Cayle Veld Lusby, Scott
COMSCIMXFOR Rear Admiral (O-8) RADM Denton Vargas Lusby, Scott

Krima Expeditionary Force

COMKRIMAXFOR - RADM Cayle Veld (Scott Lusby)

USS Circe, NCC-27000-A

"The Old Witch"

CO Captain (O-6) CAPT Adrian P. Makkedor Lusby, Scott
XO Lieutenant Commander(O-4) LCDR Callista Veld Lusby, Scott
OPS Lieutenant (O-3) LT Delbrak Dommo Lusby, Scott
CIC Lieutenant (O-3) LT Rhiannon Rix Lusby, Scott
CMC Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8) SCPO Pardek Rihaul Lusby, Scott
TAC Ensign (O-1) ENS Hamilton Drake Lusby, Scott
NAV Ensign (O-1) ENS Wymirra Rytallin Lusby, Scott
ENG Lieutenant Commander (O-4) LCDR Seemok Lusby, Scott
CSciO Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2) LTJG Keith Winters ^ Lusby, Scott
MED Commander (O-5) CDR Daniel Wannaya ^^ Lusby, Scott
COU Lieutenant Commander (O-4) LCDR Devin Anastas Lusby, Scott
MCO Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) LCOL Cole Halliburton ^^^ Lusby, Scott

  • ^- Keith Winters is the creation of William Knight.
  • ^^- Daniel Wannaya is the creation of Jason Zitzka.
  • ^^^- Cole Halliburton is the creation of Paul Denton.