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Welcome to Blue Fleet, one of fleets which composes ASR. ASR is a mail- and usenet-based role playing game set in the Star Trek Universe more than forty years after then end of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Founded in 1991, the group takes its name from the name of the newsgroup, Alt.StarFleet.RPG, which has been its home since 1993.

ASR has been variously described as a role playing game and a shared fiction anthology. By the nature of non-face-to-face role play, both terms are accurate descriptions. Each player in the game writes in the personna of a character on board a Federation starship or space station. Through the course of different adventures, and misadventures, usually cast into the framework of mission orders from Star Fleet Command, these characters interact with one another and develop both as individual characters and as part of a crew. In this sense, then, the game is much like any other role playing game where a real person, the player, creates a character, a fictional personna living in another universe, and interacts through this character with others in that world.

Blue Fleet was the first fleet created when the club grew to the size needing administrative subdivisions in 1994. Over the years, fleets opened and closed and, in 1998, Blue Fleet was closed as an administrative body. However, it has never left the writing of the club. The present incarnation of the fleet dates to April 2007 when it was reopened as a center for creative writing.

Blue Fleet is headquartered at Starbase Gamma in the Bellatrix system, aka HD 35468 or Gamma Orionis. As such, her fleet command starbase is the most forward command post of the core fleets. Blue Fleet is charged with protecting the core worlds of the Federation Treaty Expansion Territory and with patrolling the borders of and exploring the region of rimward Alpha and Beta quadrant space alongs parts of the Perseus Arm, Sagirrarius Arm, and Orion Arm.

The Blue Fleet Patrol Cordon borders the patrol zones of Silver Fleet to spinward and Gold Fleet to anti-spinward. A number of interstellar powers border Blue Fleet including the Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire, Kzinti Republic, Lyraen Empire, and Wyn Cluster.

Blue Fleet Command is modeled loosely after the late twentieth century surface navies of the United States and Great Britain with the understanding that, in addition to traditional naval fiction which focuses on the drama of naval service, the mission profiles may also echo that of historical Ages of Exploration where naval ships conducted solo exploration at the behest of their patrons. A balance of multi-ship scenarios, solo voyages, and interlocking storylines is to be expected.

Jeffrey Jenkins
aka the player behind
Admiral John R. Brooks
Commander in Chief Blue Fleet

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